Anatomy of Discrimination

bodyguard-145447_1280It is historically well-documented that overt segregation and institutionalized discrimination in public establishments was performed in an unashamed manner in the American South as prior to the rise of the US civil rights movement in 1960s. It is less known however that these activities were organized and perpetrated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) which along with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is one of the two main contemporary branches of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK).

Discrimination and segregation is even today pervasive to Western societies and constitutes a major social problem as institutionalized practices of discrimination is a major economic problem in distorting society and the labor market.

Police intelligence agencies as nearly all systematically trained by the FBI systematically train and encourage corporate intelligence agencies to perform crimes of discrimination including in hiring/firing as well as performing discrimination against third persons such as visitors to nightclubs. Various pseudo-legal excuses are deployed for this purpose in usually claiming that the mere presence of a person of a certain color, national origin, sexuality, gender, political predisposition or citizenship and constitutes a potential threat of some kind whether to “corporate security”, “national security”, “public order”, “public safety” and the like.

Police intelligence systematically instructs corporate intelligence agencies to prevent career advancement of women, members of ethnic minorities and members of sexual minorities with references to reasons of ostensibly but not actual “security”. It is claimed that women are unreliable as executives due to their vulnerability to romantic intelligence seduction and may therefore “divulge corporate secrets”.

It is systematically claimed that corporations must avoid hiring members of ethnic/racial minorities other than for menial positions on account of “need to prevent industrial espionage”. “Potential” whistleblowers are systematically and routinely “preventively” executed by corporate intelligence agencies on account of the pseudo-legal pretext of preventing “leaking of corporate secrets”.

Corporate intelligence agencies systematically bug and wiretap employees and any discussion between two employees as regards systemic wrongdoings at the workplace may lead to firing and/or corporate intelligence execution. Since forensic medicine is controlled by police intelligence are corporate intelligence executions always and routinely covered up by forensic medicine and the forensic report in 93% of all cases states “heart failure” as cause of death.

Career advancement to executive positions requires intelligence recruitment for “security reasons” as corporate executives usually start out as military intelligence operatives and subsequently become recruited by the respective police intelligence outfit as known as the “the Security Department” namely the corporate intelligence agency. Young employees as deemed suitable for intelligence recruitment are invariably expected to undergo intelligence recruitment by the corporate intelligence agency and subsequently participate in police intelligence training. It needs be emphasized that military law prohibits police intelligence recruitment of military intelligence operatives and so this constitutes a most severe threat against national security.

Nightclubs are known for practicing systemic discrimination. All police approved security guards are protectively recruited by thoroughly criminal police intelligence which systematically instructs security guards to perform crimes of discrimination. Persons whose appearance implies immigrant background or being persons of color are systematically excluded from even entering nightclubs and it is mostly androgenic persons who are targeted for this discrimination. The southern system of segregation is here fully in place throughout Western countries.

LGBTQI persons are systematically illegally stalked, illegally harassed and illegally expelled by security guards on instructions from FBI-trained police intelligence agencies around the world. How does this operate?

Security guards are instructed and trained by FBI-trained police intelligence agencies around the world to detect LGBTQI behavior and systematically spy on and stalk persons “suspected” of being LGBTQI in the nightclub and the same practice is systematically performed in shopping centers. The purpose of this illegal activity is described as “collecting evidence” with the aim of performing miscarriage of justice. The security guards are equipped with hypersensitive listening devices as intended “to collect evidence” for use in police intelligence kangaroo courts as conducted in ordinary court buildings and claiming to be regular courts of justice. False witnesses are systematically deployed for this purpose, including prominently intelligence doppelgangers, something which is standard operational procedure in thoroughly criminal police intelligence. The purpose is to sexually harass and stigmatize LGBTQI persons as ostensible “sex criminals”.

Any instance of an androgenic LGBTQI person approaching a fellow androgenic person in a nightclub is classified as ostensible “sexual harassment” by thoroughly criminal police intelligence. Gay visitors are systematically physically and verbally abused by security guards.

Any instance of any kind of physical contact between a gynogenic LGBTQI person and fellow gynogenic person in a nightclub is classified as ostensible “sexual harassment”. Lesbians are systematically sexually harassed by security guards. Lesbians are typically asked to perform fellatio on security guards under threat of “notifying the police” and are thereafter raped by security guards and coercively recruited into commercial prostitution by thoroughly criminal police intelligence. Security guards do not act spontaneously but are trained and continually instructed to act this way by thoroughly criminal police intelligence.

Why is it that LGBTQI persons feel a distinctive need to create their own separate nightclubs? This is simply because they suffer pervasive harassment in regular nightclubs. LGBTQI persons have been emancipated in most liberal democracies yet suffer continued systematic sexual harassment by thoroughly criminal police intelligence. This experience is common to LGBTQI persons in all countries. It is virtually impossible to live LGBTQI in ways perceived as overtly perceived as sexually attractive and such persons are systematically and insincerely so accused of “sexual harassment”, “disrupting public order”, “prostitution” and “pedophilia”. One of the most common accusations against gynogenic LGBTQI persons is that they “look like” and/or “behave like” sex workers. Another common accusation against gynogenic LGBTQI persons in particular and against LGBTQI persons in general is that LGBTQI behavior is indicative of “insanity” and that the presence of the LGBTQI person therefore ostensibly is a “threat to public safety” or “threat to public security”.

Police intelligence systematically makes sure that overtly LGBTQI persons are fired from their jobs and this is in major corporations performed through corporate intelligence agencies (the “Security Department”) as acting as subsidiaries of thoroughly criminal police intelligence. Police intelligence agencies similarly make sure that LGBTQI persons lose their apartments. This is in cases of androgenic persons distinctly insincerely performed by claiming that the LGBTQI person is an ostensible “pedophile”, the most common police intelligence pretext for police intelligence harassment against androgenic persons. This is in cases of gynogenic persons performed by claiming that the LGBTQI person is an ostensible “prostitute” which is the most common pretext for police intelligence harassment against gynogenic persons.

