Epistemology of the Zombie

cross-296395_1280What does it mean to be a Zombie and do Zombies even exist? The process of ageing is one of gradual dying and so the distinction between life and death is not absolute but rather gradual indeed.

The question of so called “demonic possession” is a feature in virtually all traditional cultures and so what is “demonic possession” and does it even “exist”? The experience of so called “demonic possession” is one of neurological contact beyond the animal world of zoology.

The question of extraterrestrial animals is one of many subjects of research in intelligence science and as other disciplines of intelligence science is the public very deliberately kept completely uninformed. Scientists unanimously agree that universe is full of life yet as other disciplines of intelligence science is this thus considered beyond the epistemological jurisdiction of academia.

A person who were in a state of so called “demonic possession” thus experienced symbiotic neurological contact with at least one usually unfriendly member of a parasitic species. After these unfriendly, yet highly intelligent species were finally, completely and fully exterminated by extensive intelligence warfare in August 2017 as led by the technologically extremely advanced Israeli Space Command (ISC) did new genuine cases of so called “demonic possession” cease to appear worldwide.

The problem with persons afflicted with so called “demonic possession” is that they tended to organize themselves in pseudo-religious networks as focused on service to the parasitical species which had attached themselves to them. These usually highly secretive religious societies are described as “satanists” in Eurocentric parlance despite usually not believing in a powerful Christian devil. This is however a cross-anthropological phenomenon worldwide as variously socially constructed in different human cultures.

Traditional Roman Catholic exorcism sought to release the person from the state of “possession” by means of what is best described as “psychological shock therapy”. In Western cultures were persons in a state of so called “demonic possession” invariably culturally diagnosed with so called “insanity” which precluded proper and rigorous scientific investigation into their respective cognitive cognitions, yet antipsychotic medication could certainly be helpful in partly or entirely breaking off contact with the neurologically attached parasite.

Phenomena deemed to belong to the jurisdiction of the Christian church were traditionally in medieval Europe deemed to be beyond natural science and this tradition continued in the modern era with the difference that not only as previously already Vatican intelligence but intelligence agencies generally monopolized research into those fields. The patriarchal intelligence world will generally take every measure to prevent academic research in fields deemed as falling under the epistemological jurisdiction of intelligence science.

While it sometimes proved possible to cure a person from so called “demonic possession” if a victim was highly motivated was this generally difficult and so this condition became extremely common in the intelligence world which with its practices of optimal secrecy as usual made every effort to keep the general public in the dark about anything even remotely deemed to belong to the epistemological domain of intelligence science.

With those who became attached to so called “satanist” religious societies did this however become a severe problem as members typically engaged in criminal and other harmful practices. About half of all persons permanently drawn into so called “satanist” religious societies were clinical psychopaths.

The combination of some degree of antisocial personality disorder on the psychopathic spectrum, so called “demonic possession” and elective membership in a so called “satanist” denomination created severe problems in societies around the world. Most career criminals suffered from this combination of conditions and these typically underground secretive religious societies created severe societal complications such as in the form of organized crime, organized totalitarian ideologies, destructive religious cults, heavy drug abuse and severely and deliberately unethical business practices of such networks of corporate leaders.

Since satanism denominations increasingly came to dominate the intelligence world with the rise of totalitarian ideologies in the 20th century did this increasingly become a problem of the patriarchal intelligence world seeking to dominate human societies for their own selfish purposes as typically relating to organized crime, kleptocracy and sexual exploitation. As these issues were deemed as belonging to the epistemological realm of intelligence science was academic research prevented and the public was kept unaware of associated social problems despite these issues being widely known in discourses of traditional cultures around the world.

While so called “demonic possession” was difficult to treat is it definitely treatable now and especially after the parasitic species were fully, finally and completely exterminated by the ISC in August 2017.

Members of so called “satanist” denominations operate in networks where they benefit themselves at the expense of others through unethical and often illegal practices. Top leaders in so called “satanist” denominations perform infant ritual sacrifice and a subsequent cannibalistic ritual meal while animal sacrifice and organized sexual abuse is practiced at all levels within so called “satanist” denominations.

Knowledge about this was long widespread even in Western societies, yet this began to change in 1972 when the then Argentina-based Gestapo “satanist” intelligence sect increasingly gained varying degrees of control over Western intelligence agencies, something which meant that so called “satanist” sects came under the effective protection of the Western intelligence community and this in turn had the effect of those issues eventually becoming a discursive taboo in open societies.

Persons on the psychopathic spectrum whether having clinical psychopathy, subclinical psychopathy or psychopathic traits were especially vulnerable to so called “demonic possession” and subsequent recruitment to destructive and usually but not always secretive cults.

The condition of so called “satanism” is completely untreatable and since sufferers are effectively already “dead” is euthanasia the only way to put an end to both their own suffering and the immense suffering that they tragically systematically cause to others.

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