Anti-Autistic Psychiatric Abuse

Hans Asberger (1906-1980)

High-Functioning Autism (HFA or “asperger syndrome”) was originally referred to as “autistic psychopathology” by Hans Asperger who pioneered the study of the field in Nazi-occupied Austria in the 1940s.

The reason why he first considered autists with average to high IQs as “psychopaths” is the significant comorbidity between ASD (Autism spectrum disorders) and antisocial personality disorders (psychopathy). Psychopathy is part of the ADHD spectrum with 80% of teenagers with ADHD developing psychopathy as adults. As 50% of autistist also have ADHD does this mean a very significant overrepresentation of psychopathy among austists with 40% of chronologically adult autistic persons developing psychopathy. Of course that also means that 60% of autists are not psychopaths.

Psychiatry is a highly antiquated entity and a world of its own which certainly does not operate as according to normal medical and scientific criteria. Autists are diagnostically divided into two groups on the basis of measured IQ, somethings which means that diagnosing autistism is a highly racialized practice. The threshold of diagnosis for intellectual disability (“mental retardation”) is IQ 70.

If a person has lower IQ than 70 can almost any social irregularity be used to claim that the person is so called “mentally retarded”. This disproportionately affects persons as belonging to genetic groups with a “lower” average IQs than the psychometrically normative English genogenic IQ 100 since members of these other human genetic groups routinely are routinely misdiagnosed with cognitive disability on vast scale with 16% of African Americans children being put in special education which is a euphemism for segregated schools for children deemed to be “mentally retarded”. Since only 2% of children generally in the United States are put in special education is this of course simply blatant racism.

The IQ 70 threshold is also determinative for subdividing autists into Kanner’s syndrome, meaning autistic persons as diagnosed as “mentally retarded” and Asperger’s syndrome (High Functioning Autism or HFA) as defined as autistic persons having “normal or high IQ”, meaning any individual IQ score above or significantly above IQ 69.

Most persons as measured for IQ have symmetric scores on the different test batteries of the IQ test, meaning that they score near identical test results on all test batteries, something which indeed validates the existence of G (general intelligence) as G is indeed the very psychometric property that is measured by IQ tests. Autistic persons in contrast generally have asymmetric results on IQ tests, meaning that they score differently at different test batteries.

The general reason why this is so is that autistic persons perform differently as depending on whether they are focused or not and focus is mostly although not exclusive determined by whether the autistic person finds any subject matter interesting. Personal interest is in psychological terms simply a form of motivation and a promise of receiving one million US dollars after completing the test is highly likely to create focus as well. These of course are not the only forms of motivations in creating focus but personal interest is in practice usually the one which determines how well an autistic person will score on a psychometric test battery in an IQ test and many other psychometric tests. Distracting factors that reduce focus may also adversely affect test results. These include taunting prior to psychometric testing and factors such as bad weather, traffic noise and the almost inaudible sounds of ventilation systems which tend to trigger neurological exhaustion due to the presence of sensory oversensivity in many autistic persons.

There are thus many factors which affect the results of IQ testing of autistic persons, meaning that IQ testing is relatively less reliable and certainly less precise with regard to autistic persons. Of course, it would be possible to give autistic persons participating in IQ tests test questions in fields that interest them and tests could be administered in their own homes so as to eliminate factors which adversely affect test results. However, the problem is compounded by the fact that many autistic persons live in environments which cause more or less permanent neurological exhaustion. These factors include: 1) Use of clothes which trigger sensory oversensitivity which often unbeknownst to the sensorially oversensitive person and the person’s relatives trigger neurological exhaustion. 2) Outside noise such as from traffic, passing trains, passing aeroplanes, noise from a nearby schoolyard and nearby industrial noise. 3) Odors present from within the home such as from chemicals. 4) Strong lights whether from within the home or intruding into the home.

Most autistic persons in economically developed countries thus live in home environments which are distinctly unsuited for them and which make them significantly more functionally impaired than they would otherwise be. It needs be emphasized that this impairment is strictly temporary in the sense that it ends once the autistic person no longer is constantly subjected to these invasive stimuli. However, the constant or near constant neurological exhaustion may nevertheless have secondary consequences in terms of impaired psychological health generally such as low self-esteem, depression, dysphoria etc. These secondary effects are typically misinterpreted by psychiatry as signs of insanity when in fact these are simply consequences of autistic persons living in technological environments which have distinctly not been adapted in consideration and respect of functional limitations of autistic persons. Autistic persons comprise 1% of humanity.

