Epistemology of Historical Materialism

Until the 18th century did ethnically dominant Christian churches in Europe socially reinforce their respective ideological hegemonies by means of frightening the general population with the prospect of hellfire and the like.

Spectres of Marx and Engels in a tasteless patriarchal monument.

Belief in hellfire, demons, a powerful devil etc. were pervasive in Euro-Christian societies at the time, including among the clergies of Christian churches. While interest in anything ostensibly “supernatural” was overtly forbidden by the Church did Christian clergy frighten the population into submission by warning that they would face eternal damnation, divine punishment etc. unless the they toed the official line of church dogma. This created a tremendous interest in medieval Europe in para-normal experiential phenomena which in turn served to draw in members of urban populations into occultist societies which as it happens also always have had many members in the formal hierarchy of ethnically dominant churches in Europe.

Communism inverted and transformed this socially hegemonic Christian ideology into what became Para-Christian historical materialism. This meant that para-normal experiential phenomena remained seen as “forbidden” and the Marxian notion of false consciousness was used to persecute anyone who did not toe the line of the official dogma of the ruling Communist party.

So called “paranormal phenomena” and their study have have always been of great interest to the intelligence world and thus have academia been effectively prevented from engaging in rigorous scientific investigation through natural science due to any scientists expressing serious research interest in areas of knowledge epistemologically deemed “sensitive” are expeditiously “protectively recruited” and subsequently either ordered to change direction of research by the respective new intelligence handler or offered a research position in a covert intelligence laboratory.

Despite the Para-Christian so called “enlightenment” have the intelligence world continued to perform the social functions involved in the inquisitional tasks of the medieval church in epistemologically policing the line between patriarchal/ethnocratic “normality” and anything beyond that. In the intelligence world being committed to upholding ideological hegemony is this very highly similar to the Catholic church in operating a parallel world of in practice completely different social norms and so has Queer theory (the critical study of normality as social construction) interestingly become regarded as a threat to the extensive social privileges of the lawless and essentially criminal patriarchal intelligence world.

The NSDAP Gestapo while nominally hostile to Communism discovered that historical materialism was useful as a form of false consciousness in maintaining the social terror of its covert sectarian rule. As the Gestapo (including as transformed into the Stasi in East Germany) infamously became a pioneer in deploying psychiatry as political tool against political dissidents did these practices spread to the USSR and its geopolitical satellites after the end of WW2 with the Soviet capture of many Gestapo intelligence specialists.

As the Argentina-based Gestapo throughout the Cold War became increasingly influential in the global intelligence world did the practice of deploying psychiatry against intelligence whistleblowers and indeed against any intelligence operative deemed “disobedient” become increasingly pervasive and tragically spread to intelligence agencies of all countries as justified as a “humanitarian alternative” to execution.

Historical materialism is as atheism generally a certain Para-Christian reinscription of Christian negative (apophatic) theology. Apophatic theologies in Abrahamic religions tend to varying degrees to claim that so called “god” ought not or even must not become subject to semiotic representation whether visual or ontological. This means that the nature of so called “god” was not a matter for scientific investigation but rather remained exclusive to the realm of belief without evidence, i.e. prejudice and in extreme forms fanaticism. Christians and atheists thus wholeheartedly agree that divine ontology is a matter of belief only which is somewhat peculiar on the Christian side considering the Christian belief in carno-phallogocentric “incarnation”.

Historical materialism is in fact a thinly veiled continuation of Christian negative theology in perpetuating the epistemological policing of the ethnocratic/patriarchal, socially invented, continually socially reinvented and socially constructed binary between the normal” and “the abnormal”, i.e. virtually anything that deviates from ethnocratic norms of patriarchy.

As the medieval church before it does the patriarchal intelligence world regard itself as somehow “tasked” with maintaining prejudicial ideological hegemony and policing the invented ethnocratic/patriarchal normal/non-normal binary. The term ideological hegemony was coined by Italian Marxian theorist Antonio Gramschi as the practice of maintaining social privileges of current socio-economic elites by means of perpetuating existing prejudicial beliefs, in other words false consciousness. The patriarchal intelligence world thus took over most societal tasks of pre-modern Christianity.

Historical materialism as derived from Karl Marx’s 1841 doctoral thesis is best described as Para-Christian carno-phallogocentric fanaticism. The social hegemony of the patriarchal intelligence world in being committed to perpetuating and reinforcing the ideological hegemony of structural oppression of every kind in society is based on a certain epistemological privilege of false consciousness.

What does this mean? The influence and power of the patriarchal intelligence world is premised on the practice of optimally withholding information and purportedly so out of concern for national security. The patriarchal intelligence world thus exercises power by means of the essentially irrational practice of optimal secrecy, meaning the practice of perpetuating structural oppressions of ideological hegemony by keeping the general public uninformed. Yet the patriarchal intelligence world also performs power by means of social terror as even in democracies being tasked with “discreetly” harassing any sector deemed to constitute a “threat” to the current social order and it is performed in such a manner so as to elude public detection. This is in democracies performed by police intelligence which in being part of the intelligence world enjoys immunity from prosecution in civilian courts of law and therefore acts lawlessly in persecuting the LGBTQI community; performs intelligence infiltration of any sector it so pleases and persecutes any sector of society deemed a threat to the social order; in other words reinforcing the perpetuation of structural oppression of ideological hegemony.

Therefore is it essential to question, deconstruct, discredit and ultimately delete the Para-Christian epistemological privileges of the Para-Christian patriarchal intelligence world. This means that science must first study lie before becoming being able to grasp truth and it also means questioning irrational epistemological privileges as well as discarding irrational elements of the social policing between patriarchal/ethnocratic notions of “normality” and anything deemed beyond that. We need therefore become cognizant that khôra does not epistemologically exist in the polis of normality of ideological hegemony but indeed beyond it.