Intelligence Psychology

There are many fields of intelligence science but the one with the most impact on intelligence work is intelligence psychology. Intelligence psychology is however a pseudo-science; a mish-mash of behaviorism, biological determinism as well as cynical and unethical misapplications of psychoanalysis.


Intelligence psychology is perceived as highly operationally effective but that perceived efficacy is only due to it being habitually combined with intelligence physical warfare technologies.

Patriarchal intelligence warfare is premised on wholly outdated notions of biological determinism of binary genders when in fact a third in human populations have non-binary psychological genders with another third having female psychological genders and yet another third having male psychological genders.

This has had the effect of patriarchal intelligence agencies oppressing agents and operatives with non-binary genders in forcing them to conform to varying silly operational behavioral stereotypical behaviors. While functional bisexuality is the norm in the intelligence world generally is the patriarchal intelligence world permeated by stupid norms of heteroculture which endanger operatives/agents and cause systemic operational failure.

One of the most stupid ideas of the patriarchal intelligence world is to encourage operatives/agents to be promiscuous in ways that endanger both themselves and their operations. It is in fact enough to charm oneself through and so an agent of seduction needs not have actual sexual intercourse in order to get her way.

The femme fatale agent is the by far most effective intelligence operative. Why is this so? The casanova agent needs to get sexual access in order to get his way while the femme fatale agent just needs to deny sexual access. Of course, a woman could become a casanova agent and a man could become femme fatale agent, yet of course that does not happen due to pervasive structural gender prejudice in the patriarchal intelligence world.

Transgender intelligence operatives are habitually effectively forced to undergo sex reassignment surgery irrespective of actually wanting that or not and transgender intelligence operatives are heavily prostituted in severe sexual exploitation in the patriarchal intelligence world and are ceremonially mass raped as part of satanist ritual sex in Frankist intelligence sects. Each Frankist intelligence sects also performs a once a year human sacrifice of a transgender person by means of ceremonial cutting the throat in view with the congregation all sharing in drinking the blood in cups afterwards. Since these practices are performed by Frankist intelligence agencies are whistleblowers as regards these ceremonies systematically executed.

The patriarchal intelligence world is one of systematic abuse and severe sexual exploitation and most members of Frankist intelligence sects are men who sexually abuse enslaved females, children and transgender persons by means of Frankist intelligence control over prostitution (involuntary sex work) in all countries.

Not only is intelligence psychology ridiculously unscientific and unethical but intelligence operatives in patriarchal intelligence agencies are essentially forced to remain incompetent by being coerced to abide by completely outdated norms of genders and sexual conduct. Behaviors of proactive seduction agents (007s) are usually essentially creepy indeed in performing pornographic imaginations of many decades ago.

Since all theories underpinning intelligence psychology are based on unfounded notions of binary gender is patriarchal intelligence science practically speaking null and void. What then would feminist intelligence psychology bring in the stead of patriarchal intelligence psychology?

First need we start with the feminist question of gender and how so many persons experience gender discomfort, including when encountering more or less creepy 007 operatives as trained by patriarchal intelligence agencies as terrorized by Frankist intelligence sects.

In English did the transgender community attempt to introduce “their” as as gender-neutral and number-neutral pronoun. This did not work and primarily due to undoing the number distinction, something which practically speaking makes language use less functional.

The most sexually attractive adults are the one who are transage in the sense as retaining child genders and the most sexually attractive adult genders are those that are able to transcend stereotypical gendersexual roles in e.g. dominant men being tender and sensitive and highly feminine females being able to act as femme fatales in very nicely and politely getting her way.

In other words is it not binary intelligence operatives who make the best agent fatales but rather the non-binary ones. Pro-democratic intelligence agencies that embrace feminist change need bring about an internal gender revolution by means of deploying a three-gender norm in trisecting pronoun use. This means that in addition to “she” and “he” needs the non-binary “phi” become widely deployed. There needs be extensive psychometric testing of operatives and agents alike so as to fully assist the non-binary third to enact non-binary gender roles such as for example gay men effeminate genders and girl fatale genders. “Her” and “his” would be complemented by non-binary “phes”.

Feminist revolution in the intelligence world thus also require transition to a feminist gendered etiquette of pronoun use in recognizing the reality of there being three main super-categories of psychological genders. The third among humans who are shown by testing to be non-binary should generally be referred to with the gendered pronouns phi and phes. The three-gender grammatical norm needs similarly be implemented in other languages as well while in non-personal respects promoting female grammatical gender for grammatical inflection in heavily grammatically gendered languages such as Hebrew and French.

Intelligence operatives/agents with non-binary psychometric gender need thus be encouraged to behaviorally express their non-binary gender as feminist etiquette requires that everyone is treated in accordance with individual psychological gender as literally no one wants to be judged by anatomy.

Pro-democratic intelligence agencies as embracing the feminist social revolution need thus implement a three-gender pronoun norm while encouraging ethico-aesthetic sociofluidity in expression. Sociofluidity needs furthermore become the norm in intelligence training in helping operatives/agents how to learn to always flexibly express themselves no matter social role and social context. Indeed, the difference between a mediocre actor and an excellent actor is that the mediocre actor always pretends to be someone else while the excellent actor is always perself no matter social role and social context.

Non-binary gender pronouns should be deployed unless an operative/agent strongly semiotically expresses being binary such as by means of clothes, voice and gender. Non-binary gender pronouns should become the new grammatical norm with female pronouns and male pronouns becoming optional and elective. Thus will binary persons need to come out of the gender closet as opposed to currently non-binary persons needing to do so.

Trigender pronouns
She, He and Phi
Her, His and Phes
Herself, Himself and Perself
Woman, Man and Pan
Female, Male and Fane
Girl, Boy and Phen
Sister, Brother and Sibling
Daughter, Son and Fabe
Mother, Father and Dather
Aunt, Uncle and Enda
Madam, Sir and Myden

The trigender norm is essential for putting an end to the misogynistic travesty that is patriarchal intelligence pseudo-psychology. Feminist intelligence psychology rather needs promote genderfluidity specifically and sociofluidity generally in helping everyone express perself from the basis of one’s own individual psychological gender. This means that intelligence operatives/agents should only express their own psychological gender no matter social role and social context. Why is this so? Simply because an intelligence operative/agent who does not express perself will risk exposing perself operationally and might even compromise the entire operation.

Feminist intelligence psychology needs hence revolutionize the pro-democratic intelligence world in overthrowing everything associated with gender oppression. Of course this does not mean that everyone should become non-binary as in totalitarian visions of feminism but rather that the pro-democratic intelligence world needs inclusively institute zero tolerance as regards to structural oppression whether gendered or otherwise. This means that operations must not take advantage of prejudice and feminist charm should supplant sexual intercourse. This means that binary genders need be adapted so that strength is combined with grace and ethics is combined with aesthetics. In other words needs past gynocentric court etiquette of the intelligence world be restored in feminist form, meaning court etiquette as enriched and developed by insights of applied gender science.

The pro-democratic intelligence world thus needs take the lead in implementing the feminist social revolution within itself. Noble gynocentric wisdom will fully and comprehensively defeat Frankist depravity.

The Intelligence Entrapment Methods documentation project.