Psychiatry was historicall founded by Vatican intelligence, now known as the CDF and then still known as the “Inquisition” as a more enlightened form of Inquisition whereby persons deemed to be “satanists” were instantly executed and others other were subjected to pseudo-medical “exorcism” as performed in a pseudo-clinical setting. Although psychiatry was originally formed as a CDF intelligence outfit did other intelligence agencies increasingly become involved as well in the workings of psychiatry as well.

Psychiatrists have always acted upon instructions from covert military/paramilitary courts which from the inception of psychiatry formed part of its command and control system. CDF largely lost control over psychiatry as beginning in 1962 when police intelligence agencies and military intelligence agencies became tasked with in parallel protectively recruiting many psychiatric staff.

This means that psychiatry was not only founded as a CDF intelligence outfit in creating a seemingly more “scientific”, yet actually pseudo-scientific facade for for exorcism and inquisition but psychiatry became an arena for intelligence warfare whereby competing intelligence agencies increasingly competed for protective recruitment of psychiatric staff with the result that many psychiatric staff typically suffered dual intelligence recruitment in typically simultaneously being agents of police intelligence and military intelligence. Foreign intelligence agencies including the CDF and the KGB in parallel continued to recruit psychiatric staff for operational purposes. This is so as psychiatry turned into a particularly effective tool for political suppression and coercive intelligence recruitment. Intelligence psychiatric abuse began on a large scale in Nazi Germany in 1933, spread to the Soviet Union in 1945 and to Western countries in 1972. This was based upon systematic abuse of inquisitional manuals in systematic and deliberate misinterpretation of target persons.

From having been originally founded as a means for protecting the public from evildoers did psychiatry increasingly evolve into the very opposite. It needs bed emphasize that psychiatry from inception as a CDF intelligence outfit was patently unscientific and pseudoscientific indeed.

Psychiatry systematically treats autistic persons in accordance with Hans Asperger’s original description of High-Functioning Autism (HFA or “asperger syndrome”) as so called “autistic psychopathology”. However, Hans Asperger’s research on high-functioning autism only became officially known when Lorna Wing published an article in Nature with the name “Asperger Syndrome” in rediscovering the research of Hans Asperger from the 1940s.

Hans Asperger’s research was however certainly not in any way unknown to the Gestapo which found it highly useful indeed. Academic science is complemented by intelligence science which operates by entirely different standards than academia. Intelligence science is less theoretical and more applied science in generally operating by means of R&D laboratories in seeking to develop further application as deemed potentially useful by intelligence agencies.

Intelligence psychiatry is however not an independent field in intelligence science in rather forming part of the intelligence science of physiognomy. The patriarchal intelligence world systematically discourages and does indeed prevent academic research in fields of knowledge as deemed exclusive to intelligence science. However it is nevertheless common for intelligence science and academic science to run in parallel and in psychiatry not only having been founded as an intelligence outfit but having developed into an arena of permanent intelligence warfare between competing intelligence agencies has official psychiatry always been completely subordinate intelligence physiognomy.

The question of course arises why this is so? The explanation is that physiognomy has always been the science par excellence of inquisition in physiognomy being precisely CDF inquisitional science whereby the science of physiognomy was systematically deployed for identifying so called “satanists” and persons persons deemed to suffer from so called “demonic possession”.

Intelligent psychopaths are considered highly useful as potential intelligence operatives and so did the Gestapo take great interest in Hans Asperger’s research in systematically subjecting high-functioning autistic persons to coercive intelligence recruitment. The pseudo-scientific label of “autistic psychopathology” became fully established within the Gestapo and did after Germany’s 1945 defeat become established in intelligence physiognonomy generally worldwide.

The Gestapo systematically exterminated autistic persons as deemed to be what was known as “mentally retarded” (i.e. having intellectual disability) and autists with IQ levels as deemed “normal to high” were systematically coercively recruited by the Gestapo in close cooperation with German psychiatry which was also fully complicit in identifying “mental retardation” for the purpose of extermination on purely economic grounds.

