Intelligence Propaganda

poster-2371901_1280Intelligence propaganda is performed in varying ways and primarily for political purposes and so as to provide a cover for actions, activities and practices of the patriarchal intelligence world.

The famous forgery that are “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” is a classic piece of intelligence propaganda in Rabbinic Jews already for centuries before that having served as convenient scapegoats so as to deflect popular discontent about tyrannical government. This fabrication that are the Protocols of the Elders of Zion were engineered and spread by Czarist Russian intelligence with intention of deflecting widespread popular discontent about Czarist misrule. Intelligence agencies tasked with defending unjustifiable dictatorships have since used it to deflect attention from misdemeanors of the themselves and the dictatorships which they are tasked with perpetuating.

The deployment of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion for intelligence propaganda purposes certainly did not end after the Holocaust as the KGB recruited many Nazi German propaganda specialists in 1945 and who thus continued to spread Anti-Jewish propaganda from Moscow rather than from Berlin.

The Gestapo relied heavily on Anti-Jewish conspiracy theories in its global propaganda activities when operating from Berlin and continued to do so in 1945-2016 when operating from Buenos Aires. The emergence of the Internet in the late 20th century meant that the Gestapo became a literary factory where increasingly more genres of conspiracy theories were invented and disseminated online by Gestapo intelligence which relocated Pyongyang in 2016 and to Ankara in 2017.

The purpose was generally to disseminate disinformation so as to confuse the general public, deflect attention from activities of intelligence outfits around the world as subordinate to the Gestapo and discursively and socially absorb intelligence whistleblowers in transforming them from operational threats into tools of Gestapo propaganda operations.

There are many propaganda techniques of course and perhaps the most effective one is projective inversion which exists in many different subtypes. This means that for example Israelis are accused of misdemeanors of adversaries of Israel. It is very difficult to directly defend oneself against projective inversion propaganda which is the central Gestapo propaganda technique and so after the KGB hired Nazi German specialists in 1945 did this become important to Soviet propaganda itself.

These propaganda techniques were developed in tremendous diversity in KGB-controlled Fatah intelligence and continued after President Jeltsin sold Russia’s Palestinian intelligence assets to Saudi Arabia for two billion US dollars. President Jeltin who was a US intelligence operative simultaneously sold KGB-controlled ANC intelligence to Apartheid South Africa, something which turned Nelson Mandela as an elite KGB intelligence operative into a prime intelligence asset of South African intelligence. Once the Communist threat was thus disabled in the ANC ceasing to be Communist could South African intelligence dismantle the abhorrent system of Apartheid while South African intelligence remained in ultimate control of the state and thus much later prevented South Africa’s democracy from collapsing as indeed happened in so many other African countries. Nelson Mandela was hence transformed from prisoner of then Gestapo-influenced South African intelligence into a major public relations tool of South African intelligence for rehabilitating South Africa’s international image.

What made the Gestapo so effective is that most of its intelligence operatives were unaware of operating on behalf of the Gestapo in most being operated by various intelligence outfits around the world as hijacked by the Argentina-based Gestapo. It is common in intelligence recruitment to pretend to represent another intelligence agency than the one that one actually represents. E.g. are recruited spies typically far more effective if believing themselves to operate for that they consider to be a noble cause. In Gestapo e.g. recruiting a Diaspora Rabbinic Jew would the Gestapo hence typically claim to represent the Mossad. After the Gestapo to a large extent hijacked the Mossad in 1972 could it even use the Mossad itself for global intelligence recruitment operations.

Intelligence analysis can however shed much light on the purpose of deliberately fabricated and now digitally mass disseminated conspiracy theories. First is the long Argentina-based Gestapo the main literary origin of conspiracy theories in conspiracy theories being a main literary genre of Gestapo propaganda. The Gestapo intelligence leadership under intense pressure from TEVEL mass intelligence warfare was evacuated from Argentina to North Korea in 2016 and then from North Korea to Turkey in 2017. Second is there typically a kernel of truth in Gestapo-fabricated conspiracy theories and so part of the purpose is typically to deflect attention from that very kernel of truth. E.g. was accusing Rabbinic Jews of ritually murdering infants a convenient cover for deflecting attention from “satanist” denominations such as the Gestapo intelligence sect actually doing precisely that, something that came to effectively protect those abhorrent practices of various “satanist” denominations around the world from criticism in these regards despite the historical fact that child ritual sacrifice was performed rather openly in the ancient world.

Operational disinformation is of course a core, perhaps even essential element in intelligence warfare, yet propaganda is distinctive from mere operational disinformation in not primarily being directed at strategically disorienting an adversary in intelligence warfare but rather as focused on systematically misinforming the general public. As one of the main operational purposes of conspiracy theories is to discredit the purveyors of conspiracy theories who typically start out as prospective intelligence whistleblowers should the focus not be on discrediting those purveyors who have increasingly become organized as almost online political movement by Gestapo intelligence but rather in deconstructing conspiracy theories as a literary genre of intelligence propaganda indeed.

How then to deconstruct a conspiracy theory discourse as disseminated by either the Gestapo or by another intelligence agency whether or not subordinate to the now Ankara-based Gestapo? First need we identify the kernel of truth as existing in many conspiracy theories, even if barely disguised as e.g. in the form of projective inversion. The Gestapo deployment of Anti-Jewish conspiracy theories did not only serve to disguise the Gestapo “satanist” sect’s own historical origins of religion as an underground “satanist” denomination as having emerged from the Frankist ex-Jewish “satanist” sect but served also to deflect attention from the Gestapo’s own global imperialist ambitions.

Turkish intelligence under Kemalist rule came under heavy Gestapo intelligence influence. The ethnically Dönmeh Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was executed on orders by a religious court (beit din) of his own Dönmeh denomination in 1938 after having perpetrated genocide against Zaza Kurdish Alevis of Dersim. This Jewish religious judicial procedure was initiated especially in light of the fact that all Alevis who do not belong to religous imperialism remain halakhically Jewish. After WW2 was Turkey increasingly turned into a crypto-satanist Gestapo state with a cult of personality as akin to similarly fascistoid Gestapo-influenced states in South America and elsewhere in the developing world. The executed Mustafa Kemal Ataturk did thus became subject to a cult of personality as engineered and organized by the MAH/MIT “satanist” denomination which although having Ottoman historical origins became closely affiliated with the Gestapo “satanist” intelligence sect.

After the Gestapo-influenced MIT and the largely Gestapo-controlled CIA abducted PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan in Kenya in 1999 did the Gestapo through MIT spread the conspiracy theory according to which Israel was behind the capture of the ethnically Dönmeh Öcalan. This rumor caused Kurdish PKK activists in Germany to attempt to storm the Israeli embassy in Berlin in Israeli security guards tragically shooting two Kurdish activists to death. This served to deflect attention from the Gestapo’s own coordinating role in the Kenya operation and this conspiracy theory which as many other successful Gestapo conspiracy theories hence gained a life of its own and has since continued to harm the image of Israel and the Jewish people among Kurds. The continued dissemination of this very conspiracy theory has indeed well served the interests of the now Ankara-based Gestapo intelligence agency.

Considering everything is it precisely essential that the general public is made aware of the nature of conspiracy theory as a form of intelligence propaganda as geared towards misinforming the public for political purposes. Not only needs any particular conspiracy theory become deconstructed in terms of and kernel of truth and specific origins of invention but importantly also in terms of its specifically intended intelligence purpose indeed.

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