Feminist Intelligence Training

Agefluid intelligence femme fatale genders.

Patriarchal intelligence training is based on operationally optimizing conventional Western gender roles. The most advanced female operational gender is the femme fatale while the most advanced male operational gender is the Casanova.

First let us begin with pointing out that there is essentially nothing wrong with those advanced gender ideals provided that there are ethical training methods as able to attain those highly advanced training goals. As a matter of fact is the patriarchal intelligence world extremely incompetent in completely and entirely ignoring scientific insights of gender science. Only a miniscule fraction, much less than a percent of all trained intelligence operatives ever truly attain the goals of becoming femme fatales and Casanovas.

We need hence ask why really this is so? The answer is that patriarchal intelligence training is founded on unscientific biological determinism and hence the fundamental incompetence of the patriarchal intelligence world and pathetically and ridiculously low success rates in patriarchal intelligence training.

In fact should every human being learn to become a courtesan, in the sense of becoming an extremely skilled non-commercial sex worker who does not need to pretend but is able to effectively and attractively express/project herself in any social context. The difference between a mediocre actor and an excellent actor is that the former pretends to be someone else while the latter is always able to flexibly express/project herself irrespective of assumed social role.

This leads us to the question of feminist intelligence training which should not be limited to the training of intelligence operatives but humans generally should in fact at least get the chance to become an advanced expert seducer and indeed develop advanced individual agency in other respects such as innovation, leadership and entrepreneurship.

Children should in fact be raised with feminist intelligence training meaning that they should be raised collectively in safely designed physical environments in youth villages where the need for traumatizing them (“don’t do that, this is dangerous!”) is minimized by means of designing buildings, interiors and environments. A youth village needs not be rural and horizontal but can rather be vertical in the form a greened high-rise urban building.

After all, what human person in her right mind would not sincerely speaking want to become an advanced expert seducer? Having this skill is empowering even for an asexual person. This means that we need end the nuclear family and antiquated sex laws in raising children in youth villages with parents living nearby without sexual repression in upbringing in embracing infantile polymorphous perversion rather than repressing it. Furthermore needs there be substantial transparency and oversight so as to prevent child abuse of every kind whether physical, psychological, sexual, ageist or otherwise.

Rather than irrationally inhibiting children need children early be stimulated into developing into superhumans in becoming able to fully express their personalities and sexualities in projecting themselves into their own self-designed ethico-aesthetic futures.

Patriarchal intelligence training is anthropologically simply yet another cruel masculinist initiation process into adulthood as can be found in so many cultures. Feminist intelligence training needs in contrast encourage aesthetically idiosyncratic sociofluidity by means of operationally advanced self-expression. The patriarchal intelligence world produces propaganda about itself in creating a false image of itself as highly competent when in fact the intelligence world is the most incompetent part of the public sector in economically developed countries.

Biological determinism unfortunately inhibits rather than encourages creativity in ethico-aesthetically effective idiosyncratic self-expression. Biological determinism precludes social potential rather than opening up social potential. Biological determinism is thoroughly discredited pseudo-science and intelligence science generally unfortunately holds very low scientific standards.

Feminist intelligence training is not a cruel initiation process and does not seek to encourage carno-phallogocentrism but rather kill carno-phallogocentrism or even better prevent it from emerging in the first place. The horrors of sexual repression are indeed what prevents the optimization of individual potential. In the absence of sexual repression can we all learn to become sociofluid in self-designing both perception and expression. Culture is essentially the outcome of structural repression and so rather than being merely content with being receptacles of so called “culture” (sexual repression sublimated as structural oppression) need we learn to develop ethico-effective agency in every field where we so desire irrespective of this relates to love, business or social/conceptual/technological innovation.

Feminist intelligence training thus needs not be limited to training of feminist intelligence operatives as humans generally need and indeed crave feminist intelligence training to become mistresses of their own destinies.

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