High-functioning autists were considered especially suitable for intelligence gathering purposes as well as in coordinating roles as regards what is euphemistically known as “covert intelligence communication”, i.e. professional neurological communication. High-functioning autists were also widely deployed in the chain of command as so called “handlers” whereby they conveyed instructions to agents/operatives from their own superiors in the intelligence hierarchy.

The Soviet KGB and from 1945 Argentina-based Gestapo continued their global intelligence recruitment activities with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) having been founded in 1947 as the American branch of the by then fully Argentina-based Gestapo. The Gestapo at the time had already widely infiltrated military intelligence agencies around the world and these after 1945 increasingly turned into tools of the Gestapo with police intelligence agencies around the world falling under full Gestapo control in 1972 with the demise of CDF operative 001, the founder of the Mossad and of the state of Israel.

As the CDF increasingly lost control over psychiatry to the Mossad, to the Gestapo and to the KGB did psychiatric intelligence abuse increasingly become prevalent in psychiatry in countries around the world. Rather than acting as inquisitional tool did psychiatry increasingly become a tool for those whom the Inquisition originally intended to target in Frankist intelligence sects increasingly wresting control over the intelligence world.

Since high-functioning autists were deemed so highly useful for covert intelligence communication did competing intelligence services increasingly deploy psychiatry around the world for purposes of coercive intelligence recruitment. Tactics include pseudo-medically drugging high functioning autists with antipsychotic drugs so as to weaken their defenses and thus make them more amenable to coercive intelligence recruitment, psychiatric staff seducing HFA (High Functioning Autistic) persons for purposes of intelligence recruitment and generally threatening high IQ autistic persons with coercive intelligence recruitment in case they did continue to resist coercive intelligence recruitment.

Psychiatric action against HFA persons is extra-judicially performed on instructions from covert military and paramilitary courts which perform systematic miscarriage of justice for the purpose of performing systematic coercive intelligence recruitment.

Formally is this performed on the excuse of HFA persons ostensibly being dangerous intelligent psychopaths who potentially pose threats to the security of the general public and national security alike. Originally was it claimed that autists suffered demonic possession and therefore needed become subject to so called “exorcism” but as the CDF increasingly lost control over psychiatry were pseudo-scientific psychiatry increasingly deployed for intelligence persecution against autistic persons for purposes of coercive intelligence recruitment. Autistic persons are “infamous” in the intelligence world due to the typically tremendous difficulty in recruiting them and so intelligence seduction/rape, police sexual extortion, honey traps and psychiatric harassment were thus prominently deployed for purposes of coercive intelligence recruitment of HFA persons.

Talented HFA persons are habitually declared “mentally ill” by pseudo-scientific psychiatry and this practice is in fact particularly well documented. Autism of course is a type of neurological impairment and not a mental illness at all but since psychiatrists extra-judicially act upon orders from kangaroo courts of competing intelligence agencies does physionomistic inquisitional persecution continue under yet new excuses.

The claim that talented persons with HFA are more prone to psychosis has no basis whatsoever but is rather the result of coercive intelligence recruitment operations as deploying psychiatry as a tool to pressure autistic persons. It is furthermore almost only talented HFA persons among persons on the autistic spectrum who are targeted for misdiagnosis and subsequent psychiatric abuse. HFA persons are thus systematically stigmatized as “insane” despite certainly not being so and this practice continues due to psychiatrists illegally acting upon instructions from military/paramilitary intelligence kangaroo courts.

Psychiatry in being a pseudo-scientific and largely corrupt practice in systematically acting against the interests of citizens on behalf of both domestic and foreign intelligence agencies needs become fully abolished. This is not deny the need for doctors of psychology but most psychiatrists have no degree in psychology, let alone doctorates in psychology. Their only formal education is that of doctors of anatomy and in practice do they operate as tools of pseudo-scientific intelligence physiognomy. Psychiatry is essentially nothing more than state repression whether performed domestically or abroad with intelligence kangaroo courts ordering systematic abuse against HFA persons for the illegal purpose of coercive intelligence recruitment as heavily involving intelligence prostitution.

The patriarchal intelligence world is a thoroughly criminal one with psychiatry essentially operating as one of its many outward branches. Sexual abuse is pervasive in the patriarchal intelligence world with seduction operations (i.e. intelligence prostitution) operating as the main activity of intelligence operatives. There is no question that the pseudo-scientific physiognomistic practice of psychiatry needs become fully supplanted by Applied Psychology as fully based in natural science.

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