Apotheosis Training

Traditional religions conceive of a pantheon of divine figures as virtually always headed by one major overarching deity. In Abrahamic religions are the other divine figures referred to as “angels” while in so called “polytheistic” religions are some of the “angels” referred to as “gods”. And that is the only difference between the between so called “monotheistic” religions and the so called “polytheistic” religions, namely mere nomenclature as they all believe in a pantheon.


When studying comparative religion from the perspective of natural science is it essential to not reduce religions to the literalism/myth binary as religious claims and especially those universally espoused by virtually all traditional religions need be taken seriously and become investigated by innovative methodologies of exact natural sciences. Traditional narratives ought be taken seriously and especially when as so often virtually all religions variously express essentially the same thing.

The most advanced form of intelligence training is to learn to cognitively integrate the conscious and the subconscious for advanced operational purposes. This is based on making subconscious communication become relatively more conscious and learn to become able to engage in subconscious communication with multiple persons simultaneously. A person with significant cognitive potential for this is described in the intelligence world as a “god” and a “god” can be trained to simultaneously communicate with many, many persons. In the intelligence world is it estimated that there are hundreds of millions of “gods” worldwide as well as hundreds of millions “angels”, i.e. persons with more inherent potential in this regard than ordinary humans, yet certainly not as advanced potential as “gods”.

Of course, this should not be conceived of as in any way supernatural as this should be re-understood solely in terms of exact natural sciences. The way the terms “gods” and “angels” are used in the intelligence world is thus certainly not in any sense theological or religious. There is however great differences between “gods” as to the degree that “gods” are inherently endowed for this. There is thus a psychometric spectrum as spanning from ordinary humans over so called “angels” to so called “gods” including the spectrum among “gods” as spanning from those who cognitively more resemble “angels” to the more advanced with most “gods” falling somewhere in between.

Advanced intelligence training hence includes training persons in intelligent integration of the conscious and the subconscious and learning to become able to engage in simultaneous conscious-subconscious communication with as many fellow intelligence operatives as possible. This is essential in an operational field context as a commander in an intelligence operation involving many intelligence operatives need to be able to communicate quickly and simultaneously with many subordinate operatives. The most advanced trained “gods” in the intelligence world are as operative leaders simultaneously able to fully consciously communicate with hundreds of field operatives during an intelligence operation, including in a theater of major intelligence warfare.

While on the face of it may apotheosis training seem worthy, important and scientifically significant has its covert use by the patriarchal intelligence world presented significant problems. Apotheosis training had severely dystopian consequences in enabling mass enslavement of nearly everyone in the patriarchal intelligence world in the period between 1972 and 2016. The patriarchal intelligence world thus became increasingly totalitarian and apotheosis training unfortunately became the major factor in this regard. Furthermore, due to the covert nature of the intelligence world, its methods and techniques; could abuses continue unhindered and unabated indeed.

Learning to appropriately integrate the conscious and the subconscious is something that humans generally need become trained for. Non-human Animals are generally naturally well integrated in this regard in that humans constitute an evolutionary aberration rather than the ostensible pinnacle of evolution.

So called “gods” all over the world need rather be given genius training and geniuses need be stimulated into becoming universal geniuses as geniuses typically are endowed with capacity for developing genius in an unlimited fields of skills/knowledge. Other human beings whether so called “angels” or ordinary humans certainly need be fully assisted in ethico-economically optimizing their cognitive capacity for the benefit of themselves and their fellow persons whether human Animals or non-human persons indeed.

Transparency and scrutiny are essential in putting an end to the severe and systemic abuses in the patriarchal intelligence world. Indeed, intelligence patriarchy needs become uprooted and undone as part of the global feminist social revolution of universal emancipation. While apotheosis training is effective in training commanders in mass intelligence warfare is it essential that there is optimal transparency in the intelligence world in not only minimizing the withholding of knowledge from the public and within the intelligence world itself but it is also very much essential to make public the very methods that are already universally deployed by intelligence agencies all over the world.

The system of secret military courts within the intelligence world was never unbiased but cynically became part of the totalitarian command and control system of the intelligence world during the period of 1972-2016.

Organized religion is a patriarchy of systemic sexual exploitation (including the de facto and usually non-consensual patriarchal enslavement that is monogamy) and so it is essential that the largely overlapping claims in organized religion are taken seriously and fully and publicly subjected to rigorous scrutiny of exact natural sciences, including biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics at universities all over the world.

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