House of Zvi

The Dönmeh House of Zvi (Hebrew Beit Zvi) is composed of androgenic descendants of Israel’s first hereditary head of state. The family has demographically expanded in every decade in comprising 73 million human beings worldwide as of early 2018, half of whom in China; all living under protected identities and spread out to almost every country.

Fertility symbolism

Israel’s first hereditary head of state (Operative 001) was very extremely polygamous and Israel’s second hereditary head of state (Operative 002) became even more so. Operative 001 had a practice of seducing, quickly converting, marrying and inseminating married women in large numbers worldwide at highly calculated times during the most fertile time of her month. These children, including the majority of children of princely, royal and imperial families worldwide were thus born as legitimate members of the House of Zvi. Those who were born into such noble families had dual legitimacy in both being born within ordinary marriage and valid religious marriage with the so called “reincarnation of god”.

Operative 002 expanded these practices to marital artificial insemination, including from via sperm banks and the Mossad paying genetically valuable married women to accept insemination with the seed of Operative 002. While not born from marriage are these children all recognized as fully legitimate members of the House of Zvi.

Operative 001 also married his own offspring, namely daughters, great granddaughters and great granddaughters as this is an accepted Dönmeh marital practice of religious eugenics. Since the House of Zvi was founded on Dönmeh reproductive practices has this continued to guide the genetic proliferation of the divine family worldwide. This means that endogamy is for the most part practiced rather strictly practiced and the size of global marriage pool of the House of Zvi is thus quite extensive.

Historically did there only exist one set of so called “archangels” at a time. This meant that the human seven so called “archangels” did not “reincarnate” until all seven had demised. They were always seven in one single womb although of course often the number of live births was lower than seven. Operative 001 invented a way to mass produce so called “archangels” who from that on were all born as multiple reproductive females in groups of seven. The highest gods in the divine genetic human hierarchy had since Sabbatai Zevi been born as identical twins and this practice has ever since been fully continued. This means that most children of the House of Zvi are born as reproductively male half-twins and reproductively female half-septuplets. This is so since every “generation of god” personally genetically designs the highest gods. The practice is thus to let two male twins marry a group of septuplets

This means that seven out of nine members of the House of Zvi are reproductively female. Many also grow up with intelligence reverse gender so as to avert detection. Septuplets are typically split up into three different families with one or more in each family living with reverse gender. It is also common to marry half-siblings within this framework and this is done for eugenic purposes of inbreeding. Nowadays are embryos/fetuses gestated in artificial uteri as not yet available outside of the intelligence world.

Until Operative 001 invented mass production of female archangels were archangels born within the core Dönmeh denomination and before the founding of the Dönmeh denomination in the 17th century were the archangels reincarnated among the likewise halakhically Jewish Yarsanis in Kurdistan and Luristan.

Since Operative 001 at the time was the most cognitively advanced human being ever born was the divine reproduction project formally inaugurated in Israel in 1953 although Operative 001 had been marrying and inseminating females since age four. Every “generation of god” has produced fertile sperms since birth and every “generation of god” is raised for practicing mass insemination.

Those members of the House of Zvi who were either raised in the intelligence world or elsewhere but were tragically discovered and hijacked by the patriarchal intelligence world were sexually and otherwise enslaved since the demise of Operative 001 in 1972. Members of the House of Zvi in having what is widely in the intelligence world considered as having small amounts of extraterrestrial DNA were branded as non-humans by the patriarchal intelligence world and treated accordingly since 1972. At the same time are members of the House of Zvi considered as being the most suitable of all humans for becoming intelligence operatives. Members of the House of Zvi are generally trained to become polyglots.

Children of the House of Zvi whether as growing up in the patriarchal intelligence world or outside of it in freedom under protected identities are consistently told not to do school homework and generally not expose their very high intelligence so as not expose themselves to envy, seduction, abduction and hostile intelligence recruitment. They have been educated either within patriarchal intelligence world or else in the personal intelligence agencies of Operative 002.

Members of the House of Zvi need become emancipated from bondage without in any way denying their very real security needs. The House of Zvi is planned to take on an increasingly important role in human evolution which means that endogamy will in the not so distant future transition into vastly improving the human gene pool.

The Intelligence Entrapment Methods documentation project.