Gender Politics of Intelligence World

Hitchcock_secret_agentThe sexist organizational culture of the intelligence world has become a major threat to liberal-democratic open society and hence the vital need for comprehensive feminist revolution, there as indeed everywhere else in patriarchy worldwide.

The history of the intelligence world has a long pedigree yet took a turn for the worse during the course of the 20th century when intelligence agencies increasingly developed into tools for totalitarianism.

Today’s wars are mostly asymmetric and intelligence wars are certainly not limited by international borders. Already the Cold War was mostly made up of asymmetric warfare and globalized intelligence war. This had the consequence of mostly ending conventional land wars whereby one state invaded another in order to officially annex its territory.

Agents of seduction (i.e. intelligence prostitutes) are well known to the global public from the long running James Bond film series. However, reality is far from happy adventure. The intelligence world largely does not care to abide by law and although nominally subordinate to secret military courts are these typically politicized which is rather unsurprising considering that every person in the intelligence world has a handler from whom he receives orders which must be obeyed.

Since there is zero transparency in the intelligence world is there in practice no rule of law and the only law that is adhered to is servitude to your handler. An intelligence operative is both a slave and a prostitute who is blindly expected to have sex with and/or kill anyone their handler tells them to of any age, gender, nationality or appearance. Intelligence servitude is for life and the intelligence operative may simply be executed without any legal process whatsoever if somehow regarded as a nuisance by superiors.

While everyone involved is victimized by this is the intelligence world run by men who sexually exploit everyone else, but particularly women, girls and boys since there are no sex laws in the intelligence world and intelligence operatives are trained to get used to become used to haterape so as to be able to endure intensely hostile situations, indeed as part and parcel of the training of an intelligence operative. Children of intelligence operatives are systematically sexually exploited from an early age so as to “train” them too into “agents of seduction”.

In other words is there no rule of law, servitude is ubiquitous and sexual exploitation pervasive. Most recruitment of spies, agents and intelligence operatives takes place through seduction operations as followed by rape and/or sexual extortion. Most human beings are highly vulnerable to hostile professional seduction, including most intelligence operatives themselves.

There are almost no whistleblowers in the intelligence world because those actually possessing top secret intelligence data are usually executed on the spot while most others are discredited, such as putting them in mental hospitals, a practice that was indeed pioneered by the Gestapo in Nazi Germany and further developed by its Stasi successor in East Germany. Loyalty is not earned in the intelligence world but wrested by the exercise of systemic intelligence extortion as the more extortion the better control is indeed the perception in the intelligence world.

Since every intelligence operative is an intelligence prostitute is organized systemic sexual exploitation between intelligence prostitutes the norm and that is certainly not voluntary although intelligence prostitutes are permitted to otherwise lead promiscuous lifestyles. There are no sex laws in the intelligence world and there are no rights of citizens, women or children.

Anyone who achieves in an exceptional way or manner in any field or subject does become individually vulnerable to coercive intelligence recruitment, meaning that it is extremely common for members of a society’s elite to be trained elite intelligence operatives. This is nominally so as to use their skills for the national interest as well as protecting them from foreign intelligence recruitment, except of course from the nation’s allies which are free to operate and do as they please without regard for law.

In practice are talented people exploited as intelligence prostitutes rather than using their individual talent in the service of their nation and intelligence prostitution is furthermore no protection against hostile foreign intelligence recruitment, on the contrary so are intelligence operatives far more vulnerable in this regard, especially considering that they are allowed to lead promiscuous lifestyles and have sex with whomever they please, including bizarrely with any enemy intelligence operative.

Although agents of seduction are coerced into becoming pansexual (including functionally bisexual) as part of intelligence training is the intelligence world a patriarchy as ruled by men and based on cisnormativity and stereotypical gender roles. It is thus accepted to be binary transgender (including full surgical transition) but certainly not non-binary transgender. Similar to healthcare professions being divided into the masculine physician and the feminine nurse is the intelligence world divided into the proactive seduction agent (most of whom are males) and the passive decoy seduction agent (most of whom are women, girls and boys).

Intelligence operatives are certainly allowed and even socially expected  to lead promiscuous lifestyles even outside of operative environments yet are expected to abide by protocols for stereotypical intelligence operations although learning when to break rules is part and parcel of intelligence training. Sexual exploitation is rampant and intelligence brothels are common where intelligence operatives of varying ages (including particularly children of intelligence operatives from an early age) are commercially sexually exploited for the tremendous financial gain of intelligence directors running those establishments as part of intelligence recruitment operations by means of subsequent sexual extortion. There are even intelligence brothels where enslaved non-human persons (a.k.a. “animals”) are brutally sexually exploited for the purpose of intelligence recruitment by means of subsequent sexual extortion.

Since intelligence operatives in most intelligence agencies are in servitude for life do most serve without pay and are therefore expected to support themselves through careers of their own. Many are however forced to work in intelligence brothels with little to no financial compensation. Since top members of a country’s social elite have typically undergone intelligence training are intelligence agencies extremely politically influential even in liberal-democratic open societies. However, since intelligence agencies easily penetrate each other can one intelligence agency gain political control over another country by hijacking its intelligence services through intelligence war. Furthermore, an operative in training who is being trained by an allied intelligence service of another country automatically becomes a double agent and that is considered perfectly normal in the intelligence world.

