Anti-LGBTQI Persecution

Anti-LGBTQI persecution exists in every country and is everywhere conducted by the police and police intelligence. In countries where LGBTQI persons have not yet been emancipated is it performed openly by uniformed police officers while in democracies where LGBTQI persons have been formally legally emancipated is it mostly conducted more discreetly by plainclothes police intelligence operatives in order so as to elude detection.

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Persecution against LGBTQI persons is thus a global phenomena and is everywhere conducted, organized and executed by thoroughly criminal police intelligence agencies as symbiotic with organized crime, including as “protecting” organized prostitution rackets.

Police intelligence have various means at its disposal for forcing LGBTQI persons back into the closet. These include police violence (including by dispatched security guards as operating on instructions from the police), street harassment, dispatching criminal gangs to rape and prostitute an overt LGBTQI person, psychiatric abuse, deliberately falsely accusing LGBTQI of being sex offenders as well as para-military police mock trials where an LGBTQI person is typically accused and charged with a non-crime.

The police however is a highly bureaucratic organization and so they are stupid enough to meticulously document their own crimes. The police forces are reactionary patriarchal institutions where sexual exploitation and sexual harassment are the norm. The police in being a thoroughly criminal institution as symbiotic with organized crime is unconcerned with upholding law, yet are very much concerned with upholding patriarchal ethnocracy with its cultural hegemony of structural oppression under which the police can commit crimes freely, including sexually harassing, molesting, exploiting and raping any person of any gender or age. Due to prosecutors in non-appeal courts being “protectively recruited” by police intelligence do thoroughly criminal police officers generally (as not limited to police intelligence operatives) have effective immunity from prosecution unless having already been individually publicly exposed.

The police has always been a criminal institution, yet police intelligence has become increasingly symbiotic with organized crime since 1972, including as “protecting” exploiters in organized prostitution. LGBTQI persons are considered suitable both as commercial prostitutes and as agents of seduction (i.e. intelligence prostitutes) and so the thoroughly criminal police intelligence will make every effort to coercively recruit sexually attractive persons with overt LGBTQI lifestyles to police intelligence which means that they become systematically commercially prostituted in police-protected criminal prostitution rackets as well.

Anti-LGBTQI persecution is global reality as documented by human rights organizations and since the police as fully controlled by thoroughly criminal Frankist police intelligence agencies need all police officers who have abusively sexually exploited any member of the public become sentenced to execution under military law. This is the only way to restore law and order as collapsing in countries around the world due to criminal police forces “protecting” organized crime as operating under the aegis of police intelligence under “profit-sharing” agreements where the thoroughly criminal police intelligence generally receives 30% of all income from organized crime as operating under its “protection”. Non-appeal courts as fully controlled by the police are obviously part of the problem rather than the solution and so officers of non-appeal courts who have participated in police intelligence practices of abusive sexual exploitation need thus be sentenced to execution as well.

Military law never abolished capital punishment in any country and the staggering crimes as routinely committed by police officers (including participation in Frankist criminal ritual activities) means that there are really no excuses whatsoever for their behaviors. As Frankist sects spread not only in police intelligence but also elsewhere among police officers as well is it clear that exceptional measures are needed to defend law and order. It should be pointed out that this does not apply to law-abiding police employees although law-abiding police officers almost does not exist in the thoroughly criminal police subculture. Exceptional measures are need in defense of emancipation, freedom and democracy in order so as to comprehensively defeat existential enemies of open society.

The Intelligence Entrapment Methods documentation project.