Defeating Totalitarianism

Regions of Uganda as terrorized by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) terrorist organization, an internationally often overlooked modern totalitarian movement.

Intelligence wars have become the main form of warfare globally as standing armies rarely wage wars against each other nowadays and most contemporary asymmetric wars around the world are waged by Jihadists. Intelligence wars are in contrast waged covertly and that has the significant political advantage for liberal democracies in that foreign enemy intelligence agencies cannot thus divide domestic public opinion in liberal democracies by creating “peace movements” and similar hostile false flag operations in opposition to covert wars as waged by liberal democracies considering that the public is kept in the dark as the to nature of mass intelligence warfare.

The significant disadvantage however is that the general public in open societies remains uninformed about the significant dangers as posed by major enemy intelligence warfare invasions into liberal-democratic open societies. The general public does not realize the extent to which intelligence agencies penetrate other countries than their own and how intelligence agencies cannibalize each other by seeking to at first covertly wrest control over entire countries by hijacking their domestic intelligence communities.

Totalitarian regimes and totalitarian movements alike are organized, controlled and propelled by totalitarian ideologies. Totalitarian ideologies essentially advocate the same form of governance in simply using different justifications for essentially the same political system. How can this be so and why are there so many differently justified totalitarian ideologies as essentially advocating the same type of governance albeit using different cultural justifications?

Secretive religious societies are a common anthropological phenomenon worldwide that has largely been ignored by academia and for the simple reason that academic methodologies really do not apply in being largely unhelpful in understanding the religious core beyond the outward appearance and official religious dissimulation of a secretive religious society. Secretive religious societies are instead best studied by methods of investigative journalism and intelligence analysis respectively.

Although many totalitarian ideologies are nominally secular (Islamism, Gaddafism, Kahanism and the late Iraqi Ba’athism are however specifically not secular) do totalitarian regimes virtually always eventually create a new totalitarian state official “religion” as centered on a cult of personality around the persona of the ruling totalitarian dictator himself and often around the personas of demised personalities as well. Cult of personality is however not exclusive to totalitarian regimes but appear to a usually much lesser degree in authoritarian regimes as well.

While totalitarian regimes and totalitarian movements alike are organized, controlled and commanded by totalitarian intelligence agencies is it much lesser known that these movements became organized by already existing underground religious societies. Religious communities of this type are in Western parlance often described as “Satanism” and most do operate covertly with the exception primarily of some overt denominations in the United States such as the Church of Satan and the First Satanic Church.

These currents have increasingly prioritized penetrating their respective national intelligence communities where such religious practices have in recent decades unfortunately become increasingly prevalent. This is the main reason why totalitarian governance is so extremely homogenous irrespective of specific official totalitarian political ideology. The extreme cruelty of totalitarian regimes, totalitarian intelligence agencies and totalitarian armed organizations alike is thus largely due to to their belief in extreme cruelty as a virtue of governance.

Totalitarian ideologies, totalitarian regimes, totalitarian movements, totalitarian armed organizations and totalitarian intelligence agencies and especially those of Nazism, Communism and Islamism have tragically been the primary cause of most wars in the past century whether inter-state warfare, asymmetric warfare or intelligence warfare. The global war between freedom and totalitarianism has dominated world affairs in the past century and so we need understand that we must confront and expose totalitarianism itself regardless of the respective official ideological veneer. The case of Juche (the official North Korean state ideology/religion) is interesting since it is a deliberate synthesis between Nazism and Communism in advocating racial purity and racial supremacism in the name of Communism.

While few countries are now under full totalitarian rule do totalitarian intelligence agencies remain extremely active in international affairs in continuing to endeavor to capture entire countries by means of covert mass intelligence warfare. The Gestapo (Nazi intelligence) relocated to Argentina in 1945, to North Korea in 2016 and subsequently to Turkey in 2017 after suffering successive defeat in Israeli-led global intelligence warfare. The relocation to Argentina infamously took place in close cooperation with Vatikan Intelligence (CDF) as the central institutions of the Catholic Church has tragically always been severely afflicted by hostile infiltration by unfriendly covert religious societies.

The Islamist Muslim Brotherhood international intelligence agency (MB) was based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – until in 2017 moving virtually all leadership functions to MB-ruled Turkey and MB-ruled North Sudan respectively, countries where the MB has long since been firmly established. The escape from Riyadh took place under intense pressure from Israeli-led global intelligence warfare in close coordination with the now predominantly secular ruling royal/princely families of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), including prominently the Saudi royal family.

What thus takes place is that intelligence agencies of totalitarianism increasingly do converge. The surviving intelligence agencies of the respective former totalitarian regimes of Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi resorted to cooperation with formerly Riyadh-based and now Ankara-based & Khartoum-based Salafi Intelligence (SI) which runs all Salafi movements and and Salafi Jihadism generally. The North Korean state ideology of Juche similarly synthesized Soviet Communism with the Nazism of its Gestapo international intelligence partner.

As intelligence agencies of totalitarianism come under increasing pressure from global intelligence warfare as led by Israeli intelligence do the totalitarians in fact increasingly converge which is perfectly logical considering their nature as long competing, yet highly similar secretive religious societies seeking essentially the same form of governance.

What is needed therefore is to wage global mass intelligence warfare on totalitarianism generally irrespectively of ideological denomination, including against the globally largely ignored African denominations of totalitarianism such as the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and the Eritrean totalitarian regime. We need treat totalitarianism as the rather coherent global phenomenon and indeed global threat that it really is and so intelligence warfare needs to be very, very substantially waged globally against the covert networks of religious societies behind the facade of specific totalitarian movements, totalitarian ideologies, totalitarian regimes, totalitarian armed organizations and totalitarian intelligence agencies. The international community must never again permit itself to become geopolitically divided by the machinations of denominations of totalitarianism as totalitarianism regards all human peoples as intended victims indeed.

The Intelligence Entrapment Methods documentation project.