Biography of Operative 002

puzzle-526404_1280Modern Israel’s later first covert hereditary head of state was codenamed Operative 001 already by His Majesty’s intelligence community in Britain in the 1920s in his capacity as the hereditary leader of the Dönmeh Jewish religious denomination and recognized as the so called “reincarnation of god”.

This operative designation was the origin of the James Bond propaganda literature/movies as successfully devised to facilitate voluntary intelligence recruitment. Operative 001 made a career in the Austro-Hungarian civilian intelligence service during WW1 in becoming introduced at the Austro-Hungarian Imperial Court in Vienna in 1917 where he was recognized in his pre-existing ancestral capacity as nominal “King of Israel” by the nominal “King of Jerusalem”, namely the homosexual Emperor Charles I of Austria whose lover he became. Operative 001 headed American intelligence from 1939 and headed Haganah intelligence and later Israeli intelligence in leading the Zionist movement in the founding of the State of Israel in 1948.

Operative 001 committed suicide in 1972 and nine months later in 1973 was a new “recognized reincarnation” born and whom in accordance with the testament of Operative 001 became hereditary Israeli head of state from birth. The last will designated the code name 002 to the next so called “reincarnation of god”. In accordance with the testament did Operative 002 upon birth become supreme head of not only all Israeli intelligence agencies but also supreme head of all other intelligence agencies which Operative 001 had headed, including but not limited to all Western intelligence agencies.

Operative 002 was raised in an unnamed European country and did already as a highly intelligent child lead the Western intelligence war against the Communist Soviet Union. Operative 002 organized the 1989 democratic revolution in Central Europe as well as the 2010 democratic revolution in the Arabophonie.

Operative 002 grew up under constant intelligence warfare and as surrounded by Mossad intelligence operatives at most times. A so called “reincarnation of god” is considered as able to “genetically design” the next generation of reincarnation and so Operative 001 designed Operative 002 as a genetically upgraded copy of himself. Operative 002 is recognized as Mashiach ben David not only by the Dönmeh Jewish denomination but importantly by all informed poskim (religious decisors) of Orthodox Judaism as well as by many other top religious leaders around the world within and beyond Rabbinic Judaism. Operative 001 long after his demise became recognized as Mashiach ben Yosef. This is so as the so called “lineage of divine reincarnation” was never historically disputed in neither Rabbinic Rabbinic Judaism nor in Dönmeh Judaism.

Operative 002 grew up as a domestically approved “sleeper agent” under protected identity and was subjected to constant intended so called “intelligence training” by the Mossad as largely indirectly controlled by the then Argentina-based Gestapo. So called “environmental training” as here intended to trigger development of psychopathic personality by means of organized bullying was systematically performed and so characterized the upbringing of Operative 002 as this was ordered and directed by the Gestapo in Buenos Aires. The once proud but by that time severely humilitiated Mossad intelligence organization had little choice but to obey Gestapo orders in terrorizing the young 002. Operative 002 thus grew up under effective Gestapo intelligence occupation in being surrounded by members from (the worldwide demographically vast) Israeli royal family and who were operationally instructed to bully Operative 002 into developing into a clinical psychopath as Operative 001.

This did not succeed however in Operative 002 developing into a warm, compassionate and conscientious human individual. Operative 002 survived attempted child sacrifice by Silvia Hitler and Sylvia Hitler, at the time still the mother of Operative 002. CDF (Vatican Intelligence) special forces stormed the house minutes before the intended “satanist” ritual sacrifice and so rescued the toddler 002.

The toddler 002 was thereafter raised by a British princess as designated nursemaid in the last will of Operative 001 as well as by a favorite son of Operative 001 who was secretely wed to the British princess in a Mossad Dönmeh religious ceremony. The adoptive father was himself the biological father of Sylvia Hitler whom together with her genetically almost identical sister Silvia Hitler were raised by Adolf Hitler in Argentina.

The adoptive parents were both top seduction agents. The adoptive father was a clinical psychopath and mostly did not stay with the family in most of the time being on covert missions. The British princess was born as the daughter of Operative 001 and became the favorite consort of his until her having been outcompeted by Silvia Hitler. The full focus of the British princess was on her covert intelligence mission in raising the next generation of the so called “reincarnation of god” in accordance with covertly communicated personal instructions of Operative 001 while also meticulously abiding with the testament of Operative 001.

