Employment Sexual Exploitation

portrait-3084928_1280Inventing, maintaining and developing customs, structures and social institutions that serve to facilitate male sexual exploitation of females is what patriarchy is about in all human cultures.

Although nominally individually “consensual” is Eurocentric heteroculture as other patriarchal cultures essentially about one and one thing only – namely males abusing power asymmetries for the purpose of sexually exploiting females. Everything else is essentially social decoration so as to disguise this very fundamental, indeed structural fact. Other aspects of human culture are simply sublimation of sexual repression as geared towards facilitating varying degrees of male sexual enslavement of females.

So called “monogamy” (actually monotony) is usually either reproductive prostitution or patriarchal-style imitation thereof. While reproduction may seem to be its underlying purpose is the function simply to put a female in a situation of social, economic and psychological dependence for the purpose of of reproductive prostitution. Once she has given birth to children is she essentially desperate to make him stay and will become a personal home prostitute in order so that he will not abandon her for other women or even have sex other women as that could undermine her social and economic stability. Monogamous fidelity thus simultaneously becomes as a device for her social and economic security as well as for his systemic sexual exploitation of her body without concern for her mind.

Working life in modern society works no differently. Since most heterocultural males are so socially inept that they have no idea as how to turn on and arouse a female in public space are heterocultural males in practice limited to deploying structures of patriarchal power in order so as to sexually exploit females. This of course is not to imply that such sexual exploitation cannot be sexually interesting to an affected female. But that is no less true of rape and sexual enslavement in prostitution which can also be sexually arousing for a female victim. The fact that male sexual exploitation is eroticized and fetishized does not somehow justify abuse of asymmetric power relations for the purpose of sexual exploitation.

A woman seeking a career simply has to prostitute herself to her superiors in order to get promotion. This is not limited to the case of the male manager asking a female employee to “discuss your promotion over dinner” but a woman who is serious about career needs to actively make herself sexually available to her male superiors, including for private sex parties where male managers systematically sexually exploit female employees. Of course, this is not to imply that there is something intrinsically wrong with sex parties but rather that she has to prostitute herself in order to have a career. She may be very skilled as a professional but that really in most cases does not help her in her career unless she is ready for fellatio and spreading her legs whenever her boss tells her to.

A women who does not accept sexual exploitation will in most cases simply not be able to have a successful career in the private sector and this is so to a significant degree in the public sector as well. Different females relate differently to this. Some accept this lightheartedly, some accept this as simply part of the career while others accept this as a necessary and even perhaps even unbearable evil indeed.

It should be pointed that it is not only white-collar females who are victimized but blue-collar women will typically lose their job if they refuse to have sex with their male boss. Blue-collar females are no less sexually exploited than white-collar females and so they too have to prostitute themselves at work with managers although not for career but simply in order to keep their job. Many females find themselves a new job and then discover that it is the same thing all over again. It should be added that this exploitation is not limited to women as working teenage girls are no less victimized. Many males in high positions of power and authority are trained intelligence operatives and so many will sexually exploit girls below the age of consent as well without ever risking prosecution due them usually not being subjected to the jurisdiction of civilian courts.

These pervasive practices are however not limited to Western societies as Iranian women find it near impossible to find urban employment as free from obligations to provide sexual services to the boss. In both Iran and Saudi Arabia do judges on sharia courts systematically demand sexual services from females filing for divorce and other services of the state sharia court.

The phenomenon of superiors abusing disparity of power so as to sexually exploit subordinates is not exclusive to males as females in positions of authority and power tend to adopt those behaviors as well and especially against younger male subordinates. Most aspects of culture is ultimately either sublimation of repressed sexuality or else social mechanisms as intended for males to control and exploit female bodies. This fact is not altered by the realities that not all males sexually exploit females and that many females in positions of authority themselves behave in this most deplorable manner indeed.

Abuse of power of any kind by any person of any gender is obviously despicable and when it is structural is it obviously even far worse. There are asymmetric genders of different kinds (femme/butch, sub/Domme, younger/older, black/white etc.) and so gender asymmetry is not as was long assumed in second-wave and third-wave feminism the main problem.

Rather need we end the culture of silence about the fact that these practices are structural rather than exceptional. We need a universal gender-neutral human feminist etiquette with room for cultural variation and we all need be trained in applied gender science so as to become polymorphously sociofluid and thus optimally socially competent for all purposes, including feminist seduction, feminist entrepreneurship, feminist social life and feminist childraising indeed.

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