History of Psychiatric Abuse

Psychiatry was founded by Vatican intelligence with the purpose of creating a more scientific frame for what was previously universally known in all human cultures as so called “demonic possession”.

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The Vatican intelligence community was until 1908 known as the Inquisition and from 1965 as the CDF. The Catholic church had always tasked itself with dealing with cases of so called “demonic possession”, including severe cases which were known as “satanists” who were executed once identified. The Vatican preoccupation with executing “satanists” meant the Vatican hierarchy constantly suffered infiltration by well-organized “satanist” denominations which thus early in the history of the Catholic church firmly established themselves within the Catholic hierarchy as in constant intelligence warfare against their Judaizing rivals within the Catholic hierarchy as secretly practicing forms of European Median Judaism, the most well-known of which is Freemasonry, some of which operate openly such as the Rotary.

Belief in the existence of so called “magic” is widespread in all traditional human cultures and so did the idea emerge within the Inquisition of promoting apophatic epistemology, namely protecting the general public by preventing research and education about phenomena irrationally deemed to be “supernatural”. Of course there is no such thing as “supernatural” but systematic academic terror by Vatican intelligence and later the patriarchal intelligence world generally meant that much needed research as to not only pertaining to whether particular beliefs in such phenomena have any basis but also importantly in therefore preventing the public from protecting itself from problematic phenomena as incidentally widely practiced by the patriarchal intelligence world itself, including prominently within the CDF itself.

Apophatic epistemology did in practice became a tool for shielding intelligence science specifically and the patriarchal intelligence world generally from much needed external supervision, transparency and accountability.

The Catholic management of the problem of demonic possession specifically and “satanism” generally needed a more scientific frame in the age of reason. There were previous examples of mental hospitals but CDF established effective prison colonies in countries around the world with the purpose of protecting the public from dangerous cases of demonic possession generally and “satanists” specifically.

Criteria were devised as based upon prevailing physionomistic ideologies of Para-Christian so called normality whereby anyone deemed as publicly violating Catholic social norms of conduct could became extra-judicially imprisoned for life in the “mental hospital” prison system. Severe cases deemed to be satanists were generally, yet not always executed upon detection.

This caused growing concern among “satanist” sects themselves which therefore sought to protect their members from the threat of incarceration and execution by means of encouraging their members to take up the vocation of psychiatry by means of pursuing medical studies.

This took a turn for the worse when Frankist Gestapo as beginning in 1933 systematically deployed psychiatry as a means of politically highly effective suppression of political opponents who were very effectively discredited, dispirited and extra-judicially imprisoned for life. With the Nazi German defeat in 1945 did the Frankist KGB recruit many Gestapo intelligence specialists into the ranks of the KGB, something which meant that by the time of dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 had American Gestapo (a.k.a. the CIA) effectively taken over much of the Soviet intelligence community. The KGB from 1945 and onwards began systematically deploying Gestapo methods of psychiatric abuse against political opponents as an alternative to Gulag forced labor and/or execution.

The Western intelligence community occasionally deployed psychiatry as tool of repression but until the 1970s was this performed in exceptional cases when a person deemed valuable had turned into whistleblower and all other means of silencing him such as by bribe, seduction, job offers, extortion etc. had failed.

From 1962 and onwards did the the Buenos-Aires based Gestapo intelligence agency increasingly wrest intelligence control over police forces in countries around the world by means of systematically infiltrating police intelligence agencies and so did intelligence psychiatric abuse become increasingly more prevalent in the Western intelligence community as beginning in 1972 with intelligence psychiatric abuse by the 1980s having become standard practice in the now largely Gestapo-controlled Western intelligence. While the military intelligence agencies themselves systematically practiced psychiatric abuse did they also as beginning in the 1980s commence commando rescue operations for the purpose of liberating military intelligence operatives from covert police intelligence “mental hospitals” as run by forensic medicine state agencies as subject to protective police intelligence recruitment from 1962 and onwards.

Of course this is not to deny that psychological conditions are a real problem but the unscientific character and essentially political nature of psychiatry from its founding meant that psychiatry was effectively separated from other medical practices. The fundamentally pseudo-scientific character of the academic field of psychiatry as ontologically, epistemologically and hermeneutically based upon unscientific physiognomy of apophatic epistemology meant that psychiatry became a parallel world of its own as controlled by rival intelligence agencies as often subject to double protective intelligence recruitment whereby in Western countries it became common for psychiatric employees to simultaneously be agents of both the fully Gestapo-controlled police intelligence and Mossad-influenced military intelligence agencies which they too came under significant Gestapo intelligence influence from 1972 and onwards.

Of course there were other Western intelligence agencies too and only those beyond national control as directly commanded by the the American elite intelligence agency NOPD eluded the fate of becoming enslaved by Frankist intelligence sects as systematically deploying psychiatry as a means for enforcing obedience and compliance with enslavement. These were the NOPD intelligence agencies in various countries as set up to to protect democracy, namely are BfV (Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution in Germany), OPC (Office for the Protection of the Constitution) in the United States, DO (Democratic Office) in Japan, the DA (Democratic Agency) in India, the RO (Royal Office) in the United Kingdom and the FF (Free France) in France.