In both cases does police intelligence secret kangaroo “courts” systematically instruct psychiatry to perform “psychiatric intervention”, illegal psychiatric incarceration and psychiatric abuse such as completely needless medication with the purpose of “calming down” overt LGBTQI behavior in sexually attractive persons who are visually and/or behaviorally identifiably LGBTQI. It is internally claimed in police intelligence secret “courts” that non-heterocultural behavior is ostensibly only “permitted” in special segregated subcultures, known as “sexual minorities”, i.e. ostensible minorities of desire or “sexual races”.

This operates on the outdated psychiatric notion as still fully ideologically hegemonic in the police intelligence world according to which LGBTQI persons are ostensibly “mentally ill”. It is systematically presumed that transsexualism (a gendered predisposition as wholly unrelated to sexual orientation towards others) is a sexual orientation which of course is prima facie absurdity. Police intelligence kangaroo “secret” courts systematically presume that homosexuality is a “paraphilia”, that homosexuals are “mentally ill” and therefore constitute an ostensible “threat to public order”.

Androgenic LGBTQI persons are typically branded as “hypomaniac” and “mano-depressive”. They are told by psychiatry that psychiatry receives “reports” about them “committing sex crimes” and are told to “cool down their lifestyles” under overt threat of further police harassment and psychiatric harassment alike.

Gynogenic LGBTQI persons are typically branded as having “histrionic personality disorder” and “psychopathy” and are systematically sexually exploited and sexually abused by psychiatric staff. If they complain is this systematically and deliberately insincerely so construed as evidence of “delusion” despite this being standard psychiatric practice as being performed directly on instructions from thoroughly criminal police intelligence.

These two “clinical accusations” are generally deployed against sexually liberated females in general for purposes of facilitating police intelligence coercive recruitment as seduction agents as typically involving some varying degrees of coerced commercial prostitution as well. This is typically performed by police intelligence trained psychiatric staff by means of raping the victim, thereafter forcing the victim into commercial prostitution for purposes of coercive intelligence recruitment. Psychiatry is routinely deployed by police intelligence against visually overt LGBTQI persons due to the perceived “difficulty” in recruiting LGBTQI persons to intelligence agencies.

It needs be emphasized that psychiatry was founded as a CDF intelligence outfit for purposes of scientifically-sounding, pseudo-scientific “exorcism” and “inquisition”. Psychiatry remains a pseudo-scientific practice as abused by kangaroo secret intelligence courts of various patriarchal intelligence agencies.

All complaints about intelligence persecution is distinctively insincerely so treated as evidence of ostensible “delusion”. While it is far from only LGBTQI persons who are targeted for intelligence persecution, including from thoroughly criminal police intelligence are LGBTQI persons vastly overrepresented among victims of this kind of abuse. Intelligence execution is the standard measure for perceived, actual or “potential” intelligence whistleblowers but those considered “valuable material” as potential intelligence operatives are routinely subjected to psychiatric abuse with the purpose of “domesticating” them as this practice is known in the patriarchal intelligence world. The perceived “need” to silence whistleblowers is considered imperative as psychiatric abuse is a standard means to silence intelligence whistleblowers. This is nominally justified by the perceived “need” to “protect intelligence gathering methods”, a common intelligence pretext for preventing journalistic scrutiny and legal accountability.

Thoroughly criminal police intelligence is a secluded world of its own where the vice of discrimination is considered a “virtue”, where participation in organized crime is considered an entitlement, where women are considered “objectively inferior”, where homosexuals and transgender persons are collectively branded as “sexually deviant”, “mentally ill” and where sexual abuse of children of intelligence operatives is rampant as the hegemomic subcultural social norm.

Police intelligence agencies originally operated under the aegis of the national military but Interpol member police intelligence agencies have since 1972 refused to obey the jurisdiction of military courts. Police intelligence agencies claim that their own internal kangaroo “courts” are military courts which is prima facie absurd considering that Interpol member police intelligence agencies since 1972 have refused to obey the military system of justice.

The Interpol (or “Splinterpool” as it is known in military intelligence agencies) is no less criminal criminal than its thoroughly criminal member police intelligence agencies around the world. In 1996 did the Interpol commence “legislating” secret so called “police laws” which justify committing any crime for the purpose of any purpose “deemed necessary” by police intelligence. Civilian law is legislated by parliament and military law is legislated by the head of state while so called “police law” is legislated by what is effectively organized crime.

Police intelligence claims that that these patently illegal internal “police regulations” are “secret international law” which of course is prima facie absurd as the police is certainly not a legislator. The increasingly deep symbiosis between police intelligence and organized crime since 1972 has meant that police intelligence has increasingly transformed into organized crime itself with mob rule and increasing lawlessness worldwide. Police intelligence operates as a mega-crime protection racket in taking 30% of all revenues from organized crime under their “protection” including from all forms of organized prostitution, including child prostitution.

The pervasive, nefarious and thoroughly criminal impact of thoroughly criminal police intelligence agencies and other thoroughly criminal intelligence agencies on society means that there literally no choice but to liquidate all intelligence operatives of thoroughly criminal intelligence agencies and whose primary loyalty is not known to be to a law-abiding intelligence agency. This is an absolutely necessary measure under military law to protect emancipation, freedom and democracy from existential enemies of open society. Ordinary intelligence agents of course in most cases simply need become liberated from the grips of organized crime and given full and proper INDIVIDUALIZED rehabilitation. CRIME IS NOT LAW

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