Aporia of Female Beautification

What is beauty and what does it mean in a performative sense to be beautiful? Patriarchal philosophy has systematically ignored issues of concern that are important to and common in the lives of girls and women in favor of discursive perpetuation of patriarchal carno-phallogocentrism.

Heavily primping females are typically motivated by extremely unrealistic erotic fantasies of encountering Prince Charming.

Beauty is the capability to project one’s interior by means of one’s exterior in a manner which others find appealing. Love is the state of introjectively appreciating others for projecting their interior through their exterior. This is why appreciation of beauty is often an important issue in love.

What does it mean to be a primping female and why does she primp? Primping is about desiring for one’s interior to become appreciated by means of one’s projective exterior. Primping females decidedly do not want to be appreciated merely for their looks alone.

If she does not primp will she risk becoming ignored and/or mistreated. If she does primp is this likely to attract attention of varying kinds, including unwanted types of attention.

Humans are herd animals and as such do humans tend to wish to be at the center of attention in a social context of human herd behavior. Primping females thus wish to draw attention to their own intrinsic personhoods by means of garnering attention as geared to cause intimate excitement in others.

Furthermore do primping females typically wish to raise their social stature in the female pecking order. Primping females thus typically wish to associate with females who are of similar or higher social stature in the female picking order as based on perceived sexual attractivity. Primping is the one of the ways of raising stature in the pecking order. Heavily primping females typically desire, yet fear casual sex and so considering the security risks as associated with casual sex is getting a physically attractive boyfriend a primary objective for heavily primping females. It is considered inappropriate among heavily primping females for a female to continue with heavy primping once she has a boyfriend. Her own consideration is that too heavy primping while she has a boyfriend will give her a reputation of being a so called “slut” and hence give her lowered stature in the pecking order of primping females.

The problem for heterocultural females is that they are just as shy as heterocultural males when it comes to initiate contact out of interpersonal attactration. Heterocultural males typically suffer psychologically from socially obliging expectations to initiate contact out of interpersonal attraction which most are unable to do without multiple “recreational drugs” such as alcohol. Heterocultural females themselves are just as fearful of initiating contact out of interpersonal attraction but are furthermore socially obliged not to do so and do risk patriarchal stigmatization by males and females alike as so called “sluts” if they do so.

Since casual sex presents such immense security complication are there three main ways for heterocultural females to gain sexual access, these are 1) heterocultural relationship, 2) sex work and 3) galsex. Gal sex (sex between heterocultural females) is widely practiced by females who are in parallel heterocultural relationships, yet living with another female means significantly lowered social stature and potentially even ostracization in the female pecking order. Sex work by extension means a high risk of enslavement in prostitution (more or less involuntary sex work). Heterocultural relationship is furthermore strongly socially expected by society and primping is an effective means to get so called “selection”, however the problem is that most of the males who contact females in the streets are players, pimps, psychopaths and of course johns.

Primping is in actual practice highly dangerous since thoroughly criminal Frankist police intelligence agencies prey on heavily primping females and coerce them into prostitution by means of rape at the police station. The procedure is the following. Two police officers “pick up” a teenage girl or young woman in the street by falsely accusing her of prostitution. At the police station is she told that she is in legal trouble and made to understand that fellatio is the way out. Nearly all females in that situation consent to fellatio and she is subsequently group raped by police officers and coerced into prostitution.

She is brought to a police intelligence brothel where she is coerced into having sex until she gets used and even becomes addicted to having so much sex. After that is she released from the brothel and given police intelligence training as a seduction agent. She typically has to stay two days per month at police intelligence brothels where is extorted by police intelligence into providing sexual services without compensation. She will remain regularly sexually exploited at police intelligence brothels without compensation by mostly male intelligence operatives/agents until she is no longer deemed to be in demand. Females victims who compain are very effectively dealt with and discredited by means of so called “intervention” by police intelligence psychiatric employees on instructions from police intelligence. If she contacts a journalist is she inconspicously “executed” by thoroughly criminal police intelligence with usually heart failure stated as cause of death in the fabricated forensic report as produced by police intelligence controlled forensic medicine.

Heavy female primping is highly risky considering that it is likely that she will be picked up by a 007 proactive seduction agent and if he does so on behalf of a patriarchal intelligence agency does she risk partial enslavement and sexual exploitation in part-time police intelligence prostitution. She also risks becoming drawn into police intelligence “protected” commercial prostitution if she gets into bed with a police intelligence pimp. Police intelligence in all countries take 30% of revenues from commercial prostitution under their “protection”.

Sexual exploitation by men with power is omnipresent everywhere in society in all countries, including at work where female subordinates have little choice but to provide free sexual services to their male managers if they wish to retain their jobs. These are not exceptions but the effective social norm in all countries.

While it may seem easy for sexually attractive teenage girls and young women to get to have as much sex as they wish with males is this actually difficult in practice consider the ever-present danger of becoming drawn into criminal police intelligence prostitution networks.

Police intelligence brothels were originally established by police intelligence in the early 1960s with the purpose of providing better working conditions, economic security and safe working conditions for already established sex workers.

It is clear that police intelligence brothels everywhere must be closed down. All enslaved prostitutes need become liberated by national military feminist action in strict compliance with law and sex workers need become fully emancipated as part of universal emancipation of strictly law-abiding feminist social revolution.

The Intelligence Entrapment Methods documentation project.