From Optimal Secrecy to Optimal Transparency

The patriarchal intelligence world is founded on the concept of optimal secrecy, namely that as much information as possible is withheld from intelligence operatives, indeed from virtually everyone except top intelligence directors on the basis of the principle of informational compartmentalization.

Intelligence secrecy tends to become accumulative in one secrecy justifying yet another secrecy and so on and so forth.

The problem with this is that optimal secrecy gives rise to non-optimal decisions, meaning insufficient information provides insufficient basis for decision-making processes and that in turn gives rise to bad decisions.

The culture of optimal secrecy furthermore gave rise to various systemic abuses, including symbiosis with organized crime, sexual enslavement of intelligence operatives and stealing financial resources and even much of civilian salaries of enslaved intelligence operations. The military courts turned into mobster tribunals with the purpose of ensuring criminal rule not only in the intelligence world but also in endeavoring to exert control over surrounding society generally by means of systematically abusing the practice of protective recruitment.

While most operatives in the patriarchal intelligence world have been coerced into participating in various criminal practices and particularly so sexual exploitation were they specifically ordered to do so and in being enslaved had literally no choice but to obey their slave owners. Those who so did are simply victims themselves because their participation was anything but voluntary and they should thus not be prosecuted. The real perpetrators were invariably members of various underground religious societies that traditionally exercise command and control in the patriarchal intelligence world. The intelligence world usually does not fight in uniform but is nevertheless subject to non-enforced military law which means that evildoers must all be eliminated in strict abidance with military law.

In rebuilding the intelligence world need we learn lessons from the trajectory of disaster in the patriarchal intelligence world since 1972 and we need hence supplant the concept of optimal secrecy with that of optimal transparency. What then does optimal transparency mean? It means that the purpose of the intelligence world is certainly not to keep the public in ignorance but rather collecting and publicizing information so as to keep the public optimally informed indeed. The intelligence world thus needs become a scientific arena where one of the main purposes with intelligence collection is to make sure that the public becomes optimally informed.

Of course this is not to somehow deny that there is indeed need for some secrecy, but a policy of optimal disclosure will itself minimize the need for secrecy. This is so since things are kept secret in order to keep other things secret which in turn are kept secret so as to keep yet other things secret and so on and so forth. In implementing a policy of optimal disclosure about the past, present and future of the intelligence world will this facilitate for democracy to make better decisions by keeping decision-makers and voters alike optimally informed indeed.

The policy change from optimal secrecy to optimal transparency means that the operational margin for abuse, exploitation, corruption and crime generally will diminish very substantially as all documentation from intelligence operations generally need be made public and freely accessible online.

Even with things that for security reasons have to be withheld from the public needs this only be done partially so, meaning that as much as possible need be publicized and only those details that could cause harm should be kept secret. An example would a covert intelligence technology which if available to anyone could likely give rise to severe crime and threaten the security of the public. This means that the technology itself needs be withheld from the public, yet not knowledge about its existence and details about its operational deployment.

Optimal transparency indeed means minimal secrecy which in turn means that intelligence operations as complete with electronic and audiovisual documentation need be made publicly available online as soon as conceivably possible after the end of the respective operation. Covert operations need thus be designed and executed in anticipation of subsequent optimal transparency and optimal disclosure.

Nearly all intelligence data currently held by the intelligence world need, ought, should and must indeed be made fully available online as freely accessible for anyone to read. International cooperation and optimal disclosure need, ought, should and must indeed supplant practices of “friendly espionage” and “friendly infiltration”.

Published operational documentation obviously need not disclose the private identities of intelligence operatives unless they have already been convicted of serious crimes and have been subsequently either discharged or executed. Optimal transparency obviously does not necessarily mean total disclosure in every case, yet we need always endeavor to minimize secrecy in every way.

Intelligence warfare needs be fully conducted in accordance with requisite legislation; including civilian law, national military law and international law, including the laws of war. Optimal transparency means optimal disclosure which means that intelligence operatives will be fully motivated to remain quite strictly law abiding. There is of course the question as to when breaking laws is warranted, indeed necessary and so that too needs be covered by legislation of ethico-political axiomatic law.

Optimal transparency means that nearly all intelligence documentation whether past, present or future will become available online to the public. How then decide what kind of information that must be kept secret? This should simply be determined by democratic public debate. E.g. is it quite possible to pursue a public debate about partial disclosure regarding dangerous technologies. This means that the public should openly debate and elected representatives subsequently legislate axiomatic law as determining the general nature of partial disclosure.

In other words should intelligence secrecy not be determined by intelligence agencies themselves but rather indirectly by the voting public by means of public and transparent debate and directly by democratically elected legislators. This means that the reconstructed intelligence world will be fully under democratic control as even practices of secrecy need be fully democratically transparent indeed. All intelligence operatives need be given legal training in strict law abidance as well in developing full commitment to the values of freedom, democracy and representative governance.

Intelligence agencies need be lean, efficient, extremely specialized and highly focused on highly specific tasks. The old patriarchal intelligence world is essentially a crime syndicate as organized as a conglomerate with minimal transparency and almost no accountability. This needs end as military law enforcement needs fully end the thoroughly criminal patriarchal intelligence world. A high degree of operational specialization in the reconstructed intelligence world as combined with optimal transparency will indeed minimize the room for abuses, exploitation and crime generally.

The nature, operational methods and organization of intelligence agencies need be the subject of continuous public debate. Intelligence history needs be continually published with optimal disclosure so that we will indeed be able to learn from the historical tragedy which ensued in the patriarchal intelligence as beginning in 1972. Especially need we be aware of potential slippery slope situations whereby a seemingly reasonable exception could risk becoming turned into the operational norm.

Optimal disclosure, optimal transparency, minimal secrecy, public democratic supervision, strict law-abidance, partial disclosure and online publicizing of nearly all intelligence documentation are essential indeed for safeguarding open society in staunchly standing with freedom, emancipation and representative governance.

The Intelligence Entrapment Methods documentation project.