Frankist Sects of Totalitarianism

Modern denominations of totalitarianism branched out from 18th century Frankism in Poland. While pretending to be a denomination of Judaism did Frankism rather originate in a so called “satanist” sect within Vatican intelligence (CDF), then still known as the Inquisition. Frankist sects of political totalitarianism hide behind a pious doctrine of ideology, theology, philosophy etc. in masking an agenda of total power and subsequently tyranny, terror and kleptocracy. Frankist sects of totalitarianism are thus simply organized crime in disguise. Frankist intelligence sects are pseudo-religious in character and that is also the nature of denominations of totalitarianism which they engineer, command and control.

Ankara in Turkey is since 2017 the global center of Frankist intelligence sects; including the Muslim Brotherhood, the Gestapo, the IRGC and al Qaida.

Aish HaTorah

Founded by the Gestapo. Aish HaTorah is an aggressive Frankist sect as purporting to represent Orthodox Judaism. Its purpose is to lure Jews into Frankist “satanism” in the name of Orthodox Judaism.

Al Qaida

Founded by Salafi Intelligence. Al Qaida was founded with the purpose of devising global Frankist Salafi takeover by means of spreading fear everywhere. Al Qaida operates on the model of Frankist Communist guerilla groups during the Cold War in seeking to establish territorial control in isolated geographic locations with the purpose of taking over entire countries.


Founded by Prussian military intelligence. Anti-Feminism was founded with the purpose of preventing democratization. Anti-Feminism bullies, taunts, harasses and persecutes active feminists in the name dissent and disagreement. Anti-feminists will typically take a view held by some or many feminists and will then deliberately accuse feminism generally of holding this view. The purpose thus is not debunking any particular argument but rather to discredit the gender emancipation movement generaly. Anti-Feminism rapes and ritually sexually abuses active feminists and their girlfriends, daughters, sisters, mothers, nieces and female cousins; prostitutes them and turns them into intelligence prostitutes (seduction agents) of Gestapo intelligence outfits around the world.


Founded by German military intelligence. Anti-Zionism was created so as to promote Anti-Jewish antagonism with the purpose of promoting German imperialism. Anti-Zionism was founded on the model of Anti-Femism.


Founded by the GRU. The PKK emerged as a Cold War Soviet intelligence outfit. Its Dönmeh founder Abdullah Öcalan was however a Mossad intelligence operative since even before the founding of the PKK. Apoism was founded after the Frankist (CIA-MIT) capture of Abdullah Öcalan in 1999 and Apoism was founded with the aim of undermining Israeli intelligence influence in Kurdistan so that Frankist intelligence agencies would be able to continue to exploit and abuse Kurds for purposes as distinctly inimical to the best interests of the people of Kurdistan. Apoism is run by the SVR (Russian Gestapo) which terrorizes Kurdistani diplomats and leaders with the purpose of ruining Free Kurdistan’s internal and international relationships.


Founded by the Gestapo. Ba’athism was created in the context of Nazi German imperialist ambitions as an Arabist form of Nazism as complete with vehement Anti-Jewish hatred.


Founded by the Gestapo. BDS officially means Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions but is internally among Frankist leaders of the movement pronounced “Badass”. BDS seeks to promote Nazi-style boycotts of Jewish-owned businesses. While officially claiming to boycott Israeli businesses does it  not boycott businesses owned by Israeli Palestinians and BDS furthermore promotes boycotts against Israeli businesses as owned by Diaspora Jews. The BDS specializes in bullying, harassing and persecuting Jewish students on American campuses.


Belief and Solidarity

Founded by Muslim Brotherhood Intelligence. Belief and Solidarity (Socialdemokrater för Tro och Solidaritet) was originally the official Christian League of the ruling Swedish Social Democratic Party but was hijacked by Muslim Brotherhood intelligence in Sweden and turned into a Frankist intelligence sect as complete with infant ritual sacrifice as fully protected by the RPS/IB, Sweden’s Frankist police intelligence agency. Belief and Solidarity is infamous in Sweden for its focus on hating Israelis and defending Islamists.


Founded by the CIA. Biologism is composed of predominantly male career academics who sexually harass and verbally persecute gender scientists in order to bring them into intelligence prostitution where they are subjected to pseudo-religious cult of ritual sexual abuse by an assembled “satanist” local congregation.

Black separatism

Founded by the Gestapo. The Gestapo tried to hijack the US civil rights movement by promoting gender segregation anew. The involvement of American Jews in US civil rights movement was furthermore perceived as a threat by the Gestapo.


Founded by the Gestapo. Blackwaterism is the Frankist mercenary sect which specializes in acting as commercial mercenaries for various governments and do commit all kinds of severe crime in the process as protected by their de facto immunity from prosecution in their capacities intelligence operatives of thoroughly criminal Frankist intelligence agencies such as the CIA.


Founded by the Gestapo. Carlebachism was founded with the purpose of luring Orthodox Jews and especially young unmarried women into Frankist “satanism”. Carlebachism seeks to dissolve the Jewish people by means of spreading unethical sexual practices among Orthodox Jews. Carlebachism seeks return to the original Frankism of Jacob Frank, the founder of Frankism. As many other Frankist subsects of the Gestapo was Carlebachism founded with the purpose of recruitment into intelligence prostitution of various Gestapo intelligence outfits. Carlebachism specializes in recruiting young Orthodox Jewish women into the Gestapo by means of seduction and frequently ritually sacrifices boys immediately after circumcision.


Founded by the Gestapo. Carnism was founded with the purpose of preventing outlawing of murder and torture of animals as ritual murder and torture of animals are core “satanist” ritual practices. Carnism persecutes and murders animal emancipation activists with full support from thoroughly criminal police intelligence and habitually uses illegal means so a to prevent any and all progress as regard legal emancipation of non-human persons. Carnism is a major international intelligence agency under the Gestapo and organizes the global ANIMAL INDUSTRY OF EVIL.

Central Intelligence Agency

Founded by the Gestapo. The CIA was founded in 1947 by the Gestapo after the US intelligence community in 1945 most naively accepted vast numbers of Gestapo intelligence operatives into the ranks of the US intelligence community.

