Epistemology of Prostitution

red-light-299710_1280What is prostitution from the perspective of epistemology, namely the philosophical theory of knowledge? While this may seem remote and even irrelevant from the perspective of most patriarchal philosophers is this an essential question indeed for commercially sexually enslaved victims.

Philosophy should not be pursued from the socially constructed ethnocratic Logos but rather from Khôra; i.e not from the epistemological Polis but rather from its suppressed epistemological periphery. Logocentric schools of philosophy constitute a predictable pre-set game much like game theory; phallogocentric philosophy is performative phallic epistemological exercise of power by discourse and carno-phallogocentric philosophy is plainly human racial supremacism whether against non-human persons or otherwise.

What then is prostitution? Prostitution needs be distinguished from sex work that is performed without coercion such as pressure of economic despair. As sex work if pursued with rights in liberty is in principle a wonderful profession need one wonder why all those sexually attractive males who seek coitus at every opportunity do not simply become sex workers?

Prostitution is sex work that is partly, largely or entirely involuntary. Fully voluntary sex work is a common gateway into prostitution as fully voluntary sex workers certainly risk becoming drawn into prostitution, i.e. more or less coercive sex work.

It is difficult to be a sex worker in the absence of personal security and the security detail typically turns into an intermediary, subsequently an exploiter and ultimately an enslaver and effective slave owner. Coercive sex work as patriarchy generally is simply about inventing, perpetuating and developing customs, practices and social institutions with the purpose of ensuring male sexual exploitation of females.

There are multiple typical avenues into coerced sex work. One common way is to make a legal minor in typically her lower teenage years (or younger) become hooked up heroin. The teenage girl is subsequently prostituted by the drug dealer who provides her with “free drugs in return”. The social services will not intervene since the police systematically sexually exploits prostitutes and sex workers generally and so police intelligence systematically instructs social services not to intervene in cases of child prostitution and teenage prostitution.

There are notably rather few court cases regarding prostitution of legal minors and this is due to the police culture of sexual exploitation as completely protected by patriarchal and thoroughly criminal police intelligence outfits such as the FBI in the United States and the IBs in Western Europe and Israel. Prostitution of legal minors is very common as most female heroin addicts start out as child prostitutes in their lower teenage years or younger. Since the population of female heroin addicts is significant does this mean that many young people are not timely saved from drug addiction and the misery of involuntary sex work due to the criminal police culture of sexually exploiting prostitutes who are legal minors and this is tragically perpetuted by the thoroughly criminal police intelligence as now fully symbiotic with organized crime.

Other common avenues into coerced sex work are trafficking in migrants and so called “boyfriends” who turn out to be drug addicts who exploit one of more “girlfriend”. Human trafficking as drug trafficking is done in close cooperation with police intelligence and so the police will also not protect victims of sexual trafficking but will rather sexually exploit them. Boyfriend pimping is based on manipulating a teenage girl into “falling in love” with a usually somewhat older boy or younger man and he subsequently gets her hooked up on heroin in order so as to be able to economically exploit her in prostitution.

Initially are the heroin experience and the promiscuous experience typically experienced as euphoric by the teenage girl and this may last for several years until the negative effects of coerced sex work and heroin abuse begin to set in. Parents are typically unaware of what happens until the negative effects thus become apparent. Police intelligence will typically deploy teenage prostitutes as honey traps and so are quite protective of what they see as the police entitlement to sexually abuse children and teenagers on heroin.

All this brings us back to the epistemological question of prostitution. It is clear that prostitution is simply yet another patriarchal device as patriarchy in terms of functionality is fundamentally all about enabling male sexual exploitation of females. The question is thus not whether sex work is good or bad but rather that patriarchy generally is reprehensible, including coerced sex work whether by drug addiction, human trafficking or simply sexual enslavement as fully protected by the thoroughly criminal police intelligence which benefits both by means of “profit sharing” and non-reimbursed sexual exploitation of variously enslaved prostitutes.

One interesting feature is that those opposed to sex work are generally not concerned with male sex workers who interestingly are usually also not harassed by the police. Sexual moralists generally also do not “worry” about their welfare as free and independent sex workers due to their imagined respective anatomies.

Whether enemies of free sex workers are patriarchal moralists or jealous socialist feminists who do not want to share the household budget with competing female sex workers do they have something in common. They are all focused on the continued disenfranchisement of free sex workers in the name of “protecting” prostitutes. Yet enemies of sex workers usually do precisely nothing to help prostitutes specifically and sex workers generally.

In an economy where advanced individual talent is becoming increasingly more important than “capital” need we begin to consider the high economic cost for national economies in terms of relative inefficiency and mediocrity of the deplorable and unethical practice of human persons working in tasks which are essentially involuntary due to the person feeling that she “has no other choice” due to her needing to support herself and often also her children as well.

A prostitute should thus be redefined as anyone in a more or less involuntary position of work whether for family (unpaid domestic labor), reproductive marital prostitution, employment, wage labor, provision of drugs or otherwise. Any more or less involuntary worker should thus be redefined as a prostitute and this way can the stigma on sex work be lifted by understanding that most women and many men are in fact prostitutes. Family life is also a form of child prostitution where so called parents derive barely sublimated pedoerotic pleasure from observing, physically touching and socially interacting with “their” children as if they were property which in fact is how law treats children as legal subpersons. This is in fact not dissimilar from the police attitude of sexual exploitation whereby prostituted teenage girls as addicted to heroin are seen as “belonging” to the police in terms of them believing themselves to be “entitled” to sexually exploit prostitutes and sex workers of all ages, included prostituted children and teenagers.

As the global feminist social revolution need we prioritize and make visible victims of coerced sex work of all genders. We need to recognize that most human beings are indeed prostitutes and so prioritizing ending all forms of prostitution and irrespectively of prostitution being of a sexual nature or not needs become prioritized in the global feminist social revolution.

We need engage in armed liberation action worldwide without in the process breaking any laws whatsoever in liberating persons of all genders from coercive sex work. We need do this on a global scale as no sister of any gender or anatomy should have to feel abandoned to the evils of patriarchy. Being a sister in feminism is unrelated to gender and anatomy as we as feminists “with balls” need to stand together in crushing patriarchy by all ethico-political means available under law; whether civilian law, international law or secret military law. WE THE SISTERS

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