Disability Prostitution

Persons with diagnosed functional variations are especially vulnerable to becoming drawn into prostitution (i.e. more or less involuntary sex work) if deemed sexually attractive for prostitution purposes.


Organized prostitution criminal networks operate under the aegis of thoroughly criminal police intelligence and systematically abuses the practice of protective intelligence recruitment to deploy civil servants as police intelligence operatives against innocent citizens.

Naive persons with diagnosed disabilities are one of the categories that are especially vulnerable to becoming enslaved in organized prostitution by thoroughly criminal police intelligence.

Young persons with diagnosed disabilities are typically dependent on highly protective parents and this tend to prevent them from acquiring social experience that will prepare them for life.

Police intelligence operatives as employed in health care, education and disability services are deployed to seduce young persons with the purpose of luring them into organized prostitution. It is common to prey on children as early as kindergarten so as to exploit them in semi-secret police intelligence child brothels. Once parents complain are they accused of fabricated misdemeanors by police intelligence operatives as employed as social workers and deprived of custody which means that the child brothel effectively gains parental custody of the child.

However, since legal minors with diagnosed disabilities are typically so powerfully protected by parents may this prove effective protection even into adult age. However since persons with diagnosed disabilities typically interact with various public agencies as purportedly operating for their benefit are they vulnerable to police intelligence seduction operations unless a parent or other protective figure comes along to an official meeting.

It is all based on creating confidence between a civil servant and the sexually attractive person with disabilities. Another version is to assign the person some kind of helper, assistant etc. as a legally granted social benefit and that person then turns out to be a pimp/madam. If parents complain to the police will thoroughly criminal police intelligence instruct the police to accuse the parents of being sex offenders. If a persons with diagnosed disabilities herself complains to the police will police intelligence agents as employed in psychiatry “intervene” in order so as to discredit her as purportedly but not actually “insane” so as discredit her and not risk exposure for very extremely profitable criminal prostitution rackets as “protected” by police intelligence which gets 30% of all revenues.

A common method is for a police intelligence operative as employed in a public sector agency to seduce a person with diagnosed disability and then threaten to “tell her parents” unless she does as “the seducer” tells her to. Introduction to sex with further persons typically begins with sex with other enslaved prostitutes, often in the form of group sex, a dinner invitation and the like. It is common for police intelligence operatives as employed in public sector agencies including in psychiatry to use threats and extortion tactics such as “I will tell the doctor” and the like to lure the person into prostitution as leading to enslavement under a criminal prostitution network.

Persons with apparent diagnosed disabilities typically find it almost impossible to get a job, yet may be assigned an internship by a police intelligence agent as working in a government employment agency. The internship typically involves sexual exploitation by a usually male manager as is extremely commonly experienced by female employees generally. The persons with diagnosed disability may be told that the manager wishes to get to know her before considering her for permanent employment. Once there is a sexual relationship will there be suggestions that the person with diagnosed disabilities have sexual relations with further persons and typically so as part of having sex together with another “couple”.

Since police intelligence effectively controls all established sexual subcultures are these effective social contexts for drawing a person with diagnosed disabilities into prostitution.

The middleman then acts as a conduit for handing over the person diagnosed disability to organized criminal prostitution networks where the person will become sexually exploited as long as deemed profitable.

Persons with comparatively “low” IQs typically end up living in police intelligence brothels until being thrown into the street when no longer deemed profitable.

Victims of prostitution typically have nowhere to turn since “women’s shelters” were reduced to police intelligence outfits as turning over battered women to organized prostitution.

When sex workers try to form professional unions will they typically suffer severe police intelligence harassment until the attempt is abandoned and the free sex workers behind the attempted organization are enslaved by criminal prostitution networks under the aegis of thoroughly criminal police intelligence.

Heavily criminal police intelligence will try to one way or another victimize anyone complaining about either themselves or someone else being victimized in prostitution by accusing the person who files the complaint of something. Police intelligence is particularly vehement about discrediting whistleblowers of every kind and especially those who threaten lucrative police-protected organized crime.

Parents of disabled persons as victimized in organized prostitution are typically given the impression that it is just a problem of a “bad” boyfriend whom the disabled person lives with. This is actually a brothel apartment where the pimp typically lives with several persons who may be at varying stages of trajectories of enslavement in prostitution. The pimp may claim that this is polyamory but the parents of the disabled person are typically unaware that more than one person lives in the apartment.

Civil society is often perceived as an opportunity for persons with disability to “get” friends when this is yet another police intelligence recruitment ground for luring unsuspecting victims into prostitution.

Special education is a common framework for sexual exploitation and a legal minor who complains will not be believed but will rather become discredited as purportedly but not actually “insane” by police intelligence operatives as employed in psychiatry.

Prostitution, i.e. more or less involuntary sex work is reprehensible no matter who is victimized. There are typically three gateways into prostitution, these are 1) coercion/rape, 2) seduction/deception as well as 3) initially voluntary sex work.

All prostitutes must become liberated by means of armed feminist liberation in strict compliance with law and sex workers of all genders must become universally enfranchised. All discriminatory legislation must therefore be abolished and the dignity of victims of prostitution publicly restored.

The Intelligence Entrapment Methods documentation project.