Apophatic Epistemology

Apophatic epistemology is a barely secularized form of Christian apophatic theology; meaning the notion that certain fields of knowledge ought be excluded from rigorous scientific study.


Apophatic epistemology was once policed by the Vatican and Vatican intelligence agencies and this role was during the course of the 20th century taken over by the patriarchal intelligence world whose systemic abuses and illegal exercise of power over the lives of citizens are premised on withholding essential information from citizens.

As the scope of research in the intelligence world increasingly grew to more and more fields of study has the patriarchal intelligence world become increasingly active in academia in doctoral candidates frequently being recruited as gentleman/lady seduction agents. Genius has become increasingly rare in academia since nearly all “disappear” into service in intelligence world research laboratories away from public eye. The patriarchal intelligence world generally withholds its scientific results and technologies from the general public. Israel is the main partial exception where many advanced technologies are regularly released for civilian usage worldwide.

The problem is that as the intelligence world develops science and technologies in more and more areas and fields does the patriarchal intelligence world increasingly operationally intervene against researchers perceived as “encroaching” onto fields of knowledge and technologies of intelligence science and intelligence technology. It should be added that scientific standards in the intelligence world are very, very low due to the absence of independent criticism; yet by keeping the academic world and the general public ignorant about its science and technology has the patriarchal intelligence world continued to be able to use its scientific/technological advantage as an effective operational leverage in order to abuse and exploit citizens, including for purposes of coercive intelligence recruitment/training.

Since the patriarchal intelligence world is premised on abusive epistemological privileges as wholly unrelated to national security in withholding important science and technology from the general public is it essential to declassify the patriarchal intelligence world by publicizing its professional “secrets” as widely known and practiced within the global intelligence world generally. This does not threaten national security considering that the intelligence world withholds its operational methods from the general public and academia despite these methods being widely internationally used by rival intelligence agencies globally.

Apophatic epistemology needs be thoroughly exposed as the scientific fraud and Para-Christian fallacy that it truly is indeed and so the trade secrets of the intelligence world simply require near total exposure in order to terminate its pervasive and systemic abuses indeed.

The Eurolect – Politics of the Para-Christian documentation project

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