Corporate Intelligence Abuse

Major private companies maintain their own corporate intelligence agencies. A corporate intelligence agency is responsible for preventing commercial espionage whether domestic or international, engage in illegal surveillance against employees, spying on competitors, prevent strikes, harass social activists, prevent legal action against the company, destroy evidence of criminal misdemeanors, silence cases of sexual harassment, silence whistleblower as well as importantly liaising with thoroughly criminal police intelligence.

Virtual reality will end the extremely unethical corporate world as we currently know it.

A corporate intelligence agency is usually known as the “security department” but corporate R&D virtually always operates as part and parcel of corporate intelligence. Officers of a corporate intelligence agency are always trained intelligence operatives with intelligence agents operating below and ordinary security guards serving at the lowest level of the corporate security hierarchy.

Corporate intelligence agencies are not averse to committing crimes since they are instructed and trained by police intelligence in how to commit crime without risking exposure. As the non-appeal courts came under police intelligence control as beginning in 1962 when they became subject to protective recruitment by police intelligence does this means that corporate executive are very rarely prosecuted for anything except by than by special courts such labor courts and environmental courts which operate separately from ordinary non-appeal courts.

Corporate intelligence agencies are essentially criminal entities and officers of corporate intelligence agencies will not be prosecuted unless too publicly exposed as they themselves are trained police intelligence operatives with typically dual loyalties to military intelligence. Corporate intelligence agencies although not formally police intelligence outfits operate as such in many ways through the device of so called “intelligence cooperation”.

International companies operate their own international corporate intelligence agencies which means that a major multinational corporation will typically maintain a rather substantial corporate intelligence agency which freely commits crimes of different kinds in countries around the world.

Police intelligence collects intelligence from corporate intelligence agencies and police intelligence uses that intelligence for the purpose of systematically persecuting citizens who are critical of and publicly expose corporate abuse. Police intelligence scoffs at the very idea of upholding law as they are solely interested in perpetuating criminal practices of ethnocratic patriarchy, including systematic sexual exploitation at places of work.

International corporations hardly pay any any corporate taxes and thoroughly criminal police intelligence makes sure that this remains the case. Corporate intelligence agencies must pay protection money to police intelligence for criminal “services” as provided by police intelligence and sums can be rather substantial as police intelligence essentially operates as a form of organized crime albeit in the form of police intelligence agencies.

Corporate intelligence typically executes whistleblowers and it needs be underscored that this is standard procedure even in the United States. Forensic medicine as controlled by police intelligence covers up for the execution and it is usually claimed that the victims suffered heart failure which is what is stated in the forensic report if one is filed at all which is usually not the case.

In order to become even considered corporate leadership position does he first have qualify as a trained elite intelligence operative. Police intelligence claims that it is a matter of “national security” that recruitment of corporate executives is performed exclusively within narrow boys’ networks of corporate elite intelligence operatives.

The mostly male corporate executives systematically sexually exploit female employees who routinely fired if refusing to provide sexual “favors” and corporate intelligence will routinely execute female employees who are known to be planning to file a lawsuit and/or a formal police complaint. Police intelligence systematically discourages career advancement of female corporate leaders with the excuse that females are ostensibly weak and unreliable security-wise due to female vulnerability to romantic seduction.

Corporate intelligence agencies operate by their own internal “regulation” which are treated as if being laws by thoroughly criminal police intelligence. Police intelligence claims that their thoroughly criminal practices of condoning organized crime as long performed under the aegis of police intelligence means that systematic crimes are somehow accepted legal practice, meaning that crime is legal as long as it is systematically performed in an organized manner which does not disrupt the criminal “order” of ethnocratic patriarchy.

Police intelligence spends much plainclothes resources at “discreetly” persecuting social activists and if social activists understand that the harassment is organized and complain do they becoming accused of “insanity” and subjected psychiatric abuse in order so as silence and marginalize them. Social activists are considered highly suitable for potentially becoming elite intelligence operatives considering their apparent ethical courage. Ethical distinctions are however distinctly not appreciated but their courage is considered most useful indeed. Sexual entrapment as followed by sexual extortion is the most common recruitment method which exist in vast number of standard operational variations.

Once recruited are they used for disrupting activities of fellow social activists. Organized bullying is a common “discreet method” for disrupting networks of fully law-abiding social activists. Animal rights activists are usually particularly experienced with the phenomenon of “angry vegans” who are usually agent provocateurs from police intelligence as tasked with illegally disrupting fully legal social activist networks by means of organized harassment with criminal intent, namely persecution.

The private sector is for the most part criminal in that it systematically ignores legislation as long as their legal advisors say that they will get away with it. Major corporations are typically highly ineffective as essentially constituting planned economies and their profits are mainly derived from their avoidance of paying corporate taxes. Of course, it is patently unfair that smaller companies which by and large tend to be far more law-abiding are effectively punished for being profitable by means of having to pay corporate taxes which major corporations systematically by pseudo-legal fraud schemes. Most major corporations are extremely unethical operations and are generally prone to commit pretty much any crime as long as advised by corporate lawyers as closely liaising with police intelligence that they will not suffer any legal consequences.

Most major corporations except those in high tech are not only unprofitable but would go bankrupt if they did not continue to systematically commit crimes in violation of virtually every law there is.

The age of virtual reality means the end of not only conglomerates but also the end of the corporate world as it currently is considering that permanent employment does increasingly disappears. Since virtual reality is such a tremendous existential threat against the essentially criminal corporate world does police intelligence work around the clock so as to prevent the introduction of virtual reality in incredulously claiming that virtual reality poses a threat against “national security”.

It is true that virtual reality will make the stocks of most major corporations essentially worthless and so is it an essential task to fully supplant the current public sector with an infrastructure of accelerators whereby persons of all ages are systematically trained for becoming innovators, entrepreneurs and cutting-edge specialists in whatever they are exceptionally good at and passionate about.