Feminist Liberation Units (FLU)

The Feminist Liberation Units (FLU) are the Turkish sister organization of the YPJ, the Women’s Protections Units in Syria. Most of the FLU have been trained in Turkey in close cooperation between the YPJ and the Derin Devlet, Turkey’s elite military intelligence agency. Other FLU units were trained in the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria (DFNS), in Israel and in Western countries.


The Feminist Liberation Units are also the Turkish branch of FLM intelligence, a global, non-national intelligence agency within the TEVEL international organization of intelligence cooperation. FLM intelligence was originally a Kurdistani intelligence agency but is now a global and multiethnic one as commanded by NOPD (National Office for the Protection of Democracy), the semi-covert American elite military intelligence agency.

FLM intelligence works with national military intelligence in countries around the world in operating counter-terrorism feminist elite forces. Many FLM operators are former enslaved prostitutes who were liberated i covert FLM liberation operations but many others are simply politically aware feminists who now work in the national military intelligence.

FLU in Turkey operates in the same manner in FLU being the army of the Derin Devlet, Turkey’s Dönmeh-led elite military intelligence agency. The size of the FLU is a well-kept secret but the FLU is not by any means a small organization but a large and well-trained defense organization with hundreds of thousands of trained feminist military intelligence operators.

The FLU as other national branches of the FLM intelligence in countries around the world is a fully legal military force as committed to the global armed feminist social revolution in Turkey as everywhere else.

The FLU was however also specifically set up with the task of preventing genocide in Turkey, a country which denies its own genocidal history and where genocide is widely regarded as a legitimate means of conflict resolution. The FLU therefore has been given special training in proactive genocide prevention such as acting preemptively so as to prevent massacres and deportations from even commencing.

The FLU is committed to liberating Turkey from the evils of the current Frankist MB-MIT regim structure in seeking to bring feminist social revolution to Turkish society.

The Feminist Liberation Units are the by far most advanced, disciplined and well-trained military force in Turkey and is committed to the highest standards of excellence and ethical conduct in every way.

As the YPJ is the FLU mostly composed of women who had become enslaved in prostitution and who were later liberated in streets and brothels in daring commando operations. The FLU as the YPJ has tremendous military motivation and exceptionally high morale. As rescued former enslaved prostitutes are FLU operators used to move around discreetly between different locations and also have few to no compunctions about liquidating patriarchal scumbags as of military necessity in full compliance with military law and the laws of war.

The FLU is opposed to terrorism of every kind and therefore seeks democracy and emancipation instead of the current Jihadist MB-MIT Frankist regime structure in Ankara. The FLU under the aegis of the Derin Devlet also operates a considerable fleet of US-made military helicopters and is well equipped with high tech weaponry as geared for both genocide prevention and implementing an all-out armed feminist uprising against the Frankist usurpers in full compliance with military law and the international laws of war. It should be emphasised that the FLU are fully loyal to their own country and supports democratic borders as expression of democratic self-determination.

The Feminist Liberation Units are trained in advanced Israeli techniques of urban warfare as well as in feminist military doctrine. The FLU is committed to responsible transition in ending Frankist rule in the country. The FLU is well aware that feminist social transformation is the best way to prepare the way for open society and liberal democracy. While having operators of different ethnicities is the FLU however not an ethnic organization but rather fully opposes the twin evils of ethnocracy and patriarchy.

The FLU is fully committed to responsible transition in Turkey and knows what it takes to attain it in both military and political terms. The FLU also includes gay fighting units and other male fighting units and female FLU units are fully inclusive of trans-females. The FLU is however primarily a an army of former prostitutes as liberated from prostitution. The Feminist Liberation Units have been largely trained on Derin Devlet controlled military bases and operate strictly as according to democratic standards.

The FLU are not enemy of any people but is rather founded on global gender solidarity in full compliance with law and democratic patriotism. The Feminist Liberation Units stands in solidarity with of branches of FLM intelligence in countries around the world in operating fully as part of national military intelligence in full and utter compliance with military law.