Intelligence Misogyny

fear-1131143_1280The patriarchal intelligence world is founded on intelligence prostitution and sexual exploitation. Feminism is seen as a threat that needs be carefully controlled and managed as the patriarchal intelligence world is not only patriarchal but in fact constitutes the very epicenter of modern patriarchy itself in having increasingly spread to most sectors of modern society.

The intelligence world tolerates feminism to the degree that feminism seeks integration into patriarchal structures which as it happens facilitates further patriarchal sexual exploitation; yet feminists who challenge patriarchal structures of power rather than merely seeking integration into those structures of power are correctly identified as a serious threat against intelligence patriarchy, its social privileges and institutional abuses.

Active feminists are typically seen as perfect potential agents of seduction in them endeavoring to break down gender barriers of various stereotypical social norms. Active feminists from the perspective of intelligence patriarchy are simply perfect intelligence prostitutes.

Organized feminism as indeed the LGBTQI community is recognized as a highly useful pool for recruitment of potential agents of seduction. Yet the patriarchal intelligence world in constituting patriarchy itself will only tolerate feminism and the LGBTQI community to a certain degree, namely to the degree that these do not threaten to break down the wall of hypocrisy between the sexually exploitative patriarchal intelligence world and the rest of sexually exploitative patriarchal society.

Considering that what in Eurocentric parlance is known as “satanism” dominates organized religion in the patriarchal intelligence world has this also resulted in the growth in a purportedly feminist “satanist” intelligence sect as existing within what is known as radical feminism. The ostensibly feminist “satanist” sect is very similar to the patriarchal “satanist” intelligence sects which dominates the patriarchal intelligence world, including the same type of hierarchic structure as in other Eurocentric “satanist” intelligence sects. The top leader is known as “Devil”, other senior leaders are known as Queens and below that are High Priestesses and and local leaders are known as Priestesses.

The ostensibly feminist “satanist” sect is seen as a useful tool by the patriarchal intelligence world in increasingly infiltrating and taking over feminism worldwide. The kind of feminism as advocated by the nominally feminist “satanist” sect is focused on disseminating populist, yet from the perspective of societal transformation clearly ineffectual identity politics.

As the other “satanist” sects is the ostensibly feminist “satanist” sect not concerned about the betterment of the world but rather simply to promote the interests of its members and particularly its leaders at the expense of anyone found in the way. The ostensibly feminist “satanist” intelligence sect has no problem with sexually and otherwise exploiting fellow females and since their presence does not challenge intelligence patriarchy but only has elite women emulate patriarchal abusive behaviors is the nominally feminist “satanist” sect recognized as a useful tool for domesticating feminism and have it emulate patriarchy. The sect is internally highly misogynistic towards external females and speaks of them internally as simply useful potential intelligence prostitutes.

As feminism needs to break out of old patterns of ineffectual political rherotics and ineffectual political practices is it precisely essential to wage global intelligence war not only against “satanist” intelligence patriarchy, but against the parallel yet much smaller “satanist” matriarchy as well which despite its populist rhetorics hardly seek betterment for women and girls.

As the patriarchal intelligence world in an organized fashion sexually harasses active individual feminists until recruited into intelligence prostitution, runs anti-feminist political campaigns and frequently systematically sabotages attempts at feminist organizing beyond the nominally feminist “satanist” sect is it precisely essential to wage global intelligence warfare against criminal anti-feminist harassment activities by the patriarchal intelligence world.

The patriarchal intelligence world has innumerable victims and so crushing intelligence patriarchy worldwide is hence essential not only for the worldwide feminist social revolution to succeed but also for freeing intelligence operatives of all genders all over the world from intelligence enslavement and organized sexual exploitation.

It is also essential to understand how intelligence operatives generally and particularly female intelligence operatives are systematically sexually exploited in the patriarchal intelligence world. Marriage is generally not voluntary for females as a woman intelligence operative is typically “assigned” to a male handler/pimp who will outwardly become her husband/partner/boyfriend. She is a non-consensual sex slave and has to do everything he tells her until he discards her and if still considered sexually attractive is typically non-consensually “married” etc. by yet another male handler/pimp. She thus typically serves not only as a non-consensual sex slave but also as servant and maid as well as sexual entertainment for any number of friends of his.

Girls from kindergarten age and upwards are exploited in similar manner in outwardly living as “the daughter” of an adult male intelligence operatives but actually serving as his “wife” until he wants someone else and so may she be turned over to yet another exploiter. This is simple to legally arrange as living under intelligence-fabricated identities is the norm in the intelligence world.

A female who is discarded will typically become assigned to service in an intelligence brothel until some male intelligence operative decides that he wants to bring her home to serve as his entertainer. Female intelligence operatives are widely abused in the global porn industry which is largely indirectly owned by highly abusive and exploitative patriarchal intelligence directors. Yet it is important to understand that most intelligence operatives are unpaid other than with regard to expenses during operations and so most intelligence operatives have to work for a living in a so called “day job”.

On intelligence missions are females and males treated operationally similarly with the exception that the female agent is usually controlled by a male handler/pimp and the fact that most women intelligence operatives are mere sexual decoys while most men intelligence operatives are trained to become proactive seduction agents.

The patriarchal intelligence world is similar to patriarchy in the rest of human society as it is about men inventing social structures as facilitating for males to sexually exploit and socially enslave females. That is precisely what patriarchy is about everywhere in all human cultures.

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