Intelligence Psychiatric Abuse

Psychiatry has a long history of abuse, enslavement and unreason. For long were patients locked up for life without any due process and without recourse to any justice whatsoever. All that was needed was “the opinion” of an ostensibly all-knowing so called “psychiatrist”, a doctor of anatomy and usually without even a single degree in psychology.

Screenshot 2017-11-11 at 15.46.38After taking power in Germany in 1933 did the Gestapo quickly understand that psychiatry was the perfect tool for discreet totalitarianism. These techniques were further developed by the East German Gestapo (a.k.a. “Stasi”), were adopted by the Soviet Union and then spread throughout the intelligence world as the global influence of the then Argentina-based Gestapo spread throughout the world, only to become eclipsed by the rise of Saudi and Iranian Jihadist intelligence agencies in the 21st century.

From having been seen in many intelligence agencies as a “humanitarian” alternative to execution in dealing with subordination and whistleblowers did psychiatry take an increasingly important role in controlling and subordinating intelligence operatives. Intelligence operatives who suffer abuse (and abuse is the norm) have no recourse to justice, the military courts are politicized, civilian courts don’t even have jurisdiction and disobedience can easily result in months of psychiatric incarceration. If the intelligence operative goes to the media is s/he executed along with the journalist.

How then does this operate? Psychiatric employees are individually recruited (whether voluntarily or coercively so) and are unaware which among their colleagues who are recruited agents as well. They are thus given instructions separately and are treated like everyone else in the patriarchal intelligence world except top directors, namely simply as slaves. This includes recruited psychiatrists who are routinely ordered to abuse patients in diagnosing perfectly healthy persons with pathology.

With the takeover of the IBs (Information Bureaus) and the FBI by the MB (Muslim Brotherhood international intelligence agency) from the Gestapo international intelligence agency in 2005 did the use of psychiatry become increasingly aggressive in liberal democracies and increasingly so against leading elected politicians as well. The MB strategy worldwide is to take over civil societies and psychiatry is effectively deployed to ensure collaboration with the MB policies of ‘soft Islamization’ as deployed by the IBs, the FBI and similar MB-controlled intelligence outfits in other democracies. Psychiatric abuse is thus widely deployed to ensure compliance and submission within elites in civil societies.

Ending this requires public exposure yet it is also necessary to liberate psychiatric employees (including psychiatrists) who have usually become coercively recruited subsequent to sexual entrapment and police sexual extortion. Just as psychiatry supplanted demonology needs psychiatry become supplanted by a psychological paradigm of scientific investigation rather than mere judging that which is not even understood.

Intelligence operatives who complain about mistreatment by the intelligence world are routinely branded as “mentally ill” despite psychiatric staff usually not having any significant knowledge about the intelligence world other than from television unless being elite intelligence operatives themselves whose vacations are thus devoted to missions in hostile lands.

Historians of psychiatry are well aware that psychiatry is one long history of abuse and it is common knowledge among psychiatrists that healthy persons are indeed routinely misdiagnosed and medicated without any need whatsoever for years and decades. The suffering is immense both due to cruel side effects of redundant medication and the highly negative social consequences of usually aggressive misdiagnosis.

Other physicians view psychiatry as not only a closed world of its own but indeed an aberration from scientific norms in medicine. It is indeed highly peculiar that physicians trained in anatomy are tasked with judging without even understanding the complex psychological phenomena which they are set to observe rather than to understand. The power of psychiatrists over patients is such that patients typically live in great fear and learn to behave like obedient slaves towards their effective owners. Police intelligence all over the world routinely deploy police agents in psychiatry to persecute, humiliate and abuse every kind of physionomistically stigmatized purported “sexual minority”, including sex workers and LGBTQI people.

The solution is transparency, feminist revolution in the intelligence world as well as feminist shift of paradigm from masculinist psychiatry to feminist psychology in devising far more intelligent treatments as intended to strengthen patients, take their experiences seriously rather than suppress them as persons, weaken them and tragically make them live in fear and pain.

The Intelligence Entrapment Methods documentation project.