Anti-Kurdish Persecution in Europe

Politically active Kurds suffer police persecution in all countries of Western Europe. We should ask ourselves why this is so considering that the passionately pro-democratic Kurdish liberation movement very strictly does not perform any acts that contravene the international laws of war and thus never commits acts of terrorism but has rather become a world-leading anti-terrorist force in its self-governing feminist state of Rojava in West Kurdistan and North Syria in having already defeated and crushed the Islamic State Caliphate (DAESH).

The global feminist social revolution will end ethnocratic patriarchy.

Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme (born in 1927 and executed in 1986) was an intelligence operative of the Soviet KGB global intelligence agency. Palme was recruited by the KGB already as a student and fully voluntarily so and underwent extensive Soviet elite intelligence training.

Sweden was a central battleground for intelligence warfare during the Cold War between the Soviet bloc and the Western bloc, something which made Sweden strategically important to both sides. Sweden and Finland belong to the founding members of the NATO alliance, yet their memberships were never made known to the general public out of concern for shortening the battlefront in any potential war in Europe by keeping the Nordic countries out of any major war between NATO and the Warsaw Pact. Sweden developed its own nuclear arsenal in the 1960s and is now a major nuclear military power with a vast missile arsenal and an air force which is by far larger than is officially known.

In becoming the leader of the Sweden’s Social Democratic party and prime minister as the leader of the dominant political party did Olof Palme become a major Soviet intelligence asset in Western Europe as well as in international diplomacy. In having been protectively recruited by MUST (Sweden’s Military Intelligence and Security Service) and fully coercively so, did Palme turn into a useful double agent for MUST despite him openly promoting Soviet foreign policy positions with regard to non-European countries, including overt hostility against the United States.

At some point did he become an increasingly severe threat to national security which meant that not prosecuting him presented far more risks than advantages. The military intelligence documentation of his crimes had very been extensive for a very long time and when the Swedish royal family which always commanded MUST ordered an impeachment process was his case handed over to a MUST secret military special tribunal which after an extensive and thorough judicial process found him guilty of high treason, sentenced him to capital punishment and judicially ordered execution under long-standing Swedish military law. The head of the Swedish IB (the Information Bureau, i.e. Swedish police intelligence) was simultaneously also an elite MUST intelligence operative and was ordered by MUST to execute the despicable traitor and that is also what happened.

Olof Palme was thus executed by the head of Swedish police intelligence who needed a scapegoat to blame for the execution and so was the then Marxist-Leninist PKK movement officially blamed by the police for the fully legal judicial execution. The PKK at time was a tool for the GRU, Soviet military intelligence and since the IB was tasked with fighting Soviet intelligence infiltration as one of its main tasks did the head of the Swedish IB decide that the PKK was a useful scapegoat indeed.

No one in the PKK movement has ever been prosecuted for the Palme execution in which the PKK movement had no involvement whatsoever. Both Palme and the PKK movement at the time were important Soviet international intelligence assets and so there was never any logic whatsoever as to the patently false accusation that the PKK was ostensibly responsible for the execution. The PKK furthermore had no interest whatsoever in Palme’s death as both Palme and the PKK at the time were part of the same Soviet international political global agenda.

By never closing the police investigation into the execution of Olof Palme did it become possible for police intelligence agencies in Western Europe to perform permanent and indefinite harassment against politically active Kurds on behalf of the Turkish MIT intelligence agency. International IB and the IB-controlled Interpol did thus turn into the long arm of MIT which enabled MIT to indirectly harass and persecute any Kurd which they simply wished to harass and persecute in any Interpol member state.

The official Palme police investigation in Sweden never leads to any results despite every year consuming vast financial resources and the purpose of its perpetuation is simply to serve as a legal excuse for continued police intelligence harassment and persecution against politically active Kurds not only in Sweden but indeed indeed throughout Western Europe.

Politically active Kurds in Western Europe suffer constant harassment by police intelligence (the Information Bureaus or IBs) in police intelligence working around the clock to use mostly illegal means to embitter and ruin the lives of fully law-abiding Kurdish social activists. The persecution is especially intense and overt in Germany but the Anti-Kurdish police intelligence persecution takes place across Western Europe in Kurdish activists being denied basic civil rights such as freedom of speech as delimited by law.

