Economics of Child Prostitution

Prostitution of children and teenagers is rarely subject to prosecution due to prostitution generally being under the protection of police and police intelligence agencies in countries around the world.


The police has always been heavily involved in prostitution in the police both demanding free sexual services from sex workers and financially benefiting from so called “profit-sharing” from prostitution with more or less organized crime. This also relates to prostitution of children and teenagers as cases of prostitution of children and teenagers are only very rarely subject to prosecution. Social services usually refuse to intervene in cases of prostituted children and prostituted teenagers unless the legal minor is also involved in herself committing crimes such as theft, violence and drug dealing. They do so due to being very explicitly instructed to act this way by the thoroughly criminal police intelligence.

Prostitution of children and teenagers is one of the most profitable forms of prostitution as one hour with a thirteen-year old may cost up to a thousand US dollars or even more. Prostitution of children and teenagers in economically developed countries is generally based upon deliberately getting a young girl hooked up on heroin and the most common age for doing that is age 12-13.

The Swedish police as part of profit-sharing agreements with organized crime generally takes 30% of revenues from organized prostitution of children and teenagers as hooked up on heroin. The girl typically lives in the same apartment as her “boyfriend” exploiter and usually so together with one or more other girls in usually the same age bracket. The girl typically receives food and some money for buying fashion clothes and lingerie but is otherwise almost exclusively paid in heroin. The girl is typically mostly prostituted in the apartment but street prostitution of legal minors is also not uncommon.

Heroin tends to make users brave while intoxicated and so does this typically make it easier for females to participate in prostitution. The heavily addictive nature of heroin means that heroin addiction is an effective device for sexual enslavement and commercial sexual exploitation. Young girls who are prostituted on the basis of induced heroin addiction are commonly sold between “boyfriend pimps” and the police endorses this practice as well. The police does not only financially benefit from heroin prostitution of children and teenagers but the police under standing arrangements are “permitted” to extract as much sexual services as they wish from heroin-prostituted children and teenagers.

As police intelligence recruits skilled criminals as elite police intelligence operatives did police intelligence agencies such as the FBI in the US and the IBs in Israel and Western Europe become increasingly symbiotic with organized crime. International trafficking in drugs is operated, coordinated and executed by senior police intelligence operatives and other patriarchal intelligence agencies such as the CIA typically participate as well in the the CIA being heavily involved in profiting from international drug trafficking from Afghanistan.

There is thus a criminal economy involving both prostitution and drug trafficking in which both police and police intelligence are heavily involved indeed. This is so as the criminals pimping children and teenagers by means of heroin are themselves typically active in the heroin trade and themselves heroin addicts. Pimping children and teenagers is thus typically a means for them for financing their own heroin addiction.

More and more police officers receive police intelligence training which involves learning to live and behave like criminals in acquiring criminal street skills such as prostitution, drug dealing, murder, breakin and the like. This is because a police intelligence operative is expected to be capable of infiltrating any criminal environment in posing as a criminal himself. The problem of course is that organized crime itself long since already penetrated police intelligence in police intelligence agencies for decades having recruited skilled criminals as elite police intelligence operatives.

The economy of child/teenage prostitution is thus one of intertwined police intelligence economies of heroin and prostitution. Children and teenagers in heroin prostitution are typically deployed by police intelligence as intelligence prostitutes in coercive intelligence recruitment operations as targeting anyone seen as either useful for exploitation and/or being seen as a threat to pervasively criminal practices of the patriarchal intelligence world.

Children and teenagers typically enter heroin prostitution by means of becoming lured into combined sexual interaction and heroin use. It is also common for criminal gangs of teenage boys  to coercively inject a girl ages 11-14 with heroin for day after day until she gets addicted and thus become drawn into heroin prostitution. The police generally ignores this due to the highly profitable nature of profit-sharing in heroin prostitution of children and teenagers as well as the police regarding itself as being entitled to sexually exploit any prostitute or sex worker of any age at any time or place and without any reimbursement whatsoever.

The police “decides” for itself which “criminal investigations” to “prioritize” and so they will generally ignore and tolerate those parts of the criminal economy from which they themselves financially benefit. The patriarchal intelligence world is ruthless in dealing with leaks and whistleblowers and so police intelligence is unrestrained in executing any person deemed a threat to the police criminal economy.

It is clear that police intelligence specifically and the thoroughly criminal patriarchal intelligence world generally have become a severe threat to democracy, open society and the rule of law in police intelligence agencies “protectively recruiting” officers of courts of law as police intelligence operatives and then abuse them to influence judicial proceedings, including court verdicts.

The patriarchal system of injustice needs become abolished and supplanted with a new feminist system of justice as already in Rojava (West Kurdistan & North Syria). The patriarchal police needs become supplanted by state-salaried YPJ-style para-military feminist self-defense forces as committed to the elimination of structural oppression as part of the global feminist social revolution. WE THE FEMINIST REVOLUTION

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