Intelligence Kangaroo Courts

court-house-25061_1280The modern intelligence world has always been in a permanent state of warfare without borders and thus usually wages war without military uniform. This is why secret military courts were established for purposes of law enforcement within the intelligence community.

However, due to the lack of transparency and accountability within the intelligence world did these courts become increasingly corrupt and non-judicial as rather focused on enforcing the handler-operative chain of command as part of what became the increasingly totalitarian command and control system of the intelligence world.

Highly skilled criminals are highly valued as intelligence operatives and that led to an increasing symbiosis between the patriarchal intelligence world and organized crime in the former having increasingly protected the latter on the basis of “deals of shared profits”.

Intelligence operatives generally are not subject to civilian courts unless there is already a high degree of overt public exposure. Intelligence operatives who are public personalities and who are convicted of crimes of high treason could however be prosecuted in public show trials. This rule was devised for exceptional cases where say a prime minister were a spy for an intelligence agency of an enemy state. However, as the definition of “treason” was increasingly vaguely expanded did this “exception” become applied in an increasingly arbitrary fashion in order for the patriarchal intelligence world to exert increasing influence over elected politicians. Threatening elected politicians with show trials (nominally justified by recourse to “protective recruitment”) thus became increasingly deployed as a means of forcing elected politicians in democracies to submission under the patriarchal intelligence world which became increasingly totalitarian during the period between 1972 and 2016.

Elected politicians and other public personalities are especially vulnerable to charges of sexual misdemeanor although sexual abuse is the social norm in the patriarchal intelligence world itself. Prominent examples of this is how the FBI tried to ruin the reputation of Bill Clinton and Dominique Strauss Kahn respectively as both were seen as “being too close to Israel”. In both cases did the Office for the Protection of the Constitution (OPC) bravely and successfully so defend these victims of attempted miscarriage of justice.

The FBI has for decades been in a state of permanent intelligence warfare against the secretive US Office for the Protection of the Constitution (OPC) which was constantly accused by the FBI of being an Israeli intelligence outfit due to its closes to ties with Mossad as the OPC was indeed founded by the US government on the initiative of Israel in 1958. The FBI was controlled by the then Argentina-based Gestapo in the 1972-2005 period and after that by Ankara-based MB Intelligence.

The MB-controlled FBI and the MB-controlled IBs in Western Europe especially target elected politicians with Jewish ties, such as them having Jewish ancestry or having a Jewish girlfriend. In most cases do these threats not result in a public show trial as the elected politician instead becomes coercively recruited by police intelligence and s/he is subsequently politically directly/indirectly used for promoting the MB agenda of ‘soft Islamization’.

While the rules of Western intelligence agencies do not permit them to manipulate legal procedure domestically for ordinary citizens is it in practice easy for any intelligence agency to coercively recruit any member of a civilian court of law whether domestically or abroad and especially by means of honey traps and subsequent sexual extortion; the favorite means of coercive recruitment in the intelligence world.

It is difficult to detect whether someone has been covertly coercively recruited and so legal procedures are easy to manipulate in public members of the court being as vulnerable to honey traps and sexual extortion as any other citizens. The fundamental problem is that there are no ombudsmen, hotlines or support units to turn to for victims of extortion, including for victims of attempted or actual coercive intelligence recruitment by means of honey traps and subsequent sexual extortion, including as especially performed by MB-controlled police intelligence such as the FBI in the US and IBs in Western Europe and Israel.

Due to at the time pervasive and growing influence of the then Argentina-based Gestapo and especially between 1972 and 2005 did Gestapo practices such as summary executions become increasingly prevalent in the intelligence world. It thus became standard procedure in most Western intelligence agencies excepting the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) in Germany and the Office for the Protection of the Constitution (OPC) in the United States to summarily execute any of their own intelligence operatives as suspected of having been coercively recruited by an enemy intelligence agency.

A so called “reasonable suspicion” became accepted pseudo-judicial ground for secret military courts to order summary executions of their own, usually elite intelligence operatives. The high mortality among elite intelligence operatives (and usually not due to having being killed by adversaries) led to the increasing headhunt for suitable candidates for  intelligence recruitment, including by MB-controlled police intelligence such as the FBI in the US and the IBs in Western Europe and Israel.

It is clear that totalitarian practices must be expunged from the intelligence world and career criminals should simply not be utilized as intelligence operatives. The intelligence world must abide by the laws of war and crime must no more be tolerated. The rule of law must be reestablished and citizens and residents alike must become protected from coercive and otherwise illegal intelligence recruitment.

Intelligence agencies need protect their own intelligence operatives who need be aided and as of need rehabilitated in every way necessary. Pro-democratic intelligence agencies of democracies and non-democracies alike need to work together in countering threats by anti-democratic intelligence agencies of every kind and especially those driven by totalitarian political ideology.