Anthropology of Frankism

Jacob Frank (1726-1991) founder of Frankism.

It is no secret that there are secretive religious societies in countries around the world yet these have remained mostly unstudied by academia. Not only need we ask why this is so but secretive religious/pseudo-religious societies worldwide need become extensively studied by academia with appropriately rigorous methodologies as able to circumvent systemic denominational dissimulation.

There are two reason why secretive religious/pseudo-religious societies have largely eluded both critical academic and investigative journalistic attention. First are secretive religious/pseudo-religious societies considered by the patriarchal intelligence world as belonging to the epistemological realm of intelligence science, meaning that their study is considered off-limits for academic science and journalists alike by the patriarchal intelligence world. Second does circumventing denominational dissimulation require knowledge about how to do so, something which most journalists and academic scientists simply do not have.

There are different types of religious/pseudo-religious societies and these are best distinguished by whether they advocate virtue or not. Destructive so called “cults” largely belong to the second type. Yet there are many other forms of secretive religious/pseudo-religious societies worldwide. Some secretive religious/pseudo-religious societies were established in the past hundred years while others have far longer histories. The term “occultism” is usually deployed to describe secretive religious societies as devoted to performance of what is known as so called “magic”. Some of these such as Freemasons are well-intentioned while others; i.e. so called “satanists” are certainly not. “Satanism” is a Eurocentric (i.e. Para-Christian) term as most “Satanist” sects certainly do not believe in an all-powerful Christian devil. Yet the term “satanism” is useful as a cover term and it is furthermore intelligible as what denominations of so called “satanism” worldwide are up to.

Satanism has been described in many American films and so these films tend to be highly accurate as to the destructive practices of denominations of so called “satanism” in the the Western world. Yet these films usually do not merely describe “satanism” more broadly but rather “Frankism” more specifically. The internal rules of the patriarchal intelligence world permits artistic representations of almost anything and so while the patriarchal intelligence world will prevent critical scientific and investigative journalistic attention are there no limitations on describing reality through what is nominally fiction.

Frankism has its origins in so called “satanist” pseudo-religious secretive societies within the Catholic church but became established as a then ethnically Ashkenazi Jewish, ostensibly Sabbatean movement in 18th century Poland. Although Frankism continued to exist among Askhenazi Jews did Frankism spread far beyond in infiltrating and effectively taking control over the Royal court of Prussia and the Imperial Court of Russia. Frankism thus ceased to be a predominantly ethnically Askhenazi Jewish movement.

By infiltrating the Royal Court of Prussia and the Imperial Court of Russia did Frankists establish effective control over the intelligence agencies of those countries as intelligence agencies prior to the 20th century were mostly managed by hereditary nobility and this continued to be the case even in republics until the 20th century when Frankists increasingly marginalized the traditional aristocratic elites of the intelligence world.

Frankism during the 19th century had two main branches, namely the Prussian branch and the Russian branch and so Frankists already controlled the intelligence apparatuses as prior to taking power in Moscow in 1918 and in Berlin in 1933. The change of regime were thus staged by the Frankist intelligence apparatuss in Russia and Germany respectively.

Frankists tend to be highly anti-Jewish as their ex-Jewish founder Jacob Frank (1726-1791) prior to his execution by the Inquisition instructed his followers to persecute and exterminate Rabbinic Jews. This was due to leading rabbis having informed the Holy See about the real and distinctly religiously non-Jewish nature of Frankism.

Frankists usually do not present themselves as “satanists” but will rather disguise themselves behind a seemingly “noble” doctrine of some kind whether outwardly religious, philosophical, ideological, nationalist, political and/or otherwise. Frankist sect leaders consider it profoundly amusing to fool the public with those doctrines, including through the various Frankist denominations of totalitarianism.

It is important to point out that Frankist sect leaders are not religious in the sense that Frankists do not advocate piety and virtue and their thoroughly criminal practices must therefore not be considered as protected under freedom of religion since their activities are the very antithesis of religion, namely virtue and piety. Many Frankist denominations of totalitarianism are pseudo-religious in character although some forms of totalitarianism such as Kahanism, Islamism and Erdoganism and even to some extent Juche are outwardly religious.

Frankist sects are fundamentally criminal in nature and systematic perpetration of crime is the central activity of all Frankists sects under the cover of Frankist-controlled patriarchal intelligence agencies. Frankist sects are thus simply organized crime as operating under the aegis of Frankist-controlled patriarchal intelligence agencies.

It is not entirely uncommon for a person in high leadership position in a Frankist sect to found a new Frankist sect as Frankist sects operate under many different covers. A Frankist sect may claim to be religious, political, philosophical, nationalist, nativist and/or otherwise and may operate covertly as a mafia organization or as a Frankist business leader network. The relationship between Frankist sects varies from open hostility to pragmatic collaboration. Each Frankist sect is self-enclosed with its own powerful top leader with the title “Devil” although in practice is the German form “Teufel” commonly used. Cooperation between different Frankist sects is in practice often pragmatic although there are cases where two existing Frankist sects jointly create a new Frankist sect as a joint venture.

Frankist sect leaders tend to be intensely anti-Jewish and are inspired by satanist social structures among elites of ancient societies, including ancient Greek and Roman slave societies.

