Biography of Operative 001

The former Israeli Mossad intelligence agency (1948-2016) originated in the intelligence agency of the Haganah labor movement Zionist militia which later became the Aman (Military Intelligence Directorate), Israel’s military intelligence agency. The Mossad thus originated in the informal subculture of a paramilitary militia, something which left a lasting mark on Mossad operational culture.


The Mossad was formed in 1948 immediately after the declaration of independence although the official historical narrative of the Mossad officially claims 1949 as its year of founding. Israel was founded by the hereditary religious leader of the Dönmeh Jewish religious denomination, a direct patrilineal descendant of Rabbi King Sabbatai Zevi in his capacity as the recognized reincarnation of the generation of so called “god”.

Modern Israel’s later first hereditary head of state became sexually exploited in a child brothel in the Austro-Hungarian Jewish city of Chernovitz as an enslaved child prostitute, something which severely traumatized him and came to tragically impair and tragically distort his personal psychological development. His father was married to a teenage bride from the Dönmeh Kurdish Barzani tribe, namely the Jewish House of Adiabene in Kurdistan. The Jewish royal family and the House of Adiabene married for two thousand years after the establishment of the Kingdom of Adiabene which means that Israeli royal family is genetically speaking of largely Barzani ancestry.

The Israeli royal family (and the larger Jewish royal family) is however not patrilineally Barzani in thus not being part of the House of Adiabene which remained royal until the 17th century when Rabbi King Shmuel Barzani (father of famous first female rabbi Asenath Barzani) passed away without male inheritors and only resumed being royal in 2016 when Israel’s second hereditary head of state became hereditary head of state of Free Kurdistan as well in Israel’s second hereditary head of state having been adopted into the House of Adiabene. The House of Adiabene became a princely branch of the House of Barakzai in 1826 when this Pashtun branch of the House of Adiabene became Afghanistan’s royal family. It is however not uncommon for prominent members of the Israeli royal family to become initiated into Barzani tribe, meaning becoming formally adopted into the House of Adiabene. The semi-secret Israeli royal family is recognized as the family of “god” by all informed rabbinical poskim, i.e. top religious decisors in Orthodox Judaism.

Modern Israel’s first hereditary head of state was born in 1891 in what was Austro-Hungaria in a Crypto-Sabbatean rabbinically Jewish family. The family in being practicing Sabbateans was only halakhically observant while outside of home, yet devoutly and fully committed to raising that generation’s reincarnation of “god” as indeed their supreme purpose in life. Reincarnation of “god” is considered as taking place between usually grandfather and grandson in the same lineage whereby the grandson is usually conceived immediately after the demise of the grandfather.

Rabbinical Judaism is the by far most secretive form of religion anywhere and carefully disguises the Sumerian origins of Judaism; Judaism’s thoroughly esoteric character and highly secretive teachings. Within the Jewish people have these teachings traditionally only been known to the poskim, the Orthodox rabbinical elite of religious decisors, practically speaking religious legislators.

Orthodox Judaism although certainly not being an intelligence agency is essentially organized as a traditional intelligence agency as complete with covert communication, optimal secrecy and systemic and pervasive false flag operations.

Hasidic Judaism emerged in the Ashkenazi Sabbatean movement in Europe and Hasidic dynasties are members of the Jewish royal family and specifically patrilineal descendants of Rabbi King Sabbatai Zevi.

The Israeli royal family is in terms of lineage composed of legitimate so called “patrilineal” descendants of Israel’s first hereditary head of state. The Jewish royal family is far larger and emerged after so called “god” ceased reincarnating among Roman emperors with Julius Caesar having become the last Roman incarnation of “god”. The Jewish royal family is in turn part of the House of David, namely all kohanim as descended from the respective seed of the multiple spouses of the transmale King David.

The first incarnation of “god” emerged in ancient Sumer through mutation as a priest king of the Sumerian city state of Ur. Reincarnation of so called “god” continued in Sumer and only later instead took place among Egyptian pharaohs.

Ancient Judaism was extremely diverse and the Jewish people only later became redevised for the purpose of sheltering each generation’s reincarnation of so called “god”. It is important to understand that the notion of an all-powerful “god” was devised as a pious messianic hope in the struggle against “the forces of evil”, namely hostile non-Earthlings as commonly described in various religious traditions as “devils”, “demons”, “evil spirits” etc.

The shidduch (matched Jewish marriage) between the father of Israel’s future first head of state and the 13-year old Jiyan Barzani (an aunt of Mustafa Barzani) was a coerced marriage although the naive young groom was unaware of this being the case as the relatives of the bride forced her into marriage despite her being intensely in love with a 12-year old female cousin. The shidduch was disastrously mismanaged in Jiyan’s father being a clinical psychopath and this essential fact was hidden in the shidduch process. Her son as that generation’s reincarnation of so called “god” thus tragically became a clinical psychopath as was her own father, something which tragically came to have calamitous historical consequences indeed.

