Animal Liberation Front (ALF)

The Animal Liberation Front (ALF) is a global non-national military intelligence agency as as since 2018 commanded and directed by NOPD and even long prior to that by Operative 002. All military action as carried out by the ALF is implemented strictly in accordance with the international laws of war in full compliance with military law. ALF is since 2018 a full member of the TEVEL international organization of intelligence cooperation.

Personhood is universal and unlimited by species and subspecies (race).

The Animal Liberation Front (ALF) acts strictly under military law as a global underground insurgency as seeking to fully legally prevent CRIMES AGAINST THE CONSCIENCE OF HUMANITY. The ALF is thus an important international law enforce agency which in contrast to the criminal Interpol as organizing thoroughly criminal police intelligence agencies is fully and strictly law-abiding. When ALF intelligence operatives are detected by thoroughly criminal police intelligence are ALF intelligence operatives as a matter of routine executed on the spot.

The Nuremburg process established the principle of international law that it should be apparent to perpetrators that some things are illegal even if nominally legal. No person of conscience could reasonably deny that the thoroughly atrocious ANIMAL INDUSTRY OF EVIL in its entirety simply is organized crime and CRIME AGAINST THE CONSCIENCE OF HUMANITY.

These are very severe criminals and since thoroughly criminal police intelligence systematically disrupts, harasses and sabotages animal rights politics as operating under civilian law is there no choice but to liquidate the ANIMAL INDUSTRY OF EVIL under military law. We the peoples cannot accept the continued existence of this affront against the conscience of humanity.

It is clear that MILITARY INTELLIGENCE in countries around the world needs spring into action to gradually dismantle the ANIMAL INDUSTRY OF EVIL and liquidate the police intelligence war criminals who run it. Readers need be reminded that the ANIMAL INDUSTRY OF EVIL preceded the Holocaust whose logistics, ideology, economy, transportation, system, propaganda etc. were all modeled on those of the ANIMAL INDUSTRY OF EVIL. It needs be cautioned however that the crimes of the ANIMAL INDUSTRY OF EVIL are so incomparably more vast in extent in time, space and number of victims which number in the billions rather than the millions.

Our conscience directs us and legally obliges us to be compassionate and thus initiate universal emancipation of persons generally. WE THE PEOPLES OF CONSCIENCE

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