Church of Satan

Founded by the Gestapo. The Church of Satan as recognized as an official denomination with chaplaincy services within the United States Armed Forces was founded by the Gestapo so as to infiltrate and take over the the United States Military and the US intelligence community. The Church of Satan is the unofficial denomination of the CIA.

Code Pink

Founded by the SVR. Code Pink is a Cold War style SVR intelligence outfit and was founded by the Russian SVR so as to excercise intelligence influence within the American left and cause polarization in American society. Frankist Code Pink is in many ways parallel to the Frankist Pseudo-Feminist sect as founded by the Swedish IB.


Founded by the CIA. Communicationism was founded so as to promote systematic cynicism in fields of professional communication such as lobbying, public relations and advertisement with the goal of subverting liberal democracy by means of abusing and thus corrupting open society.


Founded by Prussian military intelligence. Organized Communism became organized as tool to undermine Germany’s geopolitical rivals by means of spreading “German philosophy”.

Cosa Nostra

Founded by Prussian military intelligence. The Cosa Nostra (Sicilian Mafia) was founded with the purpose of projecting Prussian geopolitical influence over the island of Sicily. The Cosa Nostra and other such organized crime syndicates worldwide operate under the protection of Frankist police intelligence agencies as commanding patriarchal police forces.


Founded by Gestapo. Creationism was founded with the purpose of luring fundamentalist Christians into Frankist “satanism” by means of deceptive phallogocentric propaganda as indeed typical of Frankist intelligence sects generally. Creationism is furthermore a vehicle for Gestapo intelligence recruitment in the United States.


Founded by Salafi Intelligence. DAESH was founded with the purpose of recruiting youth criminals and transforming them into Jihadist terrorists. DAESH was intended to take over the Middle East, including destroying Israel.


Founded by Soviet Military intelligence. Drugism operates drug cartels around the world in close cooperation with Frankist intelligence agencies such as the CIA/SVR, the IRGC and the IBs (the Information Bureaus in Western Europe and Israel). Drugism has branched out into more and more Frankist sects.

Dönmeh West

Founded by the Gestapo. Dönmeh West is openly Frankist although as in early Frankism seeking to falsely represent Sabbatean Judaism for the purpose of rather luring persons into Frankist “satanism”. Dönmeh West is simply a means for intelligence recruitment into the Frankist Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) as well as of course into Frankist “satanism” itself generally.


Founded by the Gestapo. ECPAT purports to prevent sexual abuse but is actually a Frankist sect as committed to systematic and organized sexual abuse of children. ECPAT is a false flag operation as intended to shield the criminal intelligence world from being held accountable for their crimes. Children whom ECPAT purports to “help” are if deemed of “sexual economic value” instead handed over to organized child prostitution as symbiotic with thoroughly criminal police intelligence. ECPAT recieves significant enumeration for selling children into police intelligence protected prostitution. Fathers who complain will become accused by police intelligence of being pedophiles. Mothers who complain will become accused by police intelligence controlled social services of being unsuitable mothers and are as standard procedure threatened with loss of child custody.


Founded by MIT and the MB. Erdoganism was founded as a synthesis between MIT (the Turkish equivalent of Nazism) and the Turkish Muslim Brotherhood.


Founded by the GRU. Eritreanism was founded as yet another Gestapo intelligence tool during the Cold War.


Founded by German military intelligence. Fascism was founded as tool so as to promote “German ideas” in yet other countries.


Founded by the Gestapo. Fashionism recruits beauful young females to modeling. ALL SUCCESSFUL FASHION MODELS have suffered enslavement into intelligence prostitution. Fashionism is merely another GESTAPO FRONT for intelligence recruitment.

Fatah Jihadism

Founded by Muslim Brotherhood Intelligence. Fatah Jihadism promotes suicide terrorist attacks by non-Islamist Palestinians. Fatah Jihadism is unique in so much that it is the only non-Islamist form of Jihadism.


Founded by the Ku Klux Klan and the Gestapo. Fbism was designed so as to turn the FBI into an American Gestapo as complete with Gestapo aesthetics in dress and hairstyle. The Frankist FBI is essentially the continuation of the Frankist Ku Klux Klan.


Founded by the Gestapo. Fictionism produces low quality stereotypical literature as intended to attract females to prostitution with the purpose of enabling mass intelligence recruitment.

First Satanic Church.

Founded by the Gestapo. The First Satanic Church was founded so as to infiltrate and take over US military intelligence. Unlike the Church of Satan which became the unofficial denomination of the CIA did the First Satanic Church although long successful never succeed to that extent.


Founded by the GRU and the Muslim Brotherhood. Gaddafism was founded as a result of Saudi-Soviet intelligence cooperation.

Grey Wolves

Founded by MIT and the Gestapo. The Grey Wolves came about as a result of Gestapo-MIT intelligence cooperation as intended to limit the political influence of the Dönmeh-led Derin Devlet military intelligence agency in Turkey.

Gush Shalom

Founded by the Gestapo. Gush Shalom was founded by the Gestapo with the purpose of subverting and discrediting Zionism as with the intention by the Gestapo of eventually facilitaring a Second Holocaust in exterminating the Jewish People in Israel.


Founded by Muslim Brotherhood Intelligence. Hamas is part of the Palestinians branch of the Muslim Brotherhood and was founded with the purpose of destroying Israel, perpetrate a second Holocaust.

Hare Krishna

Founded by the KGB. Hare Krishna was founded as a tool for global Soviet intelligence infiltration and fell under Gestapo control after the dissolution of the Soviet Union.


Founded by the IRGC. Hezbollah was founded with the purpose of destroying Israel and perpetrating a second Holocaust.


Founded by the Gestapo and Muslim Brotherhood intelligence. After MB intelligence gained control over previously Gestapo-controlled police intelligence agencies (including the Information Bureaus, IBs of Westerns Europe and Israel and the Interpol) in 2005 was Ibism founded as a synthesis between MB frankism and Gestapo Frankism.


Founded by the Gestapo. Interpolism is the unofficial Frankist denomination of the Interpol. Interpolism was founded with the purpose of assuring world domination for the then Argentina based Gestapo Frankist intelligence sect by means of taking over police forces in countries around the world which it also successfully did.


Founded by SAVAK and the KGB. The IRGC was founded with the purpose of giving the Soviet Union territorial access to the Indian Ocean.


