Date Prostitution

What is date prostitution? How does it occur and why? How is it performed? How is it connected with intelligence prostitution? How do prostitutes in date prostitution behave? How is date prostitution integrated with other forms of prostitution? How does mutual victimization occur? What are the parameters of date prostitution? What is the purpose of date prostitution. Why is it so insidious?


Date prostitution is highly deceptive in that it does not seem like prostitution at all until at at the point in time when the date prostitute demands money and she only does so prior to sexual intercourse. At that point is the other person so intoxicated in love for the FEMME FATALE AGENT that any inhibitions for paying for sex usually disappears.

Date prostitution takes place by means of placing a femme fatale in a position of reception somehow; such as in a store, hospital, a nightclub or the like or even as a co-passenger in some kind of public transportation. She is usually highly primped, sensually dressed and very psychologically accessible.

Her operative purpose is to be so intensely attractive that her intended male victim will ask her for a date. Why is this so? Date prostitution is a form of coercive intelligence recruitment whereby the victim is lured into purchasing commercial sexual services. The purpose is for him to be lured into paying for commercial services prior to sexual intercourse and the police intelligence operatives as in dressed police uniform will typically burst into the room in the middle of sexual intercourse.

What happens if he refuses to pay? She will have sexual intercourse anyway and the police agents will burst into the room anyway. At interrogation will police intelligence operatives try to make him believe that he actually paid but somehow forgot about it having paid. They will claim that they have video evidence and they will fabricate evidence for the purpose of sexually extorting him into “accepting” intelligence recruitment. If refuses will he be arrested and interrogated for hours with manipulative techniques so as to extract a false confession for the purpose of “making a deal with the prosecutor” despite there being no such thing in most countries outside of the United States. The police intelligence kangaroo trial is held in a regular court building so as to make it seem normal but the members of “the court” usually have no academic legal training and “the defense attorney” is a police intelligence operative as well. The purpose of the kangaroo court is again to compel him to make a false confession for the purpose of extra-judicially “making a deal” with the phony “prosecutor”.

The FEMME FATALE does not appear as a witness in the trial but is rather represented by an INTELLIGENCE DOPPELGANGER with intelligence morphing which makes her seem virtually identical to the femme fatale.

In the trial will the DOPPELGANGER accuse the victim of being a pimp who coercively prostituted her and serially raped her. The purpose is to frighten the victim with the prospect of prison so that he will at this point instruct his lawyer to “cut a deal” with the phony “prosecutor”. The average victim has no legal training and does not understand that the entire procedure is a farce as intended to ensnare and enslave him in intelligence prostitution.

The Intelligence Entrapment Methods documentation project.