Intelligence Enslavement

Intelligence agencies in early modernity developed as extensions of the then aristocratic diplomatic world on the basis of patriotism, confidentiality and noble standards of conduct.


There was always the problem of course with intelligence agencies, both within the same country and of differents countries withholding information from each other and so seeking to infiltrate each other by recruiting each other’s intelligence operatives. This was essentially an extension of the martial political climate in European history since the implosion of the Roman Empire until the end of the Cold War. Loyalty among nobles was originally to a reigning monarch and later was loyalty infused with nationalist propaganda as appropriated by totalitarianism.

Being an intelligence operative is a lifelong mission in the sense that you retain confidentiality with respect to the past even if you have resigned from active service or serve elsewhere. However this was never the way in intelligence agencies promoting totalitarian ideologies and whose intelligence operatives were always fully enslaved. As beginning in 1972 did these repugnant practices spread to intelligence agencies of the free world as well with disastrous consequences, including increasing executions targeting the traditional aristocratic elites in the Western intelligence world.

From many intelligence operatives having been lady/gentleman agents did noble behaviors become prohibited and patriotism was supplanted with utter humiliation and enslavement as intelligence training was changed from learning avoid fear to instilling obedience by fear.

From having been sexually frivolous with courtly manners were intelligence operatives reduced to enslaved prostitutes. From having practiced Freemasonry and other forms of Median Judaism as indigenous to Europe were Western intelligence operatives forced to participate occultist religious ceremonies, forms of religion that are usually in Eurocentric parlance described as so called “satanism” despite these usually not professing belief in a Christian devil. This was due to the increasing takeover of the Western intelligence world by the then Argentina-based Gestapo global intelligence agency and from which these religious practices tragically spread forth.

From having been persons of dignity and self-respect were dignity and self-respect prohibited by the new abusive masters. However, the Western intelligence world always resisted and survived despite the Gestapo intelligence occupation which largely ended in 2005 when the Interpol international police network as from 1972 until then controlled by the then Argentina-based Gestapo was taken over by the Ankara-based AKP/MB intelligence.

Terrible and totalitarian conditions prevailed in the Western intelligence world until liberation was increasingly attained as beginning in 2016. What we need to learn from this terrible historical experience as spanning over more than four decades is that enslavement is wrong and that we must instead fully respect individual personhood.

Furthermore need intelligence agencies cease needlessly compete and redundant geopolitical competition generally will also need to end as we need all commit to the promotion of freedom, emancipation and representative governance while sharing as much information as conceivably possible with each and with the public. It was precisely exaggerated secrecy which led to direct and indirect enemy totalitarian control over the Western intelligence world. We need therefore at some point open intelligence archives to the public and scholars alike and gradually complete the transition from optimal secrecy to optimal transparency indeed.

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