Epistemology of Justice

What is justice and is there really such a thing? Furthermore what kind of question is this? Is this an ontological question over the “existence” of justice? Would any serious person actually claim that justice exists in ontological terms?

Ethical courage is what defines the moral character of a human being. We are all obliged to defend freedom, emancipation and representative governance.

In other words is the question of justice not one of ontology but rather one of epistemology of performative hermeneutics. Police forces around the world have no respect for law which they habitually break as long as not risking prosecution and they usually do so with implicit structural consent from prosecutors who have all become protectively recruited by police intelligence and thus receive direct instructions on how to act in their capacities as prosecutors from their respective individual handlers in police intelligence.

When police intelligence identifies someone as a threat to the perpetuation of structural oppression of cultural hegemony will they engage in illegal entrapment operations, mock investigations, mock interrogation with the purpose of extracting false confessions and they can of course also dispatch their “partners” in police intelligence for “intervention”, meaning police intelligence dispatching psychiatric staff as trained by police intelligence itself as part of the so called “partnership” between police and psychiatry. Police intelligence in engaging in clearly illegal practices of “protective recruitment” will use illegally “protectively recruited” public servants to harass whomever they wish, including abusing the tax authority, the social services and psychiatry against critics of the police.

In non-democracies is everyone aware that the system of justice is a systemic miscarriage of justice, yet it is much less known that the situation in liberal democracies is really not much different other than usually being relatively less corrupt. Police intelligence habitually “protectively recruits” defense attorneys, systemically records confidential communication between lawyer and client and instructs protectively recruited members of the court to non-transparently act according to the thus conveyed police intelligence data.

This is not to say that the system of justice is completely arbitrary but rather that the system of justice is under significant influence of police intelligence which in turn is completely symbiotic with organized crime considering decades of recruitment of highly skilled criminals as intelligence operatives in the patriarchal intelligence world, including in police intelligence.

The illusion of justice is increasingly a mere facade for criminal rule where journalists, elected politicians and other members of societal elites as “recruited” by police intelligence are forced into obedience and usually so by means of police sexual extortion.

As liberal democracy increasingly becomes a facade for Interpol criminal rule in increasingly only nominally liberal democratic open societies have the police lost its legitimacy under law and the current patriarchal system of justice needs become disbanded as well. We need devise a new feminist system of justice on the basis of ethical axiomatic law with feminist law enforcement, feminist jurisprudence and feminist law indeed.

We need therefore take action to restore democracy and the rule of law from the increasing encroachment of criminal rule of the thoroughly criminal police intelligence. Yet, considering that the system of justice has become increasingly compromised and corrupted by the criminal police intelligence, how can we take action in a manner that is democratically legitimate?

Interpol national member police forces have long since rebelled against the judicial supervision of the military and that very rebellion is the main reason why the rot in the police and in the system of justice generally has corrupted the system and increasingly transformed it into a judicial farce.

The national militaries in open societies are firmly loyal with the ethos of democracy and so the military and military intelligence need take carefully calibrated action to restore law, order and democracy as crime has expanded every decade since the 1970s due to the corrupt and increasingly criminal nature of the police, police intelligence and the system of justice.

Journalists who investigate police crime are targeted by police intelligence in deploying varying illegal means (public discrediting, illegal sexual entrapment and police-instigated so called “psychiatric intervention”) and so we cannot rely on critical journalists on doing their job for they are intimidated by the very police intelligence as originally tasked with protecting them from threats of existential enemies of open society.

As elected members of parliament in almost all liberal democracies (with the main exception of the United States) have become “protectively recruited” by police intelligence (despite this legally being the exclusive task of military intelligence) have democracy increasingly become a facade as increasingly void of content where the criminal forces of kleptocracy increasingly turn democracy into illusion.

The situation is severe and serious indeed and so the domestic intelligence wars in liberal democracies between police intelligence and military intelligence as waged and fought since 1972 needs be brought to conclusion by means of military-supported feminist revolution in strict abidance with military law. We need indeed act in a carefully calibrated manner in defense of freedom, emancipation and representative governance.

Ethical courage is what ultimately defines the moral character of a human being and standing with freedom, emancipation and representative governance is the calling of all us. We have no obligations to criminal agents of corruption and hence the necessity of feminist revolution in strict abidance with military law.

As citizens are we absolutely obliged to act in defense of freedom, emancipation and representative governance. Military-supported feminist revolution will bring universal emancipation with the criminalization of structural oppression.

Acting in defense of freedom, emancipation and representative governance is the obligation of all of us and so must we take fully legal action to defend liberal democracy and open society against the pernicious threats against it and thus against the freedom of all of us.

We need do so in full compliance with military law in defending the future of our children and make sure that they will not have to suffer under dictatorship. Taking action in strict compliance with military law is our essential obligation as citizens and so we must wage global feminist revolution of universal emancipation against the evils that threaten our liberty, safety and security indeed.

The Intelligence Entrapment Methods documentation project.