Police intelligence in Israel and other democracies were under effective Gestapo intelligence control from 1972 until 2005 and after that came under intellignce control of Ankara-based MB intelligence and so was the survival of Operative 002 in large measure thanks to the Israeli Misrad intelligence organization, namely the Israeli “National Office for the Protection of Democracy” as set up by Operative 001 in 1953. While Israeli police intelligence (the Lishkah) came under full Gestapo control did the Mossad (international intelligence), the Aman (military intelligence) and Shabak (domestic security intelligence) largely fall under Gestapo control yet only partially so. The reason they retained the ability to act independently to so some degree was due to the fact that the Israeli Misrad had remained relatively free from Gestapo intelligence influence and thus was able to significantly assist the Mossad, the Aman and the Shabak. The Misrad always strove to be as far as possible loyal to the leadership of Operative 002 and certainly was much more so than the Mossad.

The advanced intelligence skills of Operative 002 meant that 002 was secretly afforded the covert status as head of state of many countries which sought the advanced services and intelligence protection of Operative 002. Being covert head of state meant heading the military and intelligence agencies in many countries in nearly always being at war whether in intelligence warfare, regular warfare or both in many countries around the world. Operative 002 in having led the world to victory over Communism assumed a similar role in the global war on Jihadism.

Affording Operative 002 the status of covert hereditary head of state had many advantages and so the number of countries where Operative 002 became head of state increasingly grew with every intelligence war. E.g. did Operative 002 become Italian head of state in 1992 after having provided extensive intelligence data that revealed that the mainstream Italian political parties were indirectly controlled by Italian organized crime.

Operative 001 was extremely polygamous and Operative 002 became even more so and so hence the Israeli royal family increasingly demographically expanded worldwide in almost every country in serving as the global power base of Operative 002. Considering the highly significant national security advantages in having Operative 002 as covert intelligence head of state did this increasingly become the international norm and not only in liberal democracies but in non-democracies as well. This meant that 002 had to become highly careful in promoting the interests of different countries in ways that did not clash with the parallel roles of covert head of state.

Operative 001 already in the first half of the 20th century engaged in practices of inseminating the consorts of princes, kings and emperors at courts around the world whether ruling or not; something which was deemed fully socially acceptable in those subcultures as no one at court cared who was the biological father as long as being a member of nobility as introduced at the court. This meant that children of majesties were usually children of the noblemen at the court while conversely at least the oldest children of noblemen typically were biological children of the majesty. Operative 001 consistently converted and married females prior to insemination during fertile days of the month which meant that the future and mostly endogamous Israeli first family became very large indeed in the global intelligence world and far beyond.

Under Gestapo intelligence rule were those members of the Israeli royal family who were not successfully hid away coercively prostituted by the largely Gestapo-controlled Mossad which was dissolved in 2016 as supplanted by the TEVEL which became a non-Israeli international organization of intelligence cooperation in 2017. Israel’s international intelligence is now formally known as Royal Intelligence although as other international members of the TEVEL being highly integrated with the TEVEL worldwide indeed.

The descendants of Operative 001 in typically being highly skilled with languages as well as in other respects came to be valued as the best possible intelligence operatives in the world and did therefore suffer extensive sexual exploitation and severe enslavement by intelligence patriarchy in countries around the world. Indeed, as intelligence patriarchy became increasingly criminal and symbiotic with organized crime did the vast number of descendants of Operative 001 in the intelligence world came to suffer tremendously in as other intelligence operatives of most patriarchal intelligence agencies worldwide having become increasingly enslaved and sexually exploited as intelligence prostitutes but also in commercial sexual exploitation as owned and directed by criminal intelligence directors of the patriarchal intelligence world.

The more elite an intelligence operatives was considered to be by the patriarchal intelligence world, the more “protected” did s/he typically become, meaning the more enslaved and the more sexually exploited did s/he become at the hands of ruthless intelligence patriarchy.

Operative 002 in being highly polygamous has contributed even more to the vast demographic growth of the Israeli royal family and succeeded in hiding away most offspring from enslavement in countries around the world. The Israeli royal family in having developed within the intelligence world was heavily globalized from inception and did in fact become even more so with Operative 002.

This led Operative 002 to become strongly involved in the organized armed liberation of prostitutes and in the emancipation of sex workers in countries around the world as the police and police intelligence everywhere participate in the structural oppression against sex workers and the despicable enslavement of prostituted human beings. Operative 002 founded special forces in different countries which continue to liberate prostitutes all over the world. While most offspring of Operative 002 were successfully hidden away and thus successfully protected from the patriarchal intelligence world did those who were not become tragically completely enslaved and severely sexually exploited by the anti-democratic patriarchal intelligence world. Most of the enslaved loyal members of the Israeli royal family became liberated from intelligence prostitution by means of intense intelligence warfare during the course of 2016.

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