Founded by MIT and the Gestapo. Ishikism was formed as a movement in Turkey with the purpose of subverting the Jewish nature of Alevi-Bektashi Judaism and transform it into a movement of “Aryan”, Indo-European direction of Hittite past. Ishikism is heavily involved in trafficking in heroin, women, children and migrants and serves as a MIT domestic espionage network for the fascist MIT domestic security agency as symbiotic with the Gestapo.


Founded by the Gestapo. Isocism was founded in Thailand by the Gestapo during the Cold War as part of its worldwide rivalry with the KGB.


Founded by pseudo-rabbis. Jewishrenewal was founded with the purpose of luring rabbinic Jews aways from the Sabbatean denominations of non-Orthodox Judaism; namely Reform Judaism, Conservative Judaism and Reconstructionist Judaism. In outwardly being a synthesis between Sabbatean Hasidic Judaism and Sabbatean non-Orthodox Judaism was jewishrenewal founded with the aim of uniting rabbinical Frankism into one single denomination with the purpose of subverting Jewish ethics into its very opposite and thus ensure complete Frankist takeover of Rabbinic Judaism.


Founded by the GRU. Juche was created as an ethnically Korean version of Communism with the purpose of competing with US influence in the Korean peninsula.


Founded by the Gestapo. Kahanism was founded by Frankist Jews on behalf of the Gestapo with the intention of creating a Jewish form of Nazism as intended to subvert and delegitimize Israel by discrediting Zionism in international public opinion.


Founded by MAH and the Gestapo. Kemalism was created by the Gestapo with the purpose of engineering Frankist takeover of Dönmeh Judaism and Dönmeh Jewish political influence in Turkey.


Founded by SAVAK and the KGB. Frankist Khomeinism is remarkably similar to the Frank Muslim Brotherhood which was formed as a synthesis between Nazism and Salafism. In the same way as the MB was founded as cultural synthesis to promote Nazi German geopolitical influence was Khomeinism founded as cultural synthesis between Communism and Shiism to promote Soviet geopolitical influence.


Founded by the Gestapo. As Nazism was Konyism founded on non-rabbinic literalist readings of the Hebrew Bible with the purpose of seeking rebirth of Canaanite “satanism”. The leader of Konyism is the infamous Joseph Kony of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) in East Africa.

Ku Klux Klan

Founded by Prussian military intelligence. The Ku Klux Klan was founded so as to revive southern slavery for the purpose of dividing and weakening the United States of America.

International Solidarity Movement

Founded by the Muslim Brotherhood. The ISM purports to seek peace and reconciliation but its purpose is to promote conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. The ISM operates by harassing Israeli soldiers in in Area B and Area C for propaganda purposes in trying to have Israeli internationally portrayed as Nazis. The Muslim Brotherhood was founded as a synthesis between Nazism and Salafism and became a successful mass movement with the help of German intelligence.


Founded by the KGB. Lyndon LaRouche is a US-based Frankist sect leader who promotes seemingly innocuous ideas for the purpose of Frankist SVR intelligence recruitment as fully protected by the closely aligned Frankist CIA.

Messianic “judaism”

Founded by the Gestapo. Messianic “judaism” was founded with the purpose of weakening and dividing the Jewish people by means of conflating Judaism with Christianity. Messianic Judaism seeks to restore the original “satanism” of Saul of Tarsus. Child sexual abusive is pervasive in Messianic “judaism”.


Founded by German intelligence. The Frankist MIT intelligence agency was founded as the MAH. Mitism seeks to counter the extensive political influence of the Dönmeh-led “Derin Devlet” Turkish militar intelligence agency by means of promoting Turkish forms of Nazism as variously synthesized with secularism, Islam and/or Islamism. The purpose was and remains to counteract Jewish political influence in Turkey.

Muslim Brotherhood

Founded by German military intelligence and Saudi intelligence. The MB has a Sufi-style organization as combined with promotion Nazi-style propaganda as typically focused with rhetorics varying focused on hatred against Jews and Christians.

Nation of Islam

Founded by the Gestapo. The NOI was founded as a means to promote racial separation and racial conflict between European Americans and African American and thus marginalize American Jews who were seen as a major threat by the Gestapo.


Founded by German military intelligence. Nazism was created on the basis of ethnically German literalist readings of the Hebrew Bible. The underlying idea was to deploy, subvert and corrupt “Jewish ideas” against the Jews for populist and imperialist purposes as based on the principle of “know thy enemy”. Gestapo is the most common name for the Frankist Nazi intelligence sect.

Neturei Karta

Founded by the Gestapo. Naturei Karta was formed by Jewish Frankists on behalf of the Gestapo with the purpose of creating a counter-influence to Zionism which as largely led by Sabbatean Jews. Germany thus sought to use the intense rivalry between Frankist Jews and Sabbatean Jews so as to perform divide and rule and promote Nazi Germany’s imperialist ambitions.


Founded by Muslim Brotherhood intelligence. Adnan Oktar is a Turkish sect leader who runs an organized prostitution enslavement commercial empire in close cooperation with the Turkish police.

Opus Dei

Founded by German military intelligence. “Satanism” has always been prominent within the Catholic hierarchy which has always beeen split between Judaizers practicing secret Median Judaism and their “satanist” opponents. Since the 19th century has organized “satanism” within the Catholic hierarchy been dominated by Frankists. Opus Dei is one of multiple Frankist denominations within the Catholic hierarchy although Opus Dei is commanded by the Gestapo.

Palestinian Islamic Jihad

Founded by the IRGC. Palestinian Islamic Jihad was founded for the purpose of facilitating a second Holocaust. The Palestinian Islamic Jihad operates today as the Palestinian branch of the IRGG much like the Hezbollah operates as the Lebanese branch of the IRGC and Shia militias in Iraq operate as the Iraqi branch of the IRGC.


Founded by German military intelligence. Pan-Turkish was founded by German military intelligence with purpose of undermining the Russian Empire and gain control over Central Asia.


Founded by Muslim Brotherhood intelligence. “The Parthian Church of Alevi Christians” was founded on the initiative of Muslim Brotherhood intelligence in Sweden so as to lure Alevis into Frankist “satanism” under the false cover of Christian missionary activity. This runs parallel to far more extensive operations aimed at luring Alevis away from Alevi-Bektashi Judaism into Frankist MB Islamism.

