Anthropology of the Intelligence World

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WW2 cautionary American poster seeking to create public awareness of the significant dangers entailed with Nazi German seduction agents.

There is little to no external transparency & accountability in the intelligence world and so the rest of the world knows little about the anthropologically seemingly peculiar customs that are prevalent throughout the hermetically closed subculture of the global intelligence world. (documentation project)

The lack of transparency, lack of accountability, absence of rule of law and lack of respect for freedom and democracy are particularly severe social deficits in the intelligence world and so it is essential to bring transparency & accountability to this increasingly dystopian global subculture which although embedded in general society is virtually hermetically closed from public oversight and external scrutiny.

The increasingly growing scope of intelligence wars have made intelligence agencies increasingly expand to the point that even intelligence agencies of liberal democracies increasingly pose a threat to the viability of open societies as social elites are increasingly widely subjected to “protective intelligence recruitment”, including coercive recruitment although intelligence recruitment is usually “voluntary” albeit most recruits would not accept recruitment were they aware what indeed awaits them.


Intelligence operatives are mostly recruited from elites and so adult male intelligence operatives maintain men’s networks who help each other careerwise as most intelligence operatives make a living from careers outside of the intelligence world.


Intelligence agencies have executive powers to silence and/or discredit journalists deemed harmful. A journalist deemed a threat may simply be executed. 


The intelligence world falls under the jurisdiction of secret military courts which however in practice are politicized and non-independent. Intelligence operatives have immunity from prosecution in the official system of justice.


The intelligence world produces much culture so as to influence the outside world and particularly so for propaganda purposes, including for making intelligence recruitment seem attractive.


Many intelligence operatives die in battle in intelligence wars and primarily so in hostile lands. Intelligence operatives who are degraded by certain illnesses (e.g. becoming senile) or substance abuse are executed so as to preempt any and all potential leaks and voluntary euthanasia for old age is therefore common.


The intelligence world is reluctant to share information about itself and is also keen to preventively discredit any whistleblowers. Correct information about the intelligence world is disseminated in ways intended to discredit the correct information itself in case any potential whistleblower would like to bring it to public attention.


The intelligence world has secret budgets that are far larger than is officially known. In some countries such as Argentina (Gestapo) and Israel (Mossad) has this for decades put a considerable burden and strain on the general economy.


The intelligence world is ethnically diverse and ethnically inclusive although intelligence directors are typically natives of the countries which they are set to serve.

Fake identities

Intelligence agencies produce genuine IDs and genuine passports for fake operational identities. Large numbers of fake identities are thus part of official population registries and it is common for an intelligence operative to live with multiple legal identities. Also several intelligence operative may share in the performance of one particular official identity.


The intelligence world is a patriarchy and females are essentially treated like sexual slaves by the men who control the intelligence world. Intelligence directors are entitled to marry any intelligence operative of any gender without her consent and this is typically temporary marriage and does not require consent as all intelligence operatives are in lifelong servitude and have as trained prostitutes the formal status of sexual slaves.


If someone is executed or murdered by an intelligence agency is this as normal procedure covered up in the forensic report and a heart attack is usually stated as the cause of death.


The intelligence world has offices inside organizations of other entities such as the police, military and private companies owned by intelligence directors. Offices are typically spread out in many locations although there are also large centralized institutions for electronic mass surveillance.


Capital punishment is practided everywhere in the global intelligence world and indeed so in every country and is in theory exercised by secret military courts. In practice however has a handler discretion to execute an intelligence operative on his own initiative provided that he gains approval from his own handler and that due to urgency of time constraints there is no time for a formal session in a secret military court.

Gender ideology

Intelligence operations are executed as part of a hegemonic gender ideology which rightly assumes that sexuality is the Achilles’ heel of most human beings above a certain developmental age. This quasi-scientific ideology which poses as an ostensible subdiscipline of psychology has however severe Eurocentric, cisnormative, heteronormative bias of unscientific biological determinism although embracing paraphilia and functional bisexuality.


Training to become proficient in a diversity of genders is part of the training of intelligence operatives.


Every intelligence operative answers to her handler who in turn answers to his own handler. This constitutes a chain of command as virtually everyone in the intelligence world has a handler of his own.


Totalitarian ideologies are fronts for secretive Satanist cults and so elites in totalitarian movements are mostly covertly practicing Satanists who worship what they believe to be extraterrestrials. Western intelligence agencies have little respect for freedom and democracy and have come to ideologically increasingly resemble the Crypto-Satanist totalitarian adversaries whom they are tasked to fight and defend against.

Immunity from prosecution

Intelligence operative do not fall under the jurisdiction of official courts and there are few restrictions on sexual practice. It is common for intelligence directions to engage in economic crime such as money laundering schemes and this goes unpunished. Rape is also not considered illegal unless causing physical harm.