Organized crime networks are typically “satanist” in nature and operate covertly by means of modes of covert intelligence communication. Frankist sect leaders believe in slavery as a social ideal and so are involved in many different types of enslavement activities worldwide. The fact that Frankists sects deploy modes of covert intelligence communication as well as operation under the aegis of Frankist-controlled patriarchal intelligence agencies means that their criminal activities are protected by an effective, extra-judicial immunity from prosecution as there longstanding profit-sharing agreements between Frankist police intelligence and Frankist organized crime networks. Police intelligence even in open societies will heavily crack down on whistleblowers whether by means public discrediting, coercive intelligence recruitment, public discrediting (fabricated charges of an often sexual nature), psychiatric abuse and/or intelligence execution.

Sexual abuse more generally is central to Frankist intelligence sect as is “satanist” ritual sex more specifically so. Surviving Sumerian ritual sex in e.g. Dönmeh Judaism should not be confused with “satanist” ritual sex although it is common in the patriarchal intelligence world to lure persons into “satanist” ritual sex by falsely claiming that those activities are part of Sabbatean Judaism. An intelligence world war has since 1972 been fought within the intelligence world between Sabbateans and Frankists. It should be pointed out that Freemasons are Sabbateans and Freemasons traditionally take a prominent role in the intelligence world and particularly so in the United States where all all elected presidents and vice presidents remained practicing freemasons.

Not only do Frankists and Jews have an extremely antagonistic relationship but Sabbataean Judaism and Frankist Satanism also strongly disagree about the future. While Jews seek redemption are Frankists opposed to Redemption. While in agreement about the lineage of divine reincarnation of so called “god” do Frankist sect leaders envision transforming so called “god” into a so called “devil”.

In so called “satanism” is the view that devils are created, meaning that nobody is born a devil but a devil is created by means of a long social process of evilization as involving child abuse, prostitution, drug abuse and criminal activity generally.

There is no disagreement between Sabbatean Judaism and Frankist Satanism as to the nature of the angelic hierarchy as reincarnating among human beings. Most Rabbinic Jews are born as angels, the more advanced angels are known as gods. The so called “god” reincarnates as a single human being and usually in a lineage from grandparent to grandchild. Below “god” are the most advanced gods as born as duplets with androgenic anatomy and suptuplets with gynogenic anatomy.

Traditionally were there only one set of archangels and so the next generation of reincarnation did not commence until all in the previous had passed away. Descendants of “god” are now virtually always born as septuplets and duplets and are systematically hidden away by the intelligence world and grow up and live under protected identities. Historically was duplets extremely common in royal families and it was not uncommon for two duplets to share the throne and being married to the same queen.

Frankists worshipped non-earthlings whom they offered blood sacrifice as did e.g. the Gestapo Frankist sect by means of implementing the Holocaust. Jewish Frankists served as “Jewish police officers” in implementing the logistics of the Holocaust. Jewish Frankists later became prominent in practices of Holocaust remembrance with the purpose of hiding the fact that although Germany was defeated in the WW2 did the Gestapo Frankist sect leaders simply relocate to Gestapo-controlled Argentina in being fully content with having offered vast amounts of blood sacrifice. Frankists have long feared becoming annihilated as part of the process of redemption and so have made every to transform “gods” into devils and have thus particularly vicitimized duplets and septuplets.

Jewish Frankists from Germany later became prominent in the Israeli police and came to lead Israeli police intelligence, the Lishka (Lishkat haModi’in) into symbios with organized crime as prominently involving the Frankist “Jewish” Ukrainian mafia.

The intelligence world of free nations was during the Cold War dominated by members of the Dönmeh sect as it became common for the Mossad to convert foreign intelligence trainees to Dönmeh Judaism. The Dönmeh predominance changed with the establishment of the IBs in 1962 and at that point was the intelligence world of free nations increasingly taking over by Frankists as sometimes posing as Sabbateans. Misrad (National Office for the Protection of Democracy), the operative core of the Mossad became an American intelligence agency rather than an Israeli intelligence agency in 1962 with the purpose of protecting the Mossad from the KGB. This change took place with the full approval of President John F. Kennedy who was assassinated by the KGB the following year.

While most of the Western intelligence world fell under considerable Frankist control (practically speaking Gestapo intelligence occupation) did the Misrad-directed struggle against the evils of Frankism continue with the Office for the Protection of the Constitution (OPC) in the United States commanding global intelligence operations on the basis of operative instructions from the Misrad in Europe.

Frankists practice animal sacrifice, systemic sexual abuse and “satanist” ritual sex. At higher levels of the hierarchy are there systemic practices of infant sacrifice and occasionally also human sacrifice of human beings of other ages as well, including particularly pregnant women.

Environmental intelligence training is deployed by Frankists intelligence agencies with the purpose of triggering development of psychopatic personality traits. So called “demonic possession” is anthropologically well-documented in virtually all human cultures. Development of psychopathic personality is considered the first stage in evilization, as followed by so called “demonic possession”. A so called “angel” may be evilized into a so called “demon” and a so called “god” may be evilized into a so called “devil”. The final stage for the evilization of a so called “god” was become a so called infectoid, meaning that a possessive non-Earthling planted eggs in the brain of the human “devil” by means of ear sex. Prominent Frankist infectoids include Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi and Enver Hoxha.

While anthropological inquiry is essential is it also important for psychologists to understand the process of evilization so that it can be prevented. Furthermore needs nearly all finds of intelligence science be made available to academic science and the general public alike. Intelligence science is often methodologically deficient while academic science is limited by the patriarchal intelligence world not allowing academia to research matters deemed epistemologically pertaining to intelligence science. Apophatic epistemology is clearly fallacious and unscientific and so is it essential that fields of intelligence science become subjected to rigorous and systematic investigation by natural science.

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