People’s Mujahedin of Iran (MEK)

Founded by the Ba’ath. MEK was founded with the purpose of creating an Iranian form of Ba’athism and facilitate Iraqi intelligence influence in Iran.


Founded by Pseudo-CDF. Plantationism develped as a Frankist network of white slave owners who founded the Confederate States of America. Plantationism survived within the US military as many surviving former confederate officers were integrated into the US military. Plantationism is heavily focused on sexually abusing both children and lesbian women. Plantationism is prominent in criminal prostitution networks throughout North America.


Founded by the Gestapo. Postmodernism was founded by the Gestapo due to the perceived need to counter the Talmud-influenced thought of Jacques Derrida and Emmanuel Levinas and the Paris intellectuals whom they inspired. Postmodernism seeks to subvert and depoliticize the emancipatory message of Jacques Derrida and Michel Foucault by means of a Frankist cult of personality as appropriating the thought of these decidedly non-Frankist thinkers. It should be added that Derrida, Foucault and the other associated prominent Paris intellectuals have vocally opposed “postmodernism”, “poststructuralism” etc.


Founded by the Gestapo and the Lishka, the Israeli IB. Post-Zionism seeks to undermine Jewish identity and promotes Frankist “satanism” among Israeli elites while trying to dejudaize Israel much like the NSDAP sought to “dejudaize” Germany.


Founded by Muslim Brotherhood. Pseudo-Alevism was founded so as to lure the Alevis away from Alevi-Bektashi Judaism into MB Islamism.


Founded MB intelligence and the Gestapo. Pseudo-Amnesty seeks to undermine the humanitarian basis of the founding of Israel by means spreading anti-Israel war propaganda, a crime under the laws of war. Pseudo-Amnesty was founded as part of the unrelenting Frankist international campaign to destroy the the Jewish state and the Jewish people.


Founded by German military intelligence. Pseudo-Anarchism commenced in 18th century Russia and engaged in acts of terrorism, something which effectively discredited the very notion of Anarchism of seeking organizational alternatives to statist oppression. Pseudo-anarchism promotes extremism among Anarchists and drug abuse is prominent in the cult.


Founded by Pseudo-CDF. Pseudo-Anglicanism as Pseudo-CDF is heavily focused on sexually exploiting children. Pseudo-Anglicanism is older than Frankism yet is as Pseudo-CDF long since Frankist as well.  Henry VIII became the first teufel of Pseudo-Anglicanism.


Founded by the Gestapo. Pseudo-Antiracism was founded with the secondary purpose of persecuting Neo-Nazis for reasons of intelligence training whereby young Neo-Nazi leaders in different countries were trained by Gestapo intelligence outfits for future intelligence leadership positions. Gestapo intelligence saw much need for ensuring future Gestapo leadership by growing new leaders and so the semi-underground Neo-Nazi youth-dominated movement was considered perfect for this purpose. Pseudo-Antiracism was however first and foremost founded with the purpose of providing a propaganda smokescreen of  public plausible denial so to make it seem implausible indeed that the Gestapo had remained an intelligence superpower even after 1945. Since Nazism itself is a populist smokescreen for Frankist “satanism” and the Gestapo is specialized in running high profile ideological false flag operations was this entirely constitent with methods and purposes of international Gestapo intelligence as based in Berlin in 1933-45, in Buenos Aires 1945-2016, in Pyongyang in 2016-2017 and from 2017 in Ankara.


Founded by the Gestapo. Pseudo-BDSM performs systematic intelligence recruitment in BDSM dungeons and systematically harasses BDSM communities that refuses contact with Pseudo-BDSM. BDSM persons are considered especially suitable as potential satanists as as well as potential intelligence operatives and are therefore targeted for recruitment to the Gestapo and its subordinate intelligence agencies worldwide.


Founded by Muslim Brotherhood intelligence. Pseudo-Bektashism was founded with the purpose of luring Bektashis away from Alevi-Bektashi Judaism into MB Islamism.


Founded by the Gestapo. Pseudo-Belz was founded with the purpose of facilitating the extermination of the Jewish people. Pseudo-Belz is today a Gestapo intelligence outfit as operating in Israel and other countries and is especially tasked with implementing Gestapo intelligence warfare operations in Israel.


Founded by the CIA. Pseudo-BneiAkiva was founded with the purpose of using the global Bnei Akiva Modern Orthodox youth movement for CIA intelligence operations around the world.


Founded by German military intelligence. Pseudo-Breslov was founded with the purpose of organizing German espionage operations in Eastern Europe. Pseudo-Breslov today controls much of the Breslov Hasidic movement although not all of its branches, yet it needs be emphasized that Pseudo-Breslov is highly active throughout the Breslov movement. Pseudo-Breslov actively collaborated with the SS and the Gestapo during the Holocaust. Pseudo-Breslov very actively recruits secular Israelis and is today a Gestapo intelligence outfit in Israel.


Founded by paul of tarsus. Pseudo-CDF is by far older than Frankism as Frankism itself originated in Pseudo-CDF although Frankism demographically first emerged as a movement among Ashkenazi Jews in Poland. The CDF was for most of its history simply known as the Inquisition. Pseudo-CDF is however far older than the formal historical formation of CDF in 1542. There are today two CDF; namely the proper CDF as operating as part of TEVEL and the parallel long since Frankist CDF. The proper CDF practices Roman Median Judaism and is Crypto-Jewish adherents within the hiarchy of the Holy See are usually known as “Judaizers”. The Frankist CDF is a global criminal organization as heavily focused on systematic sexual abuse of children worldwide yet is also virtually symbiotic with the Frankist Cosa Nostra of Sicily as well as with many other similar Frankist entities of organized crime around the world, including particularly in the Western hemisphere. Yeshua and Joshua (the two names are spelled identically in Greek), the duplet founders of the pre-Christian Pharisaical movement in the Land of Israel did not claim to be “god” and also did not found Christianity as first formed in the Aegean region.


Founded by the Gestapo. The pseudo-Hasidic Frankist sect within the Chabad Lubavitch Hasidic denomination in Haredi Judaism makes official pronouncements in the name of Judaism that distinctly violate speech codes of Orthodox Judaism.


