About the OPC

34th United States President Dwight D. Eisenhower (1890-1969).

The Office for the Protection of the Constitution (OPC) was founded by three men; US President Dwight E. Eisenhower, Chicago University Professor Leo Strauss and Operative 001, modern Israel’s semi-secretive first hereditary head of state.

The model for the UNITED STATES OFFICE FOR THE PROTECTION OF THE CONSTITUTION was the Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz (BfV), Germany’s FEDERAL OFFICE FOR THE PROTECTION OF THE CONSTITUTION and the hence the similarity between the names of the two sister intelligence agencies as both created by Operative 001.

First let us begin with the question of the nature of Office for the Protection of the Constitution (OPC). Is it a Jewish intelligence agency? The OPC is not a sectarian organization but one that is almost uniquely inclusive of persons of all backgrounds. Training of intelligence OPC intelligence operatives however includes conversion to Sabbateanism.

What is the nature of the relationship between Sabbatean Judaism and Rabbinic Judaism? All senior religious leaders of Orthodox Judaism are Sabbateans and non-Orthodox Judaism is all Sabbatean although this is not officially stated.

Is then the OPC not a sectarian organization? In order to answer this question need we consider the role of Fremasonry in US intelligence history. Freemasonry founded the United States of America, all America’s elected presidents and vice presidents were Freemasons at the time of their respective election and all remained so. Freemasonry is a Crypto-Jewish organization and initiation into Freemasonry means becoming halakhically Jewish as recognized as such by all senior rabbinical leaders of all streams of Judaism. American Sabbateanism is no different and there is virtually no religious component to American Sabbateanism as the only communal events are about gynocentric ritual sex. Freemasonry is also mostly about gynocentric ritual sex.

There is nothing suspect or strange about being Jewish in America and American Sabbateanism like American Freemasonry is inclusive of persons of all colors. It needs furthermore be emphasized that American Sabbateanism is part of American Freemasonry which as ever committed protection the nation’s freedoms.

The OPC is known to the American public under the name of the American Jewish Committee (AJC) which is the by far America’s most influential lobby group. International leaders are particularly well aware that the AJC is the gateway to America’s power structure. What then is the nature of OPC political activity in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA?

The OPC promotes Emancipation, Freedom and Democracy for all, domestically and around the world. The OPC promotes close relationships with emerging democracies and establishes special relationships with all fellow liberal democracies. Does the OPC favor Israel over other liberal democracies? The answer is no. The OPC unreservedly represents the interest of all liberal democracies everywhere, period. Is the OPC uncritical of Israel? Well, it is not the role of the OPC to attack liberal democracies but rather to defend them.

How then can the OPC be so immensely influential? The OPC leads American Freemasonry in American Sabbateanism being the elite of American Freemasonry. It needs be emphasized that most American Sabbateans have little to no Ashkenazi Jewish genetic ancestry. Why do we have to emphasize this? The fact that it is necessary to point this out proves that Anti-Semitic suspicions still linger in American society as if it were legitimate to suspect Jewish Americans of being less loyal to the nation than other Americans.

Now comes the issue of the OPC having been tasked since 1962 of protectively recruiting all members of both chambers of Congress, all members of the Supreme Court and White House staff as well as performing this tasks on state levels as well. Has the OPC abused the confidence afforded to it in order to abuse power? There are such cases yes, but these are exceptions.

The next issue relates to the relationship between the OPC and the House of Zvi. All senators and nearly members of the House of Representatives were born into the House of Zvi and are trained to behave in dignified manner as befitting royals as part of OPC intelligence training. Are elections manufactured? No, but members of the House of Zvi are for various reasons considered highly effective and reliable due to certain genetic traits as stemming from its founder Operative 001, who headed the American intelligence community from 1939 until his demise in 1972.

America has since 1972 been under threat of intelligence takeover from the KKK (American Gestapo), as now split in its two main branches of the CIA and FBI. The National Office for the Protection of Democracy (NOPD), America’s highest judicial authority since 1962 and as tasked with supervising the US military and the entire US intelligence community in 1982 instructed the OPC to encourage suitable members of the House of Zvi to pursue the highest offices of America. NOPD was founded as an American intelligence agency in 1962 so as to prevent KGB intelligence takeover of the nation and so NOPD had to take action so as to protect Emancipation, Freedom and Democracy.

It needs be emphasized that the House of Zvi has eleven million members in the United States, the largest population outside of China and all are directly descended from Operative 001. Most are however still young children as conceived through artificial insemination as the OPC runs US sperm banks and the children were conceived with semen of Operative 002, also known as NOPD. The global membership of the House of Zvi currently totals 73 million human beings, the vast majority still toddlers.

Members of the House of Zvi dominate America’s elites and they do not receive preferential treatment other than being sought after, indeed hunted by all intelligence agencies due to members of the House of Zvi being considered especially suitable as intelligence operatives. Operative 002 is almost a clone of Operative 001 whose ancestry is almost entirely from the Barzani tribe in Iraqi Kurdistan.