Incest is considered legal in the intelligence world and parents having sex with their own children is not only normal but normative indeed.

Infant sacrifice

As organized Satanism is common in the intelligence world is ritual sacrifice of human infants and subsequent cannibalistic ritual Satanist meals unfortunately not entirely uncommon. Some practicing Satanists sacrifice their own children although in most cases are infant orphans from poor countries used for infant ritual sacrifice. Leading Satanists commonly torture their own young children as part of Satanist rituals. Children older than infants are only rarely sacrificed. Child sacrifice was cross-culturally relatively widely practiced in the ancient world.

Intelligence brothels

The intelligence world runs its own intelligence brothels which are typically hugely profitable private commercial enterprises as owned by intelligence directors, yet obviously pay no taxes. This is used for external entrapment purposes but also to reward successful intelligence operatives and for intelligence directors to exploit anyone whom they somehow wish to sexually exploit. Children of intelligence operatives serve in and spend considerable time in intelligence brothels from an early age. Child intelligence brothels are particularly effective in sexual entrapment for sexual extortion in coercive intelligence recruitment. Children are sexually exploited almost from birth.

Intelligence communication

Intelligence operatives are trained in animal communication and that is the predominant mode of communication between handler and agent and indeed for all professional communication between intelligence operatives.

Intelligence conquest

Entire societies and entire countries may be conquered through mass intelligence warfare. As global intelligence wars increasingly grow in scope do intelligence agencies maintain growing armies of intelligence operatives who engage in territorial conquest by means of seduction, sexual extortion and coercive recruitment in hostile lands.

Intelligence infiltration  

Infiltrating each other is one of the main tasks of intelligence agencies and so being an agent of intelligence agencies of multiple countries is common indeed and considered nothing out of the ordinary. If an intelligence agent is trained by an intelligence agency of another country is it understood that she is trained to become a double agent. Trained double agents are considered highly useful in joint operations involving intelligence agencies of more than one country. The transnational intelligence world is not limited by national or patriotic loyalties and even intelligence agencies of countries hostile to each other are typically heavily integrated due to mutual mass infiltration.

Intelligence operatives

An intelligence operative is expected to become a full-fledged professional criminal in being a professional murderer, skilled at fraud and breaking into facilities as well as a professional prostitute ready to have sexual relations with anyone whether either assigned to do so or due to operational contingencies.

Intelligence sharing

Friendly intelligence agencies share intelligence data with each other and intelligence agencies whose countries have similar official political ideologies typically engage in joint operations and are indeed deeply integrated with each other.

Intelligence wars

As asymmetric warfare mostly supplanted traditional warfare between regular armies is intelligence warfare increasingly supplanting asymmetric warfare although asymmetric warfare is still prominently utilized by Jihadists worldwide.

Language training

Intelligence operatives are not only taught foreign languages but are furthermore trained to speak with genuine local accents.


There are no restrictions on numbers, age or gender for the purpose of marriage. If an intelligence director wishes to marry one more intelligence operative of any age or gender is it not allowed to refuse. Matchmaking is common in the intelligence world whereby two persons are arranged to marry and also become professional partners of each other in covert operations.


Military intelligence agencies are part of the intelligence world and all higher officers of the military generally are also trained intelligence operatives.


There is no legal distinction between children and adults in the intelligence world and children of intelligence operatives automatically inherit the default legal slave status of their parents. Children are sexually exploited from an early age and technically so for sexual training purposes.


Intelligence operations are strictly standardized and little operational deviation is permitted. While there are some cultural variations are most standard operations essentially the same in all intelligence agencies worldwide.

Organizational culture

The intelligence world has a military-style organizational culture yet without formal hierarchic distinctions other than between handler and agent. Totalitarian states are fully controlled by intelligence agencies and the growing influence of increasingly totalitarian intelligence agencies of and within liberal democracies in recent decades has thus become an increasingly severe and existential threat to open society generally.


The intelligence world is traditionally run by middle-aged men who typically abuse their positions for economic gain and are fully free to sexually exploit any and all intelligence operatives and their children.


Intelligence agencies disseminate propaganda so as to create an image of intelligence services as patriotic institutions when in fact they are rather tasked with defending state ideologies and so countries with similar state ideologies are deeply integrated with each other in the intelligence sphere.


Hedonism is the predominant lifestyle & philosophy in the intelligence world excepting Islamist intelligence agencies.


Police forces are generally controlled by national intelligence agencies and the police is a common front for the intelligence world, including for intelligence sexual entrapment and subsequent police sexual extortion for the purpose of coecive intelligence recruitment. Intelligence training is compulsory for career police officers and so are career police officers part of the intelligence world in every respect.


While being an intelligence operative is a wide and general profession are there three main types of intelligence operatives, these are 1) decoy seduction agents, 2) proactive seduction agents and 3) rape agents.