Modern Israel’s future first hereditary head of state was in captivity in a child brothel as run by a “satanist” criminal sect (still existing and known as the Ukrainian Jewish mafia) for seven months as a nine-year old in the Austro-Hungarian city of Chernovitz after he managed to escape. This was where he learned professional sex worker skills, something which became a hallmark of the Mossad which he personally founded in 1948. After the escape did he join a Jewish criminal youth gang so as to be able to survive in the streets of the city Chernovitz and also spent time in prison for offenses which he committed during that period while living in the streets of the Jewish city of Chernovitz, which is now the Ukrainian city of Chernivtsi as most of its Jewish population was murdered during the Holocaust.

After having been inducted for military service in the Austro-Hungarian military in 1909 was he recruited into Austro-Hungarian civilian intelligence where he made an illustrious career during WW1 in ultimately becoming its head in 1917 and at that point becoming introduced at the Imperial Court in Vienna in becoming the lover of the homosexual last Austro-Hungarian emperor, styled as Emperor Charles I of Austria and King Charles IV of Hungary.

Israel’s later first hereditary head of state formally although secretly so considering his role in the Austro-Hungarian intelligence community became recognized by the emperor in the ancestral pre-existing capacity as the Sabbatean/Jewish titular “King of Israel” and the German “von” as was common practice at the time was added to his surname. The emperor through his ancestors himself held the nominal title “King of Jerusalem” and so the “King of Israel” and the “the King of Jerusalem” formed an intimate and close bond indeed. Although all titles of nobility were outlawed in the subsequent Austrian republic did Israel’s later first hereditary head of state nevertheless formally become titular European nobility. There are many rabbinically Jewish ennobled families in Europe and most princely/royal/imperial courts in Europe were friendly environments for Jews as anti-Jewish prejudice was considered “vulgar”, “lowly” and “undignified” among most European nobility.

Although operationally brilliant in his service to Austro-Hungarian civilian intelligence did he disastrously reveal many of the covert techniques as taught to him as a child by his family. In having been developed throughout the generations were these intended for exclusive knowledge in the lineage of the successive reincarnations of “god”. Instead came these techniques to be calamitously deployed by Nazi Germany after Anschluss in 1938, something which contributed very significantly to the Nazi German war effort in terms of intelligence warfare as well as in pacifying the Jewish people before and during the implementation of the Holocaust.

As a psychopathic, bisexual and extremely promiscuous young man did Israel’s later first hereditary head of state separately become boyfriend of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin, both of whom he disastrously taught advanced apotheosis psychological techniques as taught to him by his family as a child. He thus broke nearly all family rules and revealed the covert techniques as passed down throughout the ages and as intended for future struggle with the celestial “forces of evil” and their human agents. He tragically oversaw extensive animal experimentation in Austro-Hungarian intelligence laboratories as intended to further develop those covert techniques.

After WW1 did he serve in British intelligence where his operational code name become 001 as His Majesty’s singularly most advanced intelligence operative while simultaneously making a career as a successful businessman in Europe. After the outbreak of WW1 in 1939 was he introduced to the American intelligence community which he formally headed until his demise in 1972, where he also founded the Office for the Protection of the Constitution (OPC) in 1958. He become virtually all-powerful in the American intelligence community due to him being fully recognized there as a reincarnation of “god” due to displaying particularly advanced covert operational techniques as taught to him by his family while he was still a child.

Israel’s modern future hereditary head of state suffered from severe sexual addiction and spent much of the interwar period at European courts as the recognized titular “King of Israel” where he was always a welcome guest as the titular “King of Israel” although he never managed to truly master European courtly etiquette. As European nobility was a shared gene pool where nobody really cared who was the biological father as long as it was a member of nobility did Israel’s future hereditary head of state seduce and impregnate large numbers of consorts of European princes, kings and emperors and in prior to that secretly religiously converting and marrying them in covert Dönmeh quick ceremonies.

As there was never a biological basis of family trees of European high nobility, including princely, royal and imperial families did no one object to him effectively genetically hijacking most European princely, royal and imperial families. Marriage between a male majesty and his female consort was usually of a political nature and so her children were usually biological children of noblemen at the court while conversely the oldest child in noble families was typically the biological child of the male majesty.

As the Jewish people was re-devised two thousand years ago to become the home of successive incarnations of so called “god” did his secular lifestyle lead him to abandon his duties in protecting “god’s people” in thus his failing to take timely action to prevent the Holocaust. As the head of the American intelligence community and in being its most operationally advanced operative did he however often infiltrate Nazi Germany in typically impersonating various Nazi leaders.

In 1948 did he became the founder of the modern State of Israel whose military and intelligence community he headed until his death in 1972. He ended his life by means of suicide in jumping from a window in a mental hospital in which he had become incarcerated by his illegitimate biological granddaughter Silvia Hitler, his favorite consort at the time. He stole and consumed some pills and medical alcohol from a medical storage so as to make contact with ground less painful and later jumped from a window in fatally reaching ground.

