Epistemology of the Nightclub

What is the purpose of the nightclub? Why do nightclubs exist? What is its telos and does it have a teleology of its own? What are the ontological presumptions underlying the nightclub and does it have its own hermeneutics? How can we know what the nightclub is up to and why it is? Are these essential questions that we need to ask about the nature of the nightclub and why we do we need to pose them? In short, how would a feminist philosophical investigation of the nightclub look like? What is the meaning of life while in a nightclub? How can we know what is the meaning of life while in a nightclub and how is that perception socially constructed?


A nightclub exists for the purpose of enabling sexual intercourse albeit at a different location than the nightclub itself. Nightclubs are different from brothels in two respects. 1) A nightclub is typically a venue for both commercial and non-commercial encounters although some nightclubs are strictly for commercial sex and 2) sexual intercourse takes places elsewhere.

This brings us to the question of the connection between sex work and nightclubs. Let us begin with the question of sex work itself. Why would anyone want to sell sexual services? Attractive nymphomaniacs can make a very comfortable income from sex work and the only problem is the distinctive lack of labor rights, personal security and government protection. Luxury sex work is especially attractive to young female student and is highly attractive in comparison with most other job alternatives as the income is far higher and furthermore provides important sexual satisfaction to young nymphomaniacs who typically have considerable sexual needs indeed.

Most women who regularly frequent nightclubs are indeed sex workers, this includes prostitutes (enslaved sex workers offering penetrative sexual intercourse), BDSM Dommes, free sex workers offering penetrative sexual intercourse, lone mothers in dire economic situation, immigrant women as typically pressed into selling sexual intercourse by male relatives and female students looking for income to finance tuition, cosmetic surgery, fashion expenses and of course other expenses as well. Of course other young women also frequent nightclubs but typically do so with far less frequency than heterocultural males with nightclub habits. Some nightclubs are simply dressed up brothels with nearly always enslaved sex workers and which for legal and other reasons are made to outwardly look as if being regular nightclubs. In these cases is there usually a nearby luxury hotel where sexual intercourse takes place. This is a form of luxury prostitution where the prostitutes never come home with the customers.

Even in regular nightclubs is the proportion of sex workers usually about 70% among female guests although the exact proportion of course varies between different nights and different nightclubs. The bouncer is the acting pimp and his purpose is also to recruit new prostitutes. There is a STANDARD PROCEDURE for this.

The bouncer approaches a female in the nightclub and asks her to come along in claiming that he wishes “to talk to her”. This is also the regular procedure for expelling someone from a nightclub. The purpose is to make her plead for becoming readmitted in the club. Females at nightclubs are usually there in group and so do not wish to be separated from their female friends and so have the night ruined and so will typically desperately plead for becoming allowed to reenter the club.

This ends up with “agreement” about discussing this “in the office” which is actually what is known as “the Rape Room”. There does she typically voluntarily perform fellatio on the usually highly athletic bouncer. Once this is in progress does other men enter and gang rape her and she is thereafter enslaved in prostitution under full protection of thoroughly criminal police intelligence. She thereafter frequents the nightclub as an enslaved sex worker and only gets to retain 40% of the income as the prostitution network and thoroughly criminal police intelligence take 30% each.

The rape room experience is designed to be sexually arousing for the female so as to facilitate her becoming enslaved in prostitution. The prostitution commences right away as new men are brought in all the time. The experience is usually highly extremely sexually arousing for a primping female nymphomaniac irrespective of the illegal and completely non-consensual nature of the venue. She is told that she is “a slut” and she usually willingly obeys due to extreme sexual arousal. It is important to point out that bouncers prey on females who “look like sluts” and that non-nymphomaniacs will typically NOT AGREE to come along to the Rape Room. This is also referred to as the RAPE ROOM TEST as referring to identifying whether she is a nymphomaniac and thus suitable for luxury prostitution. This is also referred to as SLUT SELECTION.

This is also form of coercive intelligence recruitment as intelligence hijacking takes place during the rape. How is this performed? The female is told to perform fellatio on the security guard and look the security guard in the eyes while she is on her knees in performing fellatio on him. Intelligence hijacking takes place by means of intelligence hypnosis and this is how females are enslaved in prostitution as she instantly falls in love with the bouncer. It needs be emphasized that female nymphomaniacs generally enjoy gang rape as long as this is not physically violent. Sexualities of nymphomaniacs is a taboo issue in patriarchal societies even within feminism and is therefore curiously never publicly discussed.

Nightclubs are therefore an important arena for intelligence recruitment and prostitution recruitment alike. Why is this not publicly discussed and why do feminists not criticize nightclubs? Revealing details are considered the equivalent of espionage in revealing “operative methods” and so leads to intelligence execution unless of the course the person is considered “cognitively valuable” in which case psychiatric abuse is the standard method for domestication in preparation for enslavement in intelligence prostitution through intelligence training. Prostitutes who seek to go public about these abuses thus typically are subjected to intelligence execution unless being deemed to have special cognitive abilities as considered “valuable” for the intelligence agency. There is a wide range of psychometric properties that are considered “valuable” and especially so pedophilia as pedophiles are considered more immune to honey traps and therefore are considered especially suitable as elite intelligence operatives. Intelligence execution is however the standard outcome for whistleblowers generally in the patriarchal intelligence world.

Most heterocultural men dare not approach unknown females for intimate purposes without consuming vast amount of alcohol and so the nightclub makes significant income from heterocultural male socio-sexual structural psychological incompetence. It is notable that contacting others is not considered especially psychologically difficult in LGBTQI nightclubs and nearly all LGBTQI nightclubs nowadays have zero tolerance against consumption of drugs, tobacco and illegal substances and in part so as to avoid any outbreaks of violence.

Bouncers are trained intelligence operatives and usually have dual military intelligence and police intelligence loyalties. Most yet not all bouncers are trained rape agents and their nymphomaniac victims are usually more than willing as the rape scene is a theatrical intelligence performance considering that the bouncer is trained to detect nymphomaniacs as suitable for recruitment in both commercial prostitution and intelligence prostitution. This is referred to as SLUT RADAR.

There can be no doubt that patriarchal nightclubs are criminal institutions which cynically financially exploit sexual weaknesses of both female and male guests. Patriarchal nightclubs must thus become FULLY OUTLAWED UNDER MILITARY LAW and become FULLY SUPPLANTED by FEMINIST NIGHTCLUBS.

Feminist nightclubs 1) need be free from alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs, 2) need be inclusive of persons of all genders, 3) need be completely free from prostitution (i.e. no involuntary sex work) and 4) needs operate under an elaborate system of sophisticated feminist etiquette as based on a international multicultural update of Japanese court etiquette which is the by far most sophisticated of all traditional systems of court etiquette. 5) There needs be an elaborare code of conduct as detailed at the door and potential guests need first undergo a gender training program in feminist court etiquette as prior to becoming admitted as members of the nightclub. 6) Only persons who have successfully graduated from the short gender training program will be offered membership. 7) Religious denominations should run feminist nightclubs and 8) training, membership and entrance should be fully free of charge. 9) Feminist nightclubs should run as diaconate institutions without any proselytizing and/or otherwise religious/denominational activities as part of club nights.

It is clear that organized religion is truly and genuinely needed to clear up this swamp of evil in despicable systematic exploitation of psychological vulnerabilities of young adults.

The Intelligence Entrapment Methods documentation project.