Epistemology of Androphilia

The question of androphilia is an issue that needs become better understood from the perspective of economic science and thus requires serious theoretical attention indeed.


Public display of androphilia is generally considered unacceptable in Western societies other than as representations in the arts, in commercial pop culture and in pornography. It is not considered legitimate for persons of any gender to approach a male in public space out of attraction towards that person. A female androphile will become accused of “prostitution” and will likely either become extorted into sex by the police and/or raped by police officers. A male androphile risks becoming beaten to death or at least suffer severe physical violence whether directly by the police or at the hands of criminal gangs as tasked to do this by the police as well as commonly being forced to perform fellatio on a police officer and gang members.

Public androphiles of all genders have no protection from the police as overt androphiles as the police will typically attempt to physically, psychologically and/or sexually abuse/exploit them.

Females are obviously no less prone to sexual arousal than males, yet Western females generally dare not approach males whom they desire for fear of being branded as “prostitutes” and subsequently mistreated, sexually harassed and sexually abused.

Police persecution against expression of androphilia in public space discriminates on the basis of gender, yet is consistent in terms of the modus operandi of the police in performing deliberate – indeed structural – sexual harassment. Public androphiles are subjected to extrajudicial violence from the police, including physical violence, psychological violence and/or sexual violence.

The police justifies this by wanting to “maintain order” (i.e. the extrajudicial patriarchal order) but this is also about big money as the police wants to continue to economically exploit police-protected prostitution rackets from which police intelligence and individual police officers gain a substantial share. In e.g. Sweden is the fixed police share of all income from organized prostitution generally 30%.

The male sexual deficit is what keeps up demand for prostitution and so police intelligence does not want this to change as that could threaten the police economy of prostitution, including their own substantial share of income from organized prostitution.

Police intelligence as long since symbiotic with organized crime thus systematically persecutes all kinds of perceived “minorities” of desire and irrespective of whether those are legally emancipated or not.

The police has always been a corrupt and criminal entity yet increasing enrollment in police intelligence training (i.e. effectively training in advanced criminal skills) means that more and more police officers are trained police intelligence operatives. Intelligence training in the patriarchal intelligence world includes learning to become operationally bisexual, engaging in systematic sexual exploitation of child intelligence operatives and learning to participate in virtually every so called “paraphilia”.

Sexual subcultures are common venues for coercive intelligence recruitment operations and police intelligence wishes to perpetuate sexual hypocrisy in society in order so as to protects its vested interest in both economic exploitation of prostitution as well as its own opportunities for coercive recruitment police intelligence operations. It should be added that police officers systematically take advantage of the patriarchal culture of sexual hypocrisy and sexual exploitation in themselves taking every opportunity to coerce members of the public to provide sexual services against their own will to police officers.

Overt expressions of androphilia in public space threatens the illegal patriarchal privileges of the police and the police immediately intervenes against cases of expression of androphilia in public space so as not undercut their own significant income from illegally protecting criminal prostitution rackets. Police officers are furthermore free to sexually exploit prostitutes and other sex workers under this economically highly exploitative coercive “protection” and so this state of sexual access in sexual exploitation provides a significant incentive for the police to continue with its repression against anything that could threaten the criminal police economy of prostitution.

We need understand that while legislative change, Pride parades and SlutWalks are certainly important is it essential to internalize that the fundamental problem is that structural oppression in society is upheld by ethnocratic patriarchy, a structure of which police and police intelligence forms a core part.

We need therefore become cognizant that police intelligence services are essentially terrorist organizations as heavily involved in organized crime and must thus be dealt with accordingly in strict abidance with civilian law, military law and the international laws of war. Abolishing the police and supplanting them with YPJ-style feminist self-defense forces is thus essential to ending systematic police persecution against perfectly legal public expression of overt androphilia by persons of all genders.

The Intelligence Entrapment Methods documentation project.