As each reincarnation of so called “god” genetically more or less subconsciously designs the next reincarnation of so called “god” had he intended to himself become the biological father and Israel’s second hereditary head of state thus essentially become an upgraded genetic copy of Israel’s first hereditary head of state. Silvia’s Hitler’s Gestapo operation failed in the sense that her nearly genetically identical sister Sylvia Hitler rather than herself came to bear the next incarnation of “god” in her womb.

Silvia Hitler as the “Teufel”, titular “devil” of the Gestapo religious sect had planned for the next generation of “god” to be born from a marriage between “god” and herself as titular “devil” of the Gestapo crypto-satanist intelligence sect, yet due to the confusion surrounding the spontaneous suicide did her sister instead become the effective surrogate mother of the next generation of “god” as her own genetic contribution became extremely insignificant indeed and this was later removed altogether as Israel’s second hereditary head of state continued to engage in continuous genetic self-reengineering.

Israel’s first hereditary head of state had planned for organized assisted suicide during the conception of the next reincarnation of “god” and the suicide was premature in his genetic design of the next incarnation not having been fully completed and this left some imperfections in the subsequent next reincarnation of so called “god”.

The Mossad as the personal intelligence agency of Israel’s first hereditary head of state become heavily colored by his own ideas and life history including its heavy operational focus on agents of seduction, something which later became true of the patriarchal intelligence world generally. Dönmeh sexual customs of ritual sex also came to strongly influence the heavily sexualized Mossad subculture as known for its sex parties.

In the last will of Israel’s first hereditary head of state was the next incarnation assigned as not only the next head of state but also as supreme head of the Mossad, Aman, Shabak and the IDF from birth with Silvia Hitler being assigned by the last will as the caretaker until the intelligence training of the next reincarnation of god was completed.

A British princess, biological daughter and favorite consort of Israel’s first hereditary head of state was assigned in the last will as the nursemaid of the next reincarnation of “god”. After Silvia Hitler and Sylvia Hitler attempted to ritually murder Israel’s toddler second hereditary head as part of a “satanist” sexual abuse ceremony in an unnamed European country did CDF (Vatican Intelligence) intervene through the social services and Israel’s second hereditary head of state was thus adopted by the nursemaid princess as well by the favorite son of Israel’s first hereditary head of state. They were prince and princess half-siblings who had been wed to each other in a secret Dönmeh religious ceremony of the Mossad.

The history of the Mossad is largely the history of Israel’s first and second hereditary heads of states. Due to Silvia Hitler having been assigned the role as caretaker for Israel’s second hereditary head of state did she effectively become the secret dictator of Israel in the 1972-2016 period with the partial, yet never completed takeover of the Mossad by the Argentina-based Gestapo international intelligence agency.

Although Silvia Hitler participated in various agent roles in the upbringing of Israel’s second hereditary head of state was a ferocious intelligence war waged between them for decades until Israel’s second hereditary head of state fully legally executed her in accordance with military law in 2016. This led to the abolition of the dysfunctional Mossad which was replaced by the TEVEL (Political Action and Liaison Department) which became the supervisory umbrella organization of the Israeli intelligence community in 2016. In 2017 did TEVEL break away from Israel in becoming a non-Israeli organization of international intelligence cooperation under the leadership of Israel’s second hereditary head of state and the Israeli royal court in exile as residing in Europe due to highly dangerous operational conditions in heavily Gestapo-infiltrated Israel.

Israeli intelligence agencies in being the world leader in intelligence training came to train intelligence agencies in eventually most countries. This was performed for police intelligence agencies worldwide by the Lishkat haModi’in (the Israeli Information Bureau or IB) namely Israeli police intelligence as controlled by the Gestapo in 1972-2005 and from 2005 by Ankara-based MB (Muslim Brotherhood) international intelligence agency. For non-police intelligence agencies (whether civilian or military) was this performed by the Mossad which although under Gestapo intelligence occupation ultimately remained loyal to Israel’s second hereditary head of state which Israel’s second hereditary head of state headed from birth in 1973 until its dissolution in 2016 when it was supplanted by the TEVEL which by that time had become the personal royal intelligence agency of Israel’s second hereditary head of state.

Global intelligence warfare between the Mossad and the Lishka was waged from 1972 until 2016 when the TEVEL took over the Mossad’s role in this regard. As most police intelligence agencies worldwide were trained by the Lishka and most other intelligence agencies worldwide were trained by the Mossad until its dissolution in 2016 did the entire world literally became an intelligence warfare battleground between Silvia Hitler and Israel’s second hereditary head of state. At the same time was there a constant civil war within the Mossad and within Mossad-allied intelligence agencies around the world in the Lishka/Gestapo/MB trying to take over them from within.

The demise of the Mossad had few mourners if any as the strategically dysfunctional although tactically still highly effective Mossad was supplanted by the TEVEL as based on increasingly optimal transparency and minimal secrecy in its global struggle for freedom, emancipation and democracy in resolutely defending the interests of every human people.

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