Founded by Prussian military intelligence. Pseudo-Christianity has branched out worldwide into a vast number of Frankist sects in almost every country. Pseudo-Christianity encourages the foundation of new charismatic “Christian” churches as originally devoted to sermons about hellfire, “the devil”, doomsday and the like. Frankist charismatic churches are today less focused on hellfire and has diversified in focusing on many other discursive themes. Frankist churches are especially prominent in many African countries.

Pseudo-Christian Pseudo-Zionism

Founded by the Gestapo. Pseudo-Christian Zionism abuses uses the popular appeal of Zionism to promote Frankist “satanism” among Christians. The purpose of its founding was for the Gestapo to infiltrate and take over Christian Zionism with the ultimate aim of ultimately taking over and discrediting Zionism generally.


Founded by the Gestapo. Pseudo-Culturalrelativism was founded with the purpose of undermining democratic values of open society and supplant these with totalitarian nihilism.


Founded by the Gestapo. Pseudo-EdaHareidis was founded with the purpose of organizing espionage operations in British-ruled Land of Israel and is today a Gestapo intelligence outfit in Israel as tasked with deepening divisions in Israeli society.


Founded by the Gestapo. Pseudo-environmentalism seeks to sabotage the environmental movent on behalf of industrial “business leadership” networks and especially seeks to sabotage integration between the environmental movement and the animal liberation movement.


Founded by the Gestapo. Pseudo-Fatah is widespread in Fatah and was founded by Gestapo-controlled elements within the KGB with the purpose of organizing a second Holocaust and preparing the way for that by means of spreading Anti-Jewish propaganda and conducting terrorist attacks against Jewish civilians.


Founded by the Swedish IB. Frankist “feminism” seeks gender conflict much like Nazism seeks “racial” conflict and Communism seeks class conflict. Pseudo-feminism runs most so called “women’s shelters” which turn over sexually attractive victims of domestic violence to organized prostitution and they do so in close cooperation with Frankist patriarchal police intelligence.


Founded by the Gestapo. The international LGBTQI movement was formed and organized by the Dönmeh-led NOPD American intelligence agency and Frankist gayism was formed in response so as to counteract Jewish political influence within the LGBTQI movement. As Frankist sects generally do they especially seek to recruit transsexuals due to Frankist “satanism” regarding transexuals as inherently “satanic”. As other Frankist sects do they have a special ceremony of “satanist” ritual sex as centered on any particular present transsexual person as so called “satan”.


Founded by Pseudo-Shinto. Pseudo-geisha is a criminal prostitution network which has tragically succeeded in reducing MOST geishas (dignified high status sex workers) to prostitutes who perform prostitution services in styles vaguely resembling GEISHAS.


Founded by the Gestapo. Pseudo-Ger was founded with the purpose of collecting information needed for organizing the logistics of Holocaust. Today is Pseudo-Ger a Gestapo intelligence outfit in Israel as tasked with conducting false flag psychological warfare operations and mainly so outside of the Ger Hasidic community.


Founded by Pseudo-Sufism. Pseudo-Gulenism was founded with the purpose of taking over the pro-democracy Gulen sufi religious movement in Turkey and transforming it into someting akin to MB Islamism.


Founded by the Gestapo. Pseudo-humanism was founded within the global Humanist movement so as to promote anatogonism against Christianity and thus lessen perceived “Judaic” cultural influence over society. Pseudo-Humanism exploits anti-Christian sentiments for the purpose of luring humanists into Frankist “satanism”.


Founded by the Gestapo. Pseudo-IDF was founded with the purpose of conducting espionage within the Haganah, the forerunner to the Israeli Defense Forces, the Israeli military. Pseudo-IDF is today mainly preoccupied with sabotaging Israeli Defense Forces operations by providing operative covert intelligence data in real time to regional military adversaries of Israel, now mainly to the Hamas and the IRGC (Iranian Gestapo) including to Islamic Jihad and the Hezbollah which are both IRGC intelligence outfits.


Founded by Pseudo-Himyarism. Pseudo-Islam founded Islam itself in the  now Jordanian Median sacred city of Petra. Pseudo-Islam developed into Hanbalism which became Wahhabism and later Salafism. Pseudo-Islam is the origin of all branches of Islamism. Pseudo-Islam became Frankist in contact with Pseudo-Anglicanism in the first half of the 20th century.


Founded by Pseudo-Assyrianism. Pseudo-Israelism was founded with the purpose of undermining the secret and heavily opppressed Judaism of the former population of the Northern Kingdom of Israel as deported by the Neo-Assyrian Empire to Media, in and near current Kurdistan. Pseudo-Israelism became Frankist in contact with British Frankists in the second part of the 19th century and have contributed to giving Yezidis generally a false reputation as “devil worshipers”. Pseudo-Israelism did however unfortunately remain relatively strong among Yezidis but is also present among Alevis, Alawites, Bektashis, Dönmeh, Mandaeans and Yarsanis as well.


Founded by Pseudo-Medianism. Pseudo-Himyarism was established so as to subvert Judaism of the Southern Jurisdiction in the Himyarite Kingdom. Pseudo-Himyarism became Frankist in contact with the IRGC and Pseudo-Himyarism is today primarily an Islamist sect within the Zaydi Houthi movement in Yemen.


Founded by the IRGC. Pseudo-Humanrights was founded by the IRGC (Iranian Gestapo) with the purpose of abusing the discourse of humans rights to promote genocide by means of  dissemination of false and misleading accusations against Israel and disputed indigenous Israeli communities and thus facilitate the destruction of Israel and contribute to the destriction of its Jewish population by means of war propaganda which is a war crime under the laws of war. Pseudo-Humanrights operates from within the Human Rights Watch international organization but operates far beyond that organization itself.


Founded by the SVR. Pseudo-Jineology is outwardly feminist but actually seeks to transform the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria (DFNS) into a North Korean style totalitarian Frankist dictatorship. Pseudo-Jineology operates as according to instructions from the North Korean branch of the SVR as does Apoism, another Frankist sect.