The PKK movement has since long been de-radicalized and abandoned communism for feminism and its current internal name is FLM, the Feminist Liberation Movement. The FLM in running the world’s most effective, successful and ethical military anywhere. International FLM intelligence has very close working relationships with militaries around the world, including with all Western militaries and trains elite feminist forces in many countries and furthermore trains their military officers in feminist military battle doctrine.

From once having been a tool for totalitarianism did the PKK turn into a major counter-terrorism force in establishing the first feminist state (Rojava) in world history in West Kurdistan and North Syria. Yet the police intelligence persecution continued unabated. One important reason was that the Communist PKK funded itself by means of drug trafficking from Afghanistan to Europe and so competed with other drug trafficking routes as controlled by thoroughly criminal police intelligence agencies as already then fully symbiotic with organized crime in having since long recruited and trained too many skilled criminals as police intelligence operatives.

The IBs were founded by the Mossad in 1962, yet were taken over by the Argentina-based Gestapo in 1972 which controlled them until 2005 when these were taken over by Ankara-based AKP intelligence, an affiliate of the then Riyadh-based Muslim Brotherhood (MB) international intelligence agency. A global intelligence warfare ensued from 1972 and onwards between the partially Gestapo-controlled Mossad and the fully Gestapo-controlled Israeli IB, the Lishkat haModi’in, namely Israeli police intelligence which commands all the other IBs and trains most police intelligence agencies worldwide although since 2005 being exclusively commanded by MB intelligence from Ankara.

When the PKK movement after years of diplomatic efforts succeeded in aligning itself with Israel in 2004 after having long since been abandoned by Syria and the GRU alike did this in 2005 after the MB takeover of the Lishka and the others IBs become another reason for police intelligence in Western Europe to persecute the PKK movement. Although the PKK movement as from that point was organized as an Israeli intelligence agency did it not perform political action on behalf of Israel, yet the PKK movement was nevertheless accused of performing international political action on behalf of the Mossad in Europe. This was of course yet another excuse for persecuting Kurds on behalf of Turkish intelligence as part of international IB’s extremely close intelligence cooperation with Turkish intelligence.

After the IBs and by extension the effectively IB-controlled Interpol were hijacked by AKP/MB intelligence in 2005 were the IBs commanded from Ankara and so the relationship changed from cooperation to subordination and now under the international MB (Muslim Brotherhood) global intelligence agency which long enjoyed unlimited Saudi state funding. State-sanctioned and state-funded organized processes of Islamization at that point ensued in many Western countries.

Yet the racist anti-Kurdish organized police intelligence harassment against law-abiding Kurdish social activists continued in the thoroughly criminal IBs systematically deploying usually illegal means in its systematic and organized intelligence persecution against European Kurds. The permanent Palme police investigation continued to serve as the international fig leaf for the Interpol-led police intelligence persecution against Kurds in many countries and so this persecution will end with the full liquidation of thoroughly criminal police intelligence agencies and the abolition of the police generally to be supplanted by state-salaried feminist self-defense forces as already in feminist Rojava and as committed to ending structural oppression generally.

As the Turkish AKP regime aligned itself with the Iranian IRGC regime in 2017 did the IBs commence persecuting European Kurds on behalf of the IRGC as well. The AKP regime long sponsored the Islamic State Caliphate (DAESH) and continue to sponsor Syrian al Qaida (the Nusra Front) and other Jihadist militias in Syria while letting international al Qaida maintain its global headquarters in Ankara. The IRGC regime is a major state sponsor of terrorism around the world, including through its affiliate Hezbollah which is closely aligned with drug cartels of the Western hemisphere. The thoroughly criminal IBs did hence became operational tools of international state Jihadism in fully criminally systematically persecuting innocent citizens of Europe on behalf the criminally Jihadist regimes in Ankara and Tehran.

This severe threat against open society and liberal democracy will clearly only end with the liquidation of police intelligence and the full abolition of the patriarchal police.

The Intelligence Entrapment Methods documentation project.