History of Frankism

Modern totalitarianism is remarkably similar as a political system irrespective of ideology and so it is essential to understand the origins and history of ideas of modern totalitarianism.

The Church of Satan in the United States is a contemporary denomination of Gestapo Frankism as well as the unofficial formal religion within the CIA intelligence agency.

Frankism emerged as a so called “satanist” sect within Sabbatean Judaism. While using the name and appearance of Sabbatean Judaism was Frankism from inception something entirely different. Frankism was founded by Jacob Frank in having been born in 1726 as Jacub Lejbowicz. Frank eventually converted to Catholicism, underwent Prussian ennoblement and was executed by the Catholic Inquisition (Vatican Intelligence now known as CDF) in 1791.

Leading rabbis (poskim) travelled to Rome to explain the sinister nature of Frankism to the leadership of the Holy See and as these testimonies were exposed in the subsequent Inquisitional trial did Frank before his exection in anger instruct his followers to murder and persecute rabbinic Jews everywhere for perpetuity; something which to varying degree is taken quite seriously even in contemporary Frankist political sects.

Although ceasing to exist as a mass ostensible denomination within Rabbinic Judaism did the Frankist sect continue to exist in first spreading to and subsequently dominating the royal court of Prussia and the imperial court of Russia in eventually over the centuries branching out into the various denominations of modern totalitarianism. Russia and Prussia under Frankist rule were ruthlessly authoritarian states where peasants were almost reduced to slave status and this form of government came to form the model for modern totalitarianism.

So called “satanist” sects are cross-cultural phenomena in existing in varying forms in different human cultures around the world. “Satanist” sects usually do not believe in a Christian devil and so the term “satanism” is a Eurocentric one in describing pseudo-religious sects as usually secretly committed to causing suffering to others as a sort of inverted virtue.

Frankism although outwardly a denomination of Rabbinic Judaism was vehemently opposed to the virtues of Judaism and instead adopted antinomianism from Christianity. Frankism in fact did not even originate in Sabbateanism but rather in a “satanist” sect within the Catholic church which due to its structural openness has always been plagued by mass infiltration by members of “satanist” sects.

Frankism caused great harm in effectively discrediting the emancipatory mission of Sabbatean Judaism in e.g. making Sabbatean ritual sexuality seem somehow improper. The modus operandi of Frankism of infiltrating ideologies which Frankists sought to hijack indeed became the hallmark of modern totalitarianism.

A Frankist sect operates with an official ideological veneer when in practice advocating cruelty as a “virtue” in statecraft. In all modern totalitarian ideologies being propelled by a Frankist denominational core have these movements and states meticulously sought to disguise their own Frankist origins in term of their own respective histories.

As most members of Frankist sects were not Rabbinic Jews in the centuries after the implosion of the Frankist mass movement within Rabbinic Judaism did the Frankist hostility against the Talmud and against virtues of Rabbinic Judaism develop into what later became modern Anti-Semitism. Disseminating Anti-Semitic propaganda came indeed to become a hallmark of modern totalitarian movements. This was done both for political utility in prejudice being an effective means for garnering public political support at home and abroad and so as to disguise that all forms of modern totalitarianism emerged from within rival Frankist sects that remain the core within the various denominations of modern totalitarianism. As many other “satanist” sects did they also view Judaism as an eschatological threat and hence the long history of Anti-Jewish persecution at the hands of so called “satanists” as acting in the varying names of religious imperialism.

Frankist Jews were willing collaborators in the Holocaust and later became instrumental in the Argentina-based Frankist Gestapo’s effective takeover of much of the Israeli intelligence community from 1972 and onwards. As the Mossad was already closely integrated with Western intelligence agencies did this lead to similar Gestapo intelligence takeovers in Western intelligence agencies.

It is essential to be very clear that although Frankism developed as an ostensible subdenomination of Sabbatean Judaism did Frankism not originate in Judaism. Frankists rather adopted the modus operandi of “satanist” sects within the Catholic church in claiming adherence to a pious doctrine (theology, ideology, philosophy etc.) in promoting their own selfish and intentionally sinister purposes.

Frankist sects in forming the organizational core of modern totalitarian movements and states have no aversion whatsoever to infiltrating any political movement seeking social change and they mostly do so by means of intelligence infiltration. The fact that these ideologies of change usually seek to improve society is of no concern to Frankists for whom any kind of movement for social change is simply a suitable object to politically hijack.

Frankists in operating parts of Prussian intelligence and all of Russian intelligence turned into major actors of the intelligence world of the 19th century. The Nazi takeover of Germany, the Communist takeover of Russia and the Islamist takeover of Iran were thus implemented from within the Frankist-dominated intelligence communities of those countries.

The main inhibition on the political power of Frankist political sects has always been their mutual political rivalries. Although able to cooperate with each other did they and still have rival competing tactical and geopolitical agendas despite essentially seeking the same type of political system. E.g. were the twin totalitarian Ba’athist regimes in Syria and Iraq extremely hostile to one another. However, with the collapse of the Ba’athist regime in Iraq did it send its weapons of mass destruction in trucks to Ba’athist Syria.

Similarly did the Communist Soviet Union and the Communist China became geostrategic rivals. The Communist Soviet Union and Nazi Germany first partitioned parts of Europe between themselves and afterwards became adversaries during WW2. The Soviet defeat of Nazi Germany however strategically enabled the Soviet Union to occupy Central Europe. After WW2 were many Nazi intelligence specialists recruited into the KGB and the GRU (Soviet military intelligence), something which enabled the Gestapo as relocated to Argentina in 1945 to heavily infiltrate the Soviet intelligence community. This was not an especially difficult feat to achieve since they were welcomed as fellow Frankist “satanists” into the Frankist KGB/GRU “satanist” sect.

Nazi intelligence and Soviet intelligence became instrumental in organizing further Frankist denominations of modern totalitarianism outside Europe such Slorcism of the SLORC in Burma. The Gestapo in the 1930s helped turn the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood into a Frankist mass movement on the model of Frankism in 18th century Poland.

The Communist nightmare state of North Korea although engineered and created by Soviet intelligence closely aligned itself with the Frankist, then Argentina-based Gestapo after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. North Korea over the years developed into a Nazi-Communist synthesis in interestingly advocating Korean racial supremacism on the basis of Marxism-Leninism. While this may seem contradictory are such contradictions immaterial to Frankist “satanist” sects whose very purpose is first power and then terror, tyranny and kleptocracy.

Defeating modern totalitarianism certainly requires discrediting their outward ideologies, yet it is also essential to understand the origins and trajectories of rival forms of totalitarianism so as to effectively undermine their political credibility with public opinion.

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