NOPD was originally an Israeli intelligence agency in constituting the semi-covert Israeli royal court as operating as an intelligence agency known as the Misrad (the Office) but became incorporated as an American intelligence agency in 1962 with the purpose of preventing America from falling under KGB intelligence control. These other intelligence agencies were all formed by Operative 001, Israel’s first hereditary head of state who headed the Misrad/NOPD from from its foundation in 1953 until his demise in 1972.

More such intelligence agencies were increasingly founded around the world by NOPD as beginning after 9/11 attacks of 2001 with all countries now having its own NOPD commanded democracy protection intelligence agency with NOPD even running a TEVEL intelligence outfit inside North Korea. Operatives of these intelligence agencies never fell under Frankist enslavement unless individually also recruited by Frankist intelligence agencies. These intelligence agencies also refrained from all psychiatric abuse.

The rest of the intelligence world did however fall under the control of partly rival Frankist intelligence sects as promulgating rival Frankist propaganda “ideologies”. This meant that systematic intelligence abuse had become the norm in psychiatry worldwide by the 1980s. Psychiatry is so effective for Frankist intelligence agencies in silencing whistleblowers due the power of psychiatry to discredit victims of intelligence abuse. Who would after all believe a person as deemed “mentally ill” by a trained psychiatrist? Most ostensibly “reasonable” persons would not even entertain the possibility that an entirely healthy person could be intentionally misdiagnosed by a trained psychiatrist as taking orders from a domestic or foreign intelligence service. The exclusive epistemological practice of performative hermeneutic physiognomy meant that a perfectly healthy person could be classified as “insane” merely by a mere so called “opinion” of a psychiatrist, namely a physical doctor without usually any academic degree in psychology.

From having been devised as a tool for protecting the public against severe cases of so called “demonic possession” including “satanists” did psychiatry turn into a tool of Frankist intelligence sects of so called “satanism” for persecuting anyone whomsoever they wished to stop, silence, discredit and/or marginalize.

What is known as “psychiatric intervention”, i.e. extra-judicial psychiatric abduction is often yet not always so performed on orders from pseudo-legal covert “military courts” within patriarchal intelligence agencies as ostensibly but not actually operating under military law. Pseudo-military courts of Frankist intelligence agencies do not operate with pursuit of justice in mind but simple as a form of repression whether ordering house arrest, execution, house arrest, penological torture, psychiatric abuse or simply abusive intelligence training.

None of this is of course not to deny that there is need for non-somatic health care and hence obviously the need for non-somatic therapies as well.

There is zero transparency in the patriarchal intelligence world as more or less controlled by Frankist intelligence sects and hence you will not read anything about structural oppression, systematic abuse and consistent sexual exploitation in the patriarchal intelligence world as Frankist intelligence agencies silence, discredit, abuse and execute journalists and scientists alike who dare bring up those important subjects as pertaining to the intelligence world.

In the late 1980’s did a study find that average life expectancy among Swedish journalists was only 56 years. This was at the time explained by smoking, alcohol abuse, unsuitable dietary habits, negative stress and lack of physical exercise. Sweden during the Cold War was one of the most important battlegrounds between the Mossad and the Gestapo (e.g. the CIA) on the one side and the KGB on the other. This meant that journalists in Sweden and in countries around the world were systematically executed on varying grounds in police intelligence controlled forensic medicine usually stating “heart failure” as ostensible cause of death even in cases of rival/enemy intelligence agencies having performed the execution. This seemingly paradoxical practice of Frankist police intelligence agencies covering up for their own adversaries in the intelligence world was performed out of concern for not exposing their own abusive intelligence practices to the general public.

Psychiatry became tool of repression in two main respects, first as tool of intelligence warfare in effectively neutralizing any persons deemed a threat of some kind as well as simply a tool of repression so as to enforce social conformance. This meant that Frankist police intelligence agencies worldwide systematically persecute active/overt perceived minorities of desire and irrespective of whether those perceived minorities of desire have yet been emancipated or not. This is performed as ad means of coercive intelligence recruitment due to active members of perceive minorities of desire being regarded as suitable as intelligence operatives. Psychiatry is deployed as means of coercion against those resisting “voluntary” intelligence recruitment by means job offers, seduction, work assignment and of course systemic intelligence extortion and especially so police sexual extortion

Police officers in countries around the world have always been corrupt and criminal but this took a turn for the worse as beginning in 1962 with then Argentina-based Gestapo infiltrating police intelligence agencies around the world and especially from 1972 and onwards when these became commanded directly by the Gestapo.

The intelligence world recruited skilled criminals as intelligence operatives long before 1972. Under Gestapo complete/partial intelligence control did it however become the norm to recruit criminals to the patriarchal intelligence world, something which resulted in increasing symbiosis between organized crime and the patriarchal intelligence world. This is so as Frankist intelligence sects are about kleptocracy, sexual exploitation and social terror so as to prevent exposure of systemic abuses on the part of Frankist intelligence sects.

Psychiatry became an effective tool as democracies fell under effective Gestapo intelligence occupation from 1972 and onwards with the Dönmeh NOPD as commanding the Mossad, many military and otehr intelligence agencies as well as the NOPDs own affiliates in NOPD leading the resistance in terms of defending emancipation, freedom and democracy.

The battle between Dönmeh NOPD and Frankist intelligence agencies intensified in 2016 when NOPD commenced global intelligence warfare operations in order so as to liquidate Frankist intelligence sects. While eliminating Frankism specifically and “satanism” generally will take time in order so as not cause collateral damage is there no doubt that this will need to be fully pursued to its successful conclusion.

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