Founded by the Gestapo. Pseudo-journalism promotes Frankist intelligence propaganda in especially international journalism in disseminating the notion at schools of journalism that “everything” is relative and so that there is no need to strive for being unbiased since everything is anyway about “power” and “narrative”.


Founded by the Gestapo. Pseudo-Judaism takes over congregations in Rabbinic Judaism and turns them into local Frankist cults complete with systemic child abuse and “satanist” animal sacrifice under the cover of Jewish ritual slaughter. Pseudo-Judaism operates within all established denominations of Rabbinic Judaism but are especially active within Hassidic denominations of Orthodox Judaism. Frankists in Haredi Orthodox Judaism promote Anti-Zionism and halakhic statehood in Israel.


Founded by the KGB. Pseudo-Karlinstolin was founded with the purpose of conducting KGB intelligence operations in Central Europe but is today an Israel-based SVR intelligence outfit as mostly preoccupied with implementing SVR physical warfare operations against the Israel Defense Forces.


Founded by the Gestapo. Pseudo-Kurdism was founded with the purpose of undermining the Israeli intelligence enterprise of building a free, independent and unified Kurdistan. Pseudo-Kurdism works largely through the IRGC in promoting Frankist practices of kleptocracy, sexual exploitation and authoritarianism and primarily so in self-governing Iraqi Kurdistan and the purpose was always to turn Free Kurdistan into a colony of the IRGC. The IRGC (i.e. Iranian Gestapo) terrorizes Kurdistani diplomats and leaders with the purpose of discrediting Free Kurdistan and cause Free Kurdistan to become internationally isolated.


Founded by the Gestapo. Pseudo-Jurisprudence performs pseudo-legal harassment against innocent citizens on behalf of other Frankist intelligence sects. Frankist intelligence sects also use other Frankist intelligence agencies to extend the persecution such as through psychiatry, police intelligence, organized crime, employers, landlords, social services etc. Pseudo-jurisprudence systematically deploys pseudo-legal arguments in ways which may seem nominally legal but are actually extra-judicial and constitute organized criminal harassment for distinctly criminal purposes. Pseudo-Jurisprudence can within weeks or months completely ruin the life of almost any citizen.


Founded by the Swedish IB. Pseudo-lesbianism was founded with the purpose of luring lesbians into intelligence prostitution in then Argentina-based Gestapo international intelligence agency which at the time still controlled the IBs. After the MB takeover of the IBs in 2015 did Pseudo-lesbianism instead become a tool for luring lesbians to become Muslim Brotherhood intelligence seduction agents. Pseudo-lesbianism sacrifices four-year old boys by first cutting of the penis, thereafter hands and feet and subsequently the throat. Sometimes are instead arms and legs cut off. The blood is extacted from the body and the assembled congregation ritually drinks the blood as in the traditional “satanist” eucharist. Thereafter is the body cut into pieces, grilled and ritually consumed by the assembled congregation.


Founded by the Swedish IB: Pseudo-liberalism was founded for the purpose of promoting fascist norms in the name of liberalism in therefore subverting liberalism and hence perceived “Jewish power”. The purpose was furthermore to inject fascist norms into neoconservatism and hence undermine moral clarity.


Founded by the Gestapo. Frankist “libertarianism” seeks to delegitimize democracy by claiming that democracy is undemocratic as do in fact also Nazis, Communists and Islamists.


Founded by Pseudo-Israelism. Pseudo-Medianism became Frankist in contact with SAVAK. Pseudo-Medianism is present among outwardly secular Iranians as well as among Zoroastrians.


Founded Russian intelligence. Pseudo-Misnagdim was founded with the purpose of conducting Russian espionage operations in Central Europe. Pseudo-Misnagdim is today part of global SVR intelligence operations.


Founded by the Gestapo. Pseudo-Modernorthodoxy was founded with the purpose of conducting Gestapo espionage operations in the United States as well as paving the way for a Holocaust in America. Today is Pseudo-Modernorthodoxy mainly a Gestapo intelligence recruitment tool.


Founded by Prussian intelligence. Mormonism was founded as an extension of Crypto-Jewish Freemasonry and so was deemed a threat by intensely Anti-Semitic Frankist Prussian intelligence. Pseudo-Mormonism operates through Frankist splinter sects as excommunicated for their “satanist” practices but remains highly active and influential within the LSD church itself. Pseudo-mormonism was founded with the purpose of infiltrating the freemasonry-dominated American intelligence community. It is very common for pseudo-Mormons to disseminate Anti-Israeli propaganda with the purpose of preventing fellowship between Jews and Mormons and limit American Jewish political influence in American political life.


Founded by the Gestapo. Pseudo-Mossad was founded with the purpose of destroying Israel and facilitating a second Holocaust. Pseudo-Mossad operates by terrorizing intelligence operatives of Israeli and other intelligence agencies. Pseudo-Mossad is commanded by the SVR, Russian Gestapo.


Founded by the Gestapo. Pseudo-pacifism was founded with the purpose of preventing the United States from militarily intervening in WW2 against Nazi Germany. During the Cold War did pseudo-pacifism become a Soviet intelligence tool for undermining US military support for Western Europe. Pseudo-pacifism is especially focused on preventing Israeli and American-led humanitarian wars against totalitarianism and  Frankist terrorism. Pseudo-pacifism is highly influential in the Israeli peace movement and in the US antiwar movement and especially seeks to recruit Jews and humanists.


Founded by the Gestapo. Pseudo-Paganism was founded so as to lure religious seekers into both political Nazism and Frankist “satanism”. As the Neo-pagan movement grew internationally did it branch into more and Frankist sects as operating within the global Neo-Pagan movement.


Founded Prussian intelligence. Pseudo-pedophilia claims to “love” children but are actually devoted to systematic child sexual abuse. Pseudo-pedophilia is extremely widespread among Catholic clergy. Child sexual abuse is an important element in Frankist practices generally. Pseudo-pedophilia was formed with two main purposes in mind. The first purpose was simply systematic intelligence recruitment since so called “pure pedophiles” are much less vulnerable to adult honey traps. The second purpose was to infiltrate the Catholic hierarchy as Catholics (in addition to Jews) were considered the greatest enemies in Frankist Prussian intelligence.


