Classified Intelligence Technologies

The intelligence world has developed many classified technologies that are not officially shared with surrounding civilian society. Many of these technologies would substantially transform human society once introduced for public use.

cat-520894_1280The intelligence world is one that is near hermetically shut off from the surrounding world, sort of a global totalitarian subculture yet discreetly infiltrated throughout society. The overgrown intelligence world is involved in many fields, including extensive research on many strategic matters and Israel is the leading country in all these fields as in many others.

Classified intelligence technologies are of two kinds, the first are simply machines that have been invented, developed and deployed yet whose existence have never been made public. E.g. does the intelligence world has its own military smartphone apps which are typically disguised as ordinary popular apps yet have entirely different and far more advanced functions. The intelligence world uses secret military technologies whose existence the public is simply not aware of.

The second type of technology are in the field of what is wrongly known as the so called “paranormal” or “supernatural”. There is of course nothing paranormal or supernatural and to believe so is simply superstition since these phenomena/non-phenomena are best studied by natural science as is indeed long since done in the intelligence world. This is not even a realm of “the unknown” as many such phenomena are quite well-known although frequently misunderstood.

Animal communication

There is an emerging field of study of animal communication even outside the intelligence world which is something that was pioneered in the intelligence world already a century ago. Animal communication is the standard mean of professional communication in the intelligence world. Since this already exists in the animal world is it of course possible to devise machines to do this as well.

Artificial uteri

Artificial uteri is of course technically very possible but have not been developed outside of the intelligence world.

Brain-computer interface

Early forms of brain-computer interface are already developed and in use for intelligence operatives.


Physicians already know that there are many dimensions of time and there are certainly many dimensions of space as well.


What is life? The short answer is that this is in traditional narratives known as so called “magic” and this can be studied by natural science and has indeed long been studied scientifically in the hermetically sealed off subculture of the intelligence world. Intelligence agencies use two forms of magic, namely 1) love magic and 2) military magic. Intelligence operatives are trained in love magic as seduction agents. Love magic is very effective in triggering sexual arousal and advanced practitioners of love magic can ever trigger orgasms in other persons even while at the early stage of flirting in public space. Military magic is used by all military intelligence agencies in order to disorient, demoralize, disable, harm and kill enemy combatants, both ordinary fighters and military commanders at all levels. Both love magic and military magic are constantly used in intelligence wars.


Just as a person can partially control his own mental processes can others do so as well, it is known as “power” and individual cognitions certainly extensively neurologically interact.


Mood technologies function and influence similar to how weather cognitively influence human beings and are deployed to influence the mood of a target person. The purpose is typically to influence the target person to behave in an ill-advised manner in accordance with pursuit of operational goals.


Anyone accustomed to making selfies is probably aware of how different one typically looks in different pictures, yet few probably stop to think how this is even possible, how can one look so different in different pictures even taken on the same occasion? Changing appearance is well documented among both animals and plants and humans do so as well. Intelligence agents are trained in animal morphing and advanced students are capable of morphing quite substantially to a degree that most humans would probably find quite surprising. Since this exists in the animal world is to possible to devise machines for doing so as well.


What is known as “evil” is a purely zoological phenomenon whose development can be studied i detail in the animal world of insects. The scientific name for evil is simply parasitism and the process of evilization is far advanced in the homo genus socially speaking yet not genetically so.


Predicting future events is an important function in intelligence agencies. While it is indeed possible to predict the future using acquired animal skills can the future nevertheless be changed through action in the present which means that predictions of the future ultimately tend to be unreliable indeed. Changing the future is typically even more important than predicting the future.


Rebirth takes place through the misnamed junk DNA which is largely devoted to for this purpose.


All phenomena/non-phenomena of the purported “realm of religion” can be either understood or written off through the pursuit of natural science. “Gods”, “angels” and similar much hyped creatures are simply genetically advanced persons, both humans and other animals.


The notion of “teleportation” is something that has fascinated much in science fiction yet this exists in the world of insects and some very rare and talented individuals in the intelligence world have developed the ability to individually engage in such natural relocation. Since this is physically possible is this also possible to attain through mechanic technology as well.


Nascent replication technology has already long existed in the form of 3D printers and this technology has developed far beyond that in the intelligence world.


Earthlings are obviously not the only the only life forms in Existence and animal communication enables communication without physical and spatial limits. Existence is of course full of planets with life, yet human senses have particular limits, e.g. can human only see very few colors. Science fiction literature typically imagines intelligent extraterrestrial life as similar to humans but this is wishful thinking and a false expectation indeed.

Time documentation

While time travels to the past would literally eliminate the present is it nevertheless technologically possible to document the past much like through video surveillance.

The Intelligence Entrapment Methods documentation project.