Prostitution in the sense as involuntary sex work is socio-sexual norm in the intelligence world and all intelligence operatives and their children are trained to become skilled prostitutes, including through compulsory service in intelligence brothels.

Recreational drugs

All recreational drugs are legal in the intelligence world and so the lifespan for an intelligence operative may for this reason become relatively short and in those cases typically end with execution.


There are two types of intelligence recruitment; coercive and nominally voluntary. Coercive recruitment usually takes place as part of compulsory military conscription or through sexual extortion. The intelligence world may recruit precisely anyone they want, including simply for sexual exploitation and it is almost but not entirely impossible to elude coercive recruitment.


Sought after traits in potential recruits are courage, talent and intelligence. Members of social elites of all kinds are the ones most vulnerable to recruitment.


The intelligence world is extremely secular in most countries while Islamist in Islamist countries. Satanism is common in the intelligence world and they believe themselves to worship extraterrestrials.


Organized Satanism including human sacrifice of infants is common in the intelligence world. Music, fiction, film, advertisement and art with non-apparent underlying Satanism is widely produced and disseminated worldwide. Satanism is the main form of religious worship in the otherwise ultra-secular intelligence world with the exception of Islamist intelligence services where Muslim worship is common in addition to elite Islamist Satanist worship.


The intelligence world uses cruel means of animal communication to punish indiscretion. Execution, psychiatry, public discrediting and scaring/frightening whistleblowers to believe in conspiracy theories are the most common standard operational means of dealing with whistleblowers.


There are three types of secrets in the intelligence world; 1) information withheld from the public, 2) information withheld from individual intelligence operatives and 3) information nominally withheld from other intelligence agencies. Due to mass infiltration between intelligence agencies is it almost impossible to safely prevent state secrets from falling into the hands of intelligence agencies of adversarial countries. In practice does this mean that intelligence agencies of adversarial countries are typically aware of the nation’s most protected secrets while the general public and most of the country’s own intelligence operatives are not.

Seduction agents

There are seduction agents of many different ages and being a seduction agent is part and parcel of being an intelligence operative. Child seduction agents are prominently deployed from an early age and tend to be particularly effective. Seduction agents vary from decoys and seducers to professional rapists.


All intelligence operatives are in lifelong servitude so as to prevent them from disclosing classified information or ever by their own volition retiring from service. Intelligence operatives are usually unpaid while on intelligence missions and typically make a living from careers and job positions outside of the intelligence world.

Sex parties

Participation in compulsory sex parties are common practice in rewarding, motivating and encouraging intelligence operatives.

Sexual exploitation

Intelligence operatives are sexually exploited in different ways, operationally, within the intelligence world as well as through commercial sex work as many intelligence directors have become extremely wealthy in the sex industry in using enslaved intelligence operatives as prostitutes as well as pornographic actors in the huge online pornographic industry.


Functional bisexuality is the social ideal in the intelligence world and all intelligence operatives are trained to become functionally bisexual and this is so even in countries that otherwise are hostile to the LGBTQI community.

Sexual upbringing

Children of intelligence operatives are automatically raised to become intelligence operatives themselves. They spend considerable time in personal sexual kindergartens of intelligence directors and technically is this for training purposes. Children in sexual kindergartens are taught to learn to enjoy all paraphilia. Training to both perpetrate rape and endure rape with a smile is intrinsic to sexual training.

Social structure

Intelligence operatives form cells as part of the practice of compartmentalization in the intelligence world. Yet intelligence operatives also befriend each other through typically a combination of sex and friendship. They get to know each other while in training, during operations and in organized intelligence prostitution such as intelligence brothels.


The intelligence world maintains its own research institutions and uses technologies that people outside of the intelligence world would consider almost science fiction including training in animal communication and learning varying advanced skills of the animal world.

Training cities

Intelligence training is mostly conducted in specially designated regular cities where virtuall all civil servants and shop clerks are recruited agents and do participate in the training of intelligence operatives. The purpose of city training is to prepare agents for encountering problems of bureaucracy, procedure and threats of varying kinds in hostile environments abroad.

Transgender people

Transgender people are sexually sought after in the intelligence world and sex reassignment surgery is compulsory.


Enslavement is generally extremely difficult for victims to escape and this is so in the intelligence world as well. The prominence of organized Satanism in the intelligence world has also had many victims and most intelligence operatives who have participated in Satanist sacrifice have certainly not done so by their own free volition but rather coerced in their capacity as enslaved persons. The hegemony of the regime of formal enslavement in most intelligence agencies and the prominence of organized Satanism in the intelligenc world are a outcome of the success of totalitarian intelligence agencies and particularly so the once Argentina-based Gestapo in their successfull mass intelligence penetration of Israeli and Western intelligence agencies.

The Intelligence Entrapment Methods documentation project.