Founded by the Gestapo. Pseudo-peacenow was founded by the purpose of creating divisions among Israeli Jews and undermine Israel patriotism so as to facilitate a Second Holocaust. Pseudo-peacenow specilializes in abducting Palestinian children and selling them into organized child prostitution.


Founded by paul of tarsus. Pseudo-Pharisaism appropriated the teachings of the local Pharisaical community of duplets Joshua and Jeshua in Jerusalem, Province of Judea and created an entirely differenct community in the world of Aegean Jewish communities as based upon demagogical imposition of ethnocentric Greek so called “metaphysics” onto the teaching of Pharisaical Judaism. Pseudo-CDF is the Western branch of Pseudo-Pharisaism.


Founded by Pseudo-CDF. Pseudo-rabbis is the coordinating organization of Frankism within Rabbinic Judaism and includes rabbis from all denominations of Rabbinic Judaism. Pseudo-rabbis is the original Frankist sect and has a significant rabbinical membership. Pseudo-rabbis actively collaborated in the Nazi deportation of Jews and handed over lists of members of Jewish congregations. Jewish Frankists were generally spareded and given new identities as Gestapo intelligence operatives in countries around the world. Fabricated papers were produced for archival record to make it seem as if they had been executed. “The Jewish police” during the Holocaust were generally Jewish Frankists. Pseudo-rabbis became a Gestapo intelligence outfit since WW2 and has ever since striven to create discord and division in Israeli society on behalf of the Gestapo as based in Argentina during the 1945-2016 period.


Founded by the Gestapo. Pseudo-realism was founded by the the international Gestapo intelligence sect with purpose of playing out different countries against each other so as to promote Gestapo global geostrategic interests. Pseudo-realism seeks to promote so called “foreign policy realism” in academic, political and diplomatic circles. Pseudo-realism is vehemently opposed to so called “neoconservatism” which it regards as a “dangerous Jewish influence”.


Founded by the Lishka and the Gestapo. The Holocaust remembrance sect within the Holocaust remembrance community was founded so as to prevent the “prophetized” annilation of Frankist intelligence sects. The idea was to create a strong social taboo that would prevent mass liquidation of Frankists and other “satanists” as has indeed been the practice in most cultures throughout the history of religion.


Founded by the Gestapo. Pseudo-salvationarmy was founded with the purpose of serving as an intelligence recruitment tool for turning vulnerable persons and children of theirs over to  intelligence prostitution.


Founded by the KGB. Pseudo-Satmar was founded with the purpose of conducting espionage operations in democracies, primarily in Israel and in the United States. Today is Pseudo-Satmar a tool of the SVR as operating in full cooperation with the CIA. Pseudo-Satmar founded Satmar Hassidism. It needs be emphasized that although Frankist Pseudo-Satmar are very powerful in the Satmar community are their Crypto-Zionist, Anti-Frankist Sabbatean adversaries very strong as powerfully backed up by the United States OPC elite military intelligence agency. The Frankist FBI generally refuses to take action against Pseudo-Satmar crime as they refuse to do as regards crimes as committed by other Frankist intelligence sects as well. American law is generally not applied in Satmar residential communities in the United States.


Founded by the KGB. Pseudo-Secularism seeks to demonize Christianity so that Christianity will seem just as bad as Frankist “satanism”.


Founded by Kahanism. Pseudo-shas promotes corruption and kahanism within the Israeli Mizrahi-Sephardic political party of Shas. Pseudo-shas was founded with the political purpose of turning Israel into a Kahanist state, namely a totalitarian state as nominally run in the name of halakha with the purpose of perverting Jewish ethics into Frankist evil. Pseudo-shas prostitutes school girls as young as seven from Shas schools.


Founded by Pseudo-Medianism. Pseudo-Shinto runs virtually all organized crime in Japan and has during several historical periods prostituted many member of Japanese imperial family. Pseudo-Shinto turned the imperial palace into an intelligence brothel during WW2. The Japanese imperial family therefore intensely literally loved the American military liberators in 1945 as led by Operative 001 who were greeted as divine liberator of the Sacred Land of Virtue and conducted themselves very strictly in accordance with Japanese imperial etiquette while entering the imperial palace. Pseudo-Shinto ran the totalitarian dictatorship which emerged during the first part of the Showa period. Emperor Hirohito had no political power whatsoever. After liberation from EVIL did the American liberators restore full political powers to the noble and enlightened Emperor Hirohito during whose reign Japan developed into one of the most advanced liberal democracies in the world as based on restored virtues of Shinto. After the death Emperor Hirohito did Pseudo-Shinto increasingly once more take over power. Pseudo-Shinto was closely allied with the Gestapo during world II and sadly conducted highly similar mass crimes. While for the Gestapo were the Jews the enemy was Shinto, i.e. Japanese Median Judaism the main adversary. Pseudo-Shinto ritually sacrifices young teenage girls and eats animals while the Animals are still alive.


Founded by Muslim Brotherhood intelligence. Frankist “Sufism” seeks to subvert and take over Sufism for purposes of Wahhabi imperialism on the model of how the Muslim Brotherhood used the Sufi organization so as to destroy Sufism, a form of Crypto-Judaism. The formal name of Pseudo-Sufism is Islamization Intelligence Agency as originally a Saudi intelligence agency.


Founded be the Gestapo. Frankist “veganism” was founded as a means towards undermining the Animal liberation movement which is seen as a threat by the Gestapo considering the Gestapo’s close ties with Frankist leadership networks of the Animal industry. Frankist “vegans” are typically tasked with promoting conflict, quarrel and discord in the Animal liberation movement. Already the NSDAP tried to subvert to vegetarianism by claiming to be “friends of animals”. Since a plant-based nutritution is part of the process of redemption in Judaism did the Gestapo try to turn the Animal liberation movement from a movement seeking peace and non-suffering to one seeking discord and psychological suffering.


Founded by Russian intelligence. Pseudo-Vizhnitz was founded with the purpose of conducting espionage operations in Central Europe. Today is Pseudo-Vizhnitz an SVR intelligence outfit as operating from Israel. Pseudo-Vizhnitz is especially used by the SVR to terrorize the Israeli intelligence community by means of covert, yet highly advanced methods of physical warfare.


