Frankist Imperialism

glass-1497227_1280How could totalitarianism become so calamitously geopolitically successful? What is totalitarianism about and why did its rule also become so extremely unsuccessful?

Totalitarian movements are created, organized, commanded and catapulted by more or less totalitarian intelligence agencies as controlled by leading members of varying Frankist sects as having historically developed out of 18th century Frankism in Poland.

Secretive religious societies which in Western parlance are known as so called “satanism” is a cross-cultural phenomenon in existing in diverse cultures in all countries worldwide. There are many types of such pseudo-religious sects and most such sects in traditional societies are local and ethnic in focus. Denominations of Frankist “satanism” are however different from most other such usually semi-secretive religious societies in that they have political ambitions for government. After having effectively ruled 19th century Russia and Prussia did the political ambitions of Frankist intelligence sects become increasingly aggressive during the 20th century.

This provides a background but still does not answer how Frankist denominations of totalitarianism could become so extremely successful in gaining influence and power in so many countries around the world?

Frankism originated in so called “satanist” sects within the Catholic church which has always throughout history been a favorite target för “satanist” infiltration. Frankists sought to take over Rabbinic Judaism on the part of so called “satanist” denominations within Vatican intelligence, then officially named as the Inquisition and now named as the CDF. Frankist intelligence sects operate Catholic-style by deployment of so called “pious fiction” in outwardly claiming fealty to a pious doctrine while in practice as so called “satanists” precisely opposing virtue.

Frankist sects in having their historical origins in Vatican intelligence emerged in the intelligence world and operated through German and Russian intelligence during the 19th century and increasingly came to take over the global intelligence world during the 20th century and continued to do so in the early 21st century.

Frankists in operating through and within intelligence agencies deploy conventional intelligence methods including covert intelligence communication. Frankist intelligence agencies are usually brutally effective, yet tend to be operatively inflexible, rigid and uncreative due to the totalitarian atmosphere which they foster within the intelligence world.

Frankist intelligence sects may variously be in a state of rivalry and collaboration between each other. Frankist intelligence sects have a common historical origin however and although each Frankist sect is headed by a person referred to as “Devil” (often is the German “Teufel” used) are Frankist intelligence sects in various ways interconnected with each other in having long since engaged in mutual intelligence penetration.

Frankist intelligence agencies do however use more or less secretive non-Frankist so called “satanist” pseudo-religious societies in cultures in countries around the world for the purpose of global intelligence penetration. So called “satanist” pseudo-religious societies already communicate by means of covert intelligence communication even as prior to becoming co-opted by Frankist intelligence sects and are thus considered highly useful and reliable by Frankist intelligence sects. It is this very capability for co-opting so called more or less “satanist” secretive pseudo-religious societies in countries around the world which allows Frankist intelligence sects to take over entire countries by means of mass intelligence warfare.

This structural interconnection between denominations of so called “satanism” in human cultures around the world is both strength in the sense that collaboration tends to become powerful, yet also weakness in the sense that Frankist sects tend to have rival geopolitical ambitions in typically waging intelligence warfare and other forms of warfare against each other for control over entire countries as on the eastern front during WW2.

Frankist sects operate both by means of mass intelligence infiltration but also by trying to influence production of mass culture in ways that facilitate eventual takeover of power. This is done by means of dissemination of totalitarian “ideologies” but this is surely not the only means as there are many ways in which the developmental trajectory of a society can be influenced and shaped. Commercial mass culture in particular provides many opportunities for Frankist intelligence sects to influence and shape societies. If a Frankist intelligence sect is unable to gain control over a country by means of hard power (e.g. intelligence warfare) will they typically deploy various means of soft power for the same purpose.

It is important to be cognizant that Frankist intelligence sects unlike many other so called “satanist” more or less secretive pseudo-religious societies in cultures around the world are often imperialists in seeking to establish brutal and kleptocratic regimes with the purpose of siphoning off public wealth which is typically transferred to island sovereign tax havens. The respective totalitarian “ideology” is merely a fig leaf for brutal kleptocracy and hence the tremendous similarity in governance as established by different totalitarian ideologies. Anti-Jewish obsession is a common theme in many totalitarian states as the respective Frankist sect behind a particular totalitarian regime often believes that it needs to disguise its own historical origins in 18th century Frankism in Poland by means of dissemination of anti-Jewish regime propaganda.

Totalitarian regimes eventually turn out failed and undergo political collapse. It is not entirely uncommon for Frankist intelligence sects to engineer a “revolution” against a regime under their own partial or full control once it has become discredited due to systemic kleptocracy and comprehensive administrative failure. Aside from totalitarian states is it common for a Frankist intelligence sect to act as a state within the state in stealing the resources of a nation while running intelligence operatives as political leaders. Elections are typically regularly held as a more or less credible populist facade for kleptocratic rule.

Totalitarian states typically fail due to pervasive kleptocracy. However, since Frankist intelligence sects as all intelligence agencies operate covertly can they effectively elude public criticism. By operating under the fig leaf of a state ideology can a Frankist intelligence sect continue to steal from state coffers even after the state changes official ideology or a new prospective “dictator” is elected. There is the common misperception that so called “dictators” are usually all-powerful when in fact they are highly dependent upon intelligence agencies for perpetuating their own rule. A so called “dictator” is an effective surface for deflecting public discontent and a Frankist intelligence sect can then “hold elections” as leading to the election of yet another more or less influential “dictator” whose official populist rule legitimizes Frankist kleptocracy.

Regime propaganda typically provides important clues and so is it essential to deconstruct regime propaganda by endeavoring to understand the motives for spreading particular propaganda tropes. This is not limited to achievement of political goals but also relates to regime preservation and providing an “ideological” facade for kleptocracy and more or less politically pervasive influence by Frankist intelligence sects.

While also being pseudo-religious denominations are Frankist intelligence sects simply organized crime. Kleptocracy is the rule by thieves of thieves and for thieves. The official state ideology whether totalitarian, nationalist, religious etc. simply provides a convenient veneer for kleptocracy by brutal tyranny.

Tyranny needs become the subject of rigorous scientific study in helping the public learn about the tricks as systematically deployed in propaganda, politics, diplomacy and otherwise for the purpose of deceiving the public into believing that the regime acts on their behalf rather than for simply kleptocratic purposes. Historical comparative discourse analysis of propaganda systems as deployed by various brutal regimes is hence essential for subverting regime propaganda as designed to legitimize brutal rule for the purpose of embezzling public coffers.

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