Anatomy of Police Sexual Harassment

angry-2030006_1280Police harassment against LGBTQI people is similar all over the world, the main difference being that it is mainly performed by plainclothes police intelligence operatives in Western democracies while in dictatorships is the harassment perpetrated more randomly and more openly.

Some may wonder why so few LGBTQI people in liberal-democratic open societies dare publicly express their genders and lead their lifestyles openly aside from some celebrity LGBTQI people and the answer is simply police sexual and quasi-legal harassment.

The general method is to force sexually attractive persons with overt LGBTQI lifestyles off the streets by means of primarily plainclothes police sexually harassing LGBTQI people and by the police accusing LGBTQI people of being sex criminals. Illegal sexual (and other) entrapment operations are systematically performed along with systematic attempts to extract false confessions including especially by informal interrogation harassment in public space and even undercover online in social media.

In liberal democracies where LGBTQI people have been legally emancipated is the perception that the constant public harassment is performed by ordinary citizens and that is not true as the harassment is systematically organized by police intelligence in ways so as to make it seem less conspicuous.

One would think that the Swedish police behaves substantially different from the Russian police towards LGBTQI people but there is really not much difference other than that the harassment is primarily, but not exclusively performed covertly by police intelligence operatives in Sweden and other liberal democracies where LGBTQI people have been legally emancipated. Indeed, police persecution against LGBTQI people used to be performed far more openly in liberal democracies as prior to LGBTQI emancipation.

Other common methods include the police dispatching criminals and criminal gangs to rape and prostitute LGBTQI people, here again is there not much actual difference between Sweden and Russia.

Quasi-legal harassment involves police and police intelligence staging mock interrogations where the LGBTQI victim is faced with deliberately invented charges with the purpose of extracting some kind of statement which the police then can deploy as a false confession.

While these practices although very common are more random in dictatorships is this highly organized by police intelligence in Western liberal democracies with the involvement of the national police and national police directors. This is done everywhere in the world with the purpose of maintaining patriarchal cisnormativity and heteronormativity in getting overt LGBTQI people off the streets by sexually and otherwise extorting them into domestic intelligence as an intelligence operative is both a professional murderer and an intelligence prostitute (“seduction agent”).

The police generally treats LGBTQI persons as prostitutes in demanding sexual favors as the police generally demands sexual favors from sex workers all over the world in sexually exploiting sex workers and prostitutes (involuntary sex workers). Mock interrogations are typically deployed to extract sexual favors from LGBTQI victims and sex workers alike.

Illegal sexual (and other) police entrapment operations and mock interrogation with deliberately invented charges are thus systematically performed with the purpose of forcing LGBTQI people back into the closet and conveniently sexually exploiting them, both directly and by coercing LGBTQI victims into intelligence prostitution.

Another common method involves police intelligence using psychiatry to declare LGBTQI people criminally insane and smear them with false accusations of LGBTQI people being sex criminals. In fact, this method has been deployed by the police all over the world against LGBTQI people since the 19th century.

In the United States is the plainclothes anti-LGBTQI harassment performed by the FBI and in Western Europe and Israel by its equivalents, the respective national Information Bureau (IB) which is now practically speaking the same as police intelligence.

Some may wonder why it is so difficult to live openly LGBTQI even in countries where LGBTQI people have been legally emancipated and the reason is simply the widespread harassment by police intelligence, meaning in the United States by the FBI itself.

Since these illegal practices are sanctioned and enforced by the national intelligence community, police intelligence branches and the national police itself is it difficult for elected politicians to effect change considering that the respective national intelligence communities in liberal democracies have since long not been under democratic control. This is why police behavior towards sexually attractive persons with overt LGBTQI lifestyles is so similar in Russia and purportedly “progressive” Sweden.

Heterocultural females who report male violent/sexual crime against them are also typically treated as if they were prostitutes and sexual favors are typically extorted by means of mock interrogation and subsequent police extortion. It is common for the police to sexually exploit female asylum seekers, female crime victims, female crime suspects and of course sex workers generally of all genders and especially transfemale and cisfemale sex workers.

Sexual harassment is institutionalized in police subculture all over the world and this is generally not much different in dictatorships and democracies. The police is a corrupt, violent and sexually exploitative patriarchal institution which itself does not mind breaking the law as long as generally condoned by national prosecutors which give the police very substantial leeway in systemically condoning illegal methods such as illegal sexual entrapment operations in deploying intelligence seduction agents in coercive recruitment operations against sexually attractive LGBTQI people and others.

Prosecutors are generally “protectively recruited” as “agents” of national police intelligence which means that the police may continue with its sexual and quasi-legal harassment against LGBTQI people and vulnerable females alike with literally complete impunity. Police Anti-LGBTQI harassment/persecution is generally legally rationalized and formally approved by national prosecutors as “surveillance”, “secret investigation” and “crime-prevention” in purportedly “protecting public safety” and “ensuring public order”.

The corrupt and criminal police as increasingly controlled by the lawless intelligence sector is essentially a criminal institution and so clearly needs to be disbanded and supplanted with feminist jurisprudence and completely new institutions of feminist law enforcement.

The Intelligence Entrapment Methods documentation project.