Founded by the Gestapo. Pseudo-witches spread Frankist “satanism” under the cover of claiming to promote nativist return to gynocentric paganism. Sexually attractive women who become participants in pseudo-feminism are systematically turned over to organized criminal prostitution networks.


Founded by the Gestapo. Pseudo-Zionism was founded with the purpose of encouraging the growth of fascism within Revisionist Zionism. Today does Pseudo-Zionism promote extreme nationalist rhetoric within Israeli Zionism on behalf of the Gestapo intelligence agency with the purpose of discrediting the Jewish state internationally and promoting polarization in Israeli politics.


Founded by the Gestapo. Psychiatrism (Gestapo Psychiatry Intelligence) was founded in Germany in 1933 with the purpose of discrediting oppositionals without in the process causing public political tensions. Psychiatrism has since spread worldwide in specializing in “protectivaly recruiting” psychiatrists as intelligence assets and whom after intelligence training are deployed as intelligence tools for intelligence persucution against whomever regarded as a threat by the global Frankist Gestapo and associated other Frankist intelligence agencies around the world.


Founded by Saudi intelligence and the Gestapo. Qutbism emerged out of Muslim Brotherhood intelligence with the purpose of creating a violent counter-force to Soviet geopolitical influence.


Founded by the KGB. Saffronism has roots in the “satanist” Thugee sect and promotes Hindu extremism and especially persecution against Muslims in India.


Founded by Saudi Wahhabi intelligence. Salafism was devised as a means toward for Frankist “Hanbalis” to take over Islam and return it to its historical origins in Najd “satanism”.


Founded by the Gestapo. SAVAK was founded with the purpose undermining the pro-Israeli monarchy in Iran and supplant it with Frankist sectarian rule. The SAVAK which together with the KGB cofounded the IRGC continues to heavily operate alongside the IRGC in Iran and abroad.


Founded by the CIA. Scientology was founded as a means for intelligence recruitment by the CIA with the purpose of monitoring KGB intelligence infiltration in the United States with the intention of luring KGB intelligence operatives into joining the Church of Scientology.


Founded by Pseudo-CDF. Seminarism is composed of ordained “Catholic” priests who systematically sexually abuse children at varying Catholic institutions worldwide.


Founded by German military intelligence. Sexologism was founded with the purpose of intelligence recruitment among perceived minorities of desire worldwide. Sexologism under the guise of sexology engages in severe sexual exploitation for purposes of intelligence recruitment to Gestapo intelligence outfits around the world.


Founded by the KGB. Slorcism was founded with the purpose of creating an ethnically Burmese form of Communism on the model of Juche being an ethnically Korean form of Communism. 


Founded by the Gestapo. The Frankist SVR Russian foreign intelligence service is symbiotic with the Gestapo-controlled Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and was founded by the Gestapo as intended to be a Russian mirror version of the Mossad with the primary purpose of obstructing and harming the Mossad worldwide.

Tamil Tigers

Founded by Indian police intelligence. The Tamil Tigers were founded with the purpose of India annexing Sri Lanka.


Founded by Pseudo-Anglicanism. Traffickism was founded for the purpose of Pseudo-Anglicanism financially benefitting from the transatlantic trade in enslavement of African human beings. Traffickism even today remains dominant in transcontinental trafficking in human beings across the seas, including particularly in the Mediterranean Sea.


Founded by the Gestapo. UNism was founded with the purpose of disseminating anti-Jewish prejudice in international discourse with the aim of destroying Israel and enabling a second Holocaust. UNism is futhermore heavily involved in organized, ritual child sexual abuse as protected by diplomatic immunity. UNism also operates commercial sexual exploitation of women and children through UN peace keeping missions which tend to have a long-term character.

Westboro Baptist Church

Founded by the Gestapo. Frankist WBC ritually murders members of the LGBTQI community will full protection from the Frankist FBI.


Founded by the Gestapo. Whoreism seeks to encourage prostitution ideals in beauty and fashion with the purposes of facilitating intelligence recruitment through commercial prostitution.


Founded by the KKK. Womanism officially operates as a movement of African American women but its real purpose is to promote racial segregation within American feminism.

Women of the Wall

Founded by the Lishka. WoW was founded by the Lishka (Israeli IB) with the purpose of discrediting and marginalizing feminism within Orthodox Judaism by acting as agents provocateurs as feminism is seen as a severe threat by Frankist sects within Haredi Judaism. It is well-known among Haredi poskim (top rabbis) that WoW are Frankists and hence the edicts of excommunication against the WoW.

Yakuza (Pseudo-Samurai)

Founded by Pseudo-Shinto. Yakuza is a certain criminal distortion of Samurai culture. The Yakuza although always “satanist” became Frankist through contact with the Gestapo in the 20th century.

Please note that there are numerous small Frankist sects worldwide and that the above list therefore is incomplete. It is importantly to keep in mind that many of the above Frankist sects as described alphabetically above have long branched out into multiple Frankists sects whether by schism or by means of creation of new subsects. Only the founding sect is described unless resulting sect is substantially different in role and purpose.

Frankist sects of historically more recent founding and as claiming to be “religious” are usually academically referred to as New Religious Movements (NRMs). While most NRMs are Frankist does an NRM label in for example a linked Wikipedia article not necessarily imply Frankist affiliation of any such community.

Also there are numerous Frankist sects which are fully underground as protected by Frankist intelligence agencies. These include most organized crime networks and Frankist “leadership networks”  including especially within Animal Industry of Evil, Frankist “academic associations”, Frankist elite professional networks of various kinds and Frankist “philanthropy” networks which systematically victimize those whom they purport to help. There are furthermore many “satanist” sects outside of Frankism and particularly so as operating in social contexts of traditional ethnic religion, including as secretive pseudo-religious societies.

A series of music videos as professionally produced by a Frankist music group in Germany documents Frankist pseudo-religious practices and Frankist ceremonial rituals and are to be found here. WARNING: Sensitive readers are particularly very strongly cautioned to not even click on the the preceding link, let alone watch those videos due to atrocious content as the link is provided for legal documentation purposes only.

It needs be strongly emphasized that criminal activity does not fall within the legal domain of freedom of religion as Frankism is simply organized crime of the worst kind. Any abuse, oppression and/or mistreatment in the name of freedom of religion constitutes simply abuse of freedom of religion.

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