Celebrity Prostitution

party-1248770_1280Intelligence agencies very frequently use celebrities as elite intelligence operatives and in patriarchal intelligence agencies does this also involve commercial prostitution. The reason why this is so is because victims of seduction operations are more likely to consent to sex with seduction agents who are not completely unknown and so members of the public are more inclined to have sex with celebrity operatives than with anonymous personas.

Furthermore are sexual fantasies about celebrities very common and so this is yet another factor which serves to make celebrity operatives far more successful or at least when operating in capacity as celebrity.

Nearly all royals have since the 1920s lived with protected identities which have since 1972 increasingly been stolen by increasingly criminal intelligence agencies. Remaining official ‘royal courts’ have therefore become populated by intelligence doppelgangers in intelligence disguise. These have turned into intelligence brothels where citizens accepted for audience are received, seduced and subsequently sexually extorted into coercive police intelligence recruitment by police intelligence operatives in police uniform. It is very easy to get an appointment for an audience as an unlimited number of intelligence operatives may simultaneously impersonate the same official persona.

Most royals do not have official identities and so most intelligence operatives working as enslaved intelligence prostitutes in those venues are themselves royals although not the ones they claim to be to the unsuspecting visiting citizens.

Since the 1920s has it become common for royals to populate Hollywood and the music industry in varying star roles and there are royals prostituted too. It is very easy to get an appointment with the official persona of almost any musical superstar. The official persona is a protected identity which can be impersonated by any number of intelligence operatives in intelligence disguise. It is important to emphasize that the protected identity of such celebrities is not the real identity of the “star” which is usually completely withheld from the control of the enslaved person.

An appointment with a celebrity usually begins with a love letter from a citizen whom after typically three weeks receive a friendly letter inviting the person to “come and visit” the official celebrity persona. Once there is the visitor seduced and once returned home is the victim sexually extorted by police intelligence into accepting coercive intelligence recruitment.

Members of the House of Zvi to which most contemporary royals belong (the issue of biological fatherhood was never a concern at princely, royal and imperial courts) are genetically unique in that those born within the House of Zvi are born as either androgenic duplets or gynogenic septuplets. This fact very much facilitates intelligence prostitution.

The House of Zvi has 73 million members worldwide, most of whom have eluded intelligence prostitution by living under protected identities and keeping a low profile. Members of the House of Zvi are considered as the best possible material for intelligence operatives which means that patriarchal intelligence agencies competitively hunt for members of the House of Zvi everywhere.

Members of the House of Zvi under intelligence enslavement have been increasingly heavily commercially prostituted by Frankist intelligence agencies as beginning in 1972 although most enslaved members of the House of Zvi were liberated in the summer of 2016. It is very common for members of elites in countries worldwide to be members of the ethnically diverse and highly multicultural global House of Zvi.

Prostitution (more or less involuntary sex work) is a global scourge and members at all levels of society are prostituted as thoroughly criminal police intelligence agencies in close cooperation with organized crime controls the extremely lucrative global prostitution industry. Even non-human persons are prostituted in police-protected brothels where an an enslaved animal person can be raped for a fee.

Armed liberation of prostitutes under law and emancipation of sex workers are very much of essence and indeed long overdue considering the severe impediment as posed by Frankist police intelligence agencies for this very much needed worldwide liberation and emancipation indeed.

The Intelligence Entrapment Methods documentation project.