Criminology of Police Intelligence

The essentially criminal nature of police forces have been widely covered in innumerable television series in the United States. Yet police intelligence work is typically depicted very differently in a way that is very far from reality.


The intelligence world is not bound by civilian courts and only answers to secret military courts and this includes police intelligence and police officers who are trained intelligence operatives. Turning police officers into intelligence operatives has become increasingly popular despite intelligence training being about training to learn to acquire criminal skills such as murder, theft, fraud and prostitution.

Since the police elite are all trained intelligence operatives does this mean that the police as a whole is controlled by police intelligence. Since military courts are ineffective, non-transparent and non-independent does that mean that police intelligence is not much different from the rest of the patriarchal intelligence world in condoning pervasive criminal practices among its ranks.

Traditional police methods are very ineffective against organized crime and hence the increasing tendency of giving police officers intelligence training; i.e. learning criminal skills so that they themselves may infiltrate organized crime in roles as criminals themselves.

While the police have always been criminal in really being unconcerned with upholding law and rather focused on maintaining structural oppression whether economic, social or statist does the rise of intelligence training in the police world mean that the police are changing from what were previously a profession of criminals into organized crime.

This is so as police intelligence is highly integrated with the rest of the intelligence world which is largely lawless. Since traditional methods of law enforcement are recognized as ineffective does the police resort to not only infiltrating criminal environments but also themselves harassing and otherwise committing crimes against whomsoever they please.

The intelligence world is composed of intelligence operatives who are trained intelligence professionals and other intelligence agents who receive much less training. Police intelligence therefore recruits employees in the public sector and private sector alike whom they deem useful. These agents are then deployed in order to harass whomever the police consider as “adversaries”. This means that there is no due process as police intelligence is essentially free to harass whomever they so please with full approval from prosecutors who as it happens themselves are police intelligence operatives.

This means the end of rule of law, since police intelligence is not bound by the laws that they are nominally tasked to themselves uphold. Furthermore, police intelligence is not only part of the wider intelligence world but is furthermore under significant influence from that essentially very lawless intelligence world which generally condones many criminal practices; including sexual exploitation, enslavement, sexual extortion and economic crime.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is famous around the world as the main intelligence branch of the American police. Israel and Western European countries have similar, albeit secretive bodies known as the Information Bureau (IB) of which police intelligence practically speaking form part.

Popular depiction of the intelligence world is that of stern patriots when in fact intelligence agencies are rather tasked with defending state ideologies and are therefore extremely integrated with foreign intelligence agencies as tasked with defending similar state ideologies.

The Information Bureaus were created in Israel and Western European countries in 1962 on the initiative of the Mossad so as to curb Soviet intelligence infiltration into civil societies of liberal democracies. However, ten years later were the Information Bureaus effectively hijacked by the then still Argentina-based Gestapo international intelligence agency. The Information Bureaus were always led by the Israeli Information Bureau which came under the control of Gestapo intelligence infiltrators posing as European Jews and so that became the fate of not only the other Information Bureaus but the closely affiliated FBI as well.

In 2005 did the then Riyadh-based Muslim Brotherhood (MB) international Islamist intelligence agency manage to hijack the Information Bureaus and the closely affiliated FBI by means of mass intelligence warfare as an extension of its partially successful attempt to take over Turkey from Derin Devlet Dönmeh rule as Turkish intelligence was already closely integrated with Western intelligence. Since Turkish intelligence had already deeply penetrated Western intelligence did this facilitate for the new Muslim Brotherhood Turkish AKP intelligence to expeditiously wrest control over the IBs and the FBI.

Since then have the IBs in Western Europe and the FBI in the US become enforcers of the Muslim Brotherhood agenda in the police withdrawing from Muslim neighborhoods and organizing political persecution against any and all actual or perceived opponents of the Muslim Brotherhood agenda of ‘soft Islamization’. Thus have the police in Western Europe increasingly focused on somewhat discreetly persecuting (in the sense as systematically harassing) Kurds, neoconservative political parties, feminists, vegans, social activists, the LGBTQI community and others. This persecution is largely performed by plainclothes operatives of police intelligence but uniformed police intelligence operatives engage in mass coercive intelligence recruitment against persons deemed a threat to the MB agenda in Western Europe as well as of course anyone deemed potentially useful for the MB.

The situation in Western Europe has thus become such that police intelligence systematically threatens elected politicians and try to coercively recruit them by means of usually sexual extortion. Since elected politician have lost control over intelligence controlled police is the situation now that the MB-controlled IBs increasingly seek to assert political control over Western European civil societies, including over elected politicians.

What ensued has been domestic intelligence wars between MB/IB controlled police intelligence and military intelligence agencies in Western Europe as closely integrated with the Mossad. The MB-controlled IBs did for years manage to increasingly defeat the national military intelligence agencies and the Mossad alike.

As societal processes of MB-organized Islamization progress in Western Europe is the situation becoming increasingly dire and so the real solution is simply for the victims of the IBs to unite with the respective national militaries in defeating the MB/IB by means of empowered feminist social revolution. This means that current police forces need become fully disbanded and supplanted by new feminist law enforcement with the purpose of restoring order and the rule of law in the increasingly lawless Western Europe under the spell of imposed, highly organized processes of Islamization. Duty before all.

The Intelligence Entrapment Methods documentation project.