The problem is not only that an intelligence service risks becoming hijacked by a hostile intelligence agency but that this has happened many times worldwide in the past hundred years. This is obviously especially problematic if the intelligence community of a liberal democracy is hijacked by a hostile intelligence agency of a totalitarian dictatorship. Totalitarian regimes heavily invest in intelligence agencies which is how they brutally oppress their citizenries but intelligence agencies of totalitarian regimes typically also pose a severe threat indeed to other countries as well.

Nazi Germany captured many European countries through intelligence war years prior to invading them and this is why there was so limited military resistance to Nazi invasions and subsequently so much collaboration Nazi German occupation. Nazi intelligence (Gestapo) captured many non-European countries as well by intelligence war, including Argentina to which most of the Nazi elite relocated months before the collapse of Nazi Germany in 1945. The role of Nazi intelligence in MENA (Middle East & North Africa) countries is only in part known to the public, particularly Nazi Germany’s intelligence penetration of Iraq in the 1930s and 1940s. Yet the Gestapo from its new base in Argentina continued to capture country after country around the world even long after the collapse of Nazi Germany in 1945. Most Gestapo regimes were aligned with the United States during the Cold War period although the most totalitarian and Nazi-like ones such as Gaddafi’s Libya, Saddam’s Iraq and Hafez’ Syria were instead aligned with the Soviet Union. This double role of playing both sides was particularly helpful for the Gestapo in continuing the obsession of capturing other countries around the world through intelligence war.

Israel tragically became one of those countries. Israeli intelligence was never actually controlled by the elected government of liberal-democratic Israel and the Mossad was largely but not entirely captured by the Gestapo which for geostrategic reasons was interested in fueling conflict between Israel and its neighbors and indeed for its own purposes, including weakening Israel through a policy of divide and rule.

The Mossad as the preeminent intelligence agency of the free world formed an international federation of intelligence agencies in 1962 and this international organization as led by Israel came to effectively behave like a state actor, much like the UN, NATO and the EU. However, with the Gestapo’s relative takeover of much of Israeli intelligence in the 1970s did this also mean that the member states of the federation came under increasing influence of Argentina-based Gestapo. This meant that the mutually symbiotic intelligence agencies of the federation became increasingly internally totalitarian and their influence over political life increased as leading politicians are indeed typically trained elite intelligence operatives indeed.

The Cold War period thus saw three intelligence superpowers, namely KGB, Gestapo and the Federation as led by the Mossad. The Muslim Brotherhood Saudi Islamist intelligence agency together with other Saudi Islamist intelligence agencies with international focus increasingly emerged as the fourth intelligence superpower in the post-Cold War era. Iran endeavored to become the fifth intelligence superpower as largely focused on the broader Middle East and Latin America. All five intelligence superpowers in the post-invasion era used the same intelligence techniques of hostile takeover of other countries (i.e. asymmetric warfare & intelligence war) without actually usually needing to invade those countries.

An underlying problem with the this covert world is that as most of the public sector is it an overgrown, ineffective, unethical and has a patently undemocratic organizational culture. It would in fact be far more effective if the Federation were to focus on informing the public of its member nations about the immense dangers posed to liberal democratic open societies by intelligence recruitment, intelligence penetration, intelligence methods and intelligence war instead of as of now effectively themselves behaving like the totalitarian adversaries of liberal-democratic open societies which they are tasked with defeating.

The intelligence world does not only have a very peculiar sexual culture of systemic sexual exploitation but it also has its own religious subcultures. Organized satanism fits easily into the masculinist (derogation of the feminine domain) organizational ethos of the intelligence world as adherents typically believe themselves to engage in extraterrestrial fealty.

The lawless nature of the intelligence world and the continued significant influence by the Gestapo (now based in racial supremacist North Korea) over the Federation has meant that the Federation is both nominal protector of liberal-democratic open societies and effective enemy of open societies in disregarding law, engaging in totalitarian conduct against innocent citizens of the Federation and thus increasingly posing a severe threat to liberal-democratic open societies.

Most public sector employees, including of the intelligence world can be mostly supplanted by already existing and entirely transparent technologies. The Federation needs to become downsized by over 99% and its archives opened as was done with the Stasi archives after the fall of East Germany. Intelligence wars to the degree that they will be needed should be waged under full public transparency, complete respect for the rule of law and full adherence to the laws of war.

There is no point whatsoever in withholding information of any kind from the public if that information is already well-known throughout the intelligence world. Rather, excessive secrecy is a major threat to liberal democracy and open society alike as the public becomes uninformed, something which obviously hampers and threatens democracy. Intelligence war is and should be a military matter and non-military intelligence agencies should be public with clearly defined narrow tasks as is indeed the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (German Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz or BfV) in Germany.

Nothing short of a permanent feminist revolution is needed in the intelligence world so as to put an end to patriarchal oppression, totalitarian practices and pervasive sexual exploitation. The basic organizational culture of the intelligence world is extreme sexism and the desire of aggressive males to dominate and exploit fellow persons. This is reprehensible, obviously unacceptable and so universal emancipation, transparency, disclosure and the opening up of archives are indeed the way to help end systemic abuses in the intelligence world.

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