What then is the relationship between NOPD and OPC? The OPC is the world’s first feminist intelligence agency. NOPD/002 commands the OPC as NOPD/002 commands all member intelligence agencies of the TEVEL international organization of intelligence cooperation. NOPD is an elite military American intelligence agency but takes an objective attitude as regards balancing the interests of all the nations its represents which are literally all nations as all countries are represented among the many member intelligence agencies of the TEVEL. NOPD even commands a TEVEL agency inside North Korea in actively acting to liberate the northern part of the Korean peninsula from the Nazi rule there. This is not a South Korea intelligence agency but a pro-democratic North Korean intelligence agency.

The TEVEL is the United Nations of the intelligence world and pro-democratic intelligence agencies of democracies and non-democracies alike are full members of the organization. The TEVEL believes in promoting national interests but that this must necessarily be delimited by virtues of democratic realism in diligent pursuit of emancipation, freedom and democracy, yet certainly responsibly so.

Most members of the House of Zvi are young children, something which means that most of the 73 million members of the House of Zvi worldwide are young children indeed. The House of Zvi is of Kurdish ancestry and has genetically little ancestry from the Jewish people, not even from Kurdish rabbinic Jews and so is the House of Zvi in part genetically it could be argued an extension of the Kurdish people. Most Kurdish tribes have significant Israelite ancestry but the Barzani tribe does not to any significant degree despite being the most important Dönmeh tribe in Kurdistan.

Members of the House of Zvi around the world are protected by an unspecified number of Vatican intelligence agencies as directly commanded by Operative 002 without any interference from other Vatican officials whatsoever. Since members of the House of Zvi are highly sought after by virtually every intelligence agency does this mean that children of the House of Zvi are taught not to do their homeworks and not to expose themselves as exceptionally intelligent to others so as not compromise their respective personal security. This means that 002 quickly provides a new protected identity once a threat has been detected and relocation is instant and rapid.

What then is the relationship between the Jewish people and American Sabbateanism? Sabbateans certainly do dominate American Jewish life, yet there is an emotionally strained relationship with Israel due to the special and distinctly discriminatory status of Orthodox Judaism in Israel, something which causes deep resentment among most non-Orthodox American Jewish leaders. The OPC does however strive to be objective and provides diplomatic representation to Israel no less than it does for other liberal democracies.

The OPC is led by Operative Ivankele (better known as “Ivanka Trump”) who is the daughter of Operative 002 by artificial insemination as Donald Trump was infertile as was indeed also his duplet Thomas Trump; children of Operative 001.

All elected US presidents with duplets since Ronald Reagan were born Princes of the House of Zvi. Ronald Reagan, George H. Bush, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Donald Trump with duplets were all born as sons of Operative 001. George W. Bush is in contrast a grandchild of Operative 001 and a cousin of 0perative 002.

All current members of the UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT are born members of the House of Zvi and they received no other preferential treatment than having been strongly encouraged to pursue this career by the OPC.

Although there are isolated cases of misdemeanors have current living members of the House of Zvi well served their nation and humanity in the struggle to defend democracy from enemies of open society whether from the Gestapo or from the KGB.

The OPC in being the first feminist intelligence agency in world history serves as a model for other member intelligence agencies in the TEVEL international organization of intelligence cooperation.

What then is the nature of the TEVEL? The TEVEL was originally a department (“Liaison and Political Action Department”) in the now unofficially dissolved Mossad but is no longer Israeli as it now now a proper international intelligence organization.

What then is nature of the relationship between TEVEL and NOPD? TEVEL is commanded by NOPD in the person of Operative 002 who also commands a number of other intelligence agencies around the world including the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) a global underground insurgency which combats the ANIMAL INDUSTRY OF EVIL and its CRIMES AGAINST THE CONSCIENCE OF HUMANITY in particularly strict compliance with the laws of war.

The OPC/NOPD have since 1962 acted as the voice of the voiceless in first catapulting the US civil rights movement to success and subsequently aiding more and more oppressed groups in the United States and around the world. The NOPD/OPC has thus expanded into the TEVEL international organization of intelligence cooperation into a global civil rights movement with intelligence training.

NOPD/OPC organized the intersectional social revolution of the late 1960s and early 1970s. NOPD/OPC brought down the Soviet empire of evil. NOPD/OPC organized the 2011 revolutions in the Arabophonie. NOPD/OPC is also responsibility for the security of Jewish Diaspora communities around the world as genocide prevention is a central task indeed. NOPD established covert diplomatic relations between the US and the PKK in 2005. NOPD established the Iraqi Kurdistani autonomy in 1991. NOPD established the Syrian Kurdistani autonomy in 2012. NOPD is literally the mother of FREE KURDISTAN (DFNS-KRG) as the NOPD established the first Iraqi Kurdistani autonomy in the 1960s which collapsed a few years after the demise of Operative 001.

NOPD organizes all major civil rights movements around the world, mostly through specialized non-national intelligence agencies as set up for helping specific global emancipatory movements, but where politically sensitive is this commanded by Operative 002 outside of the framework of the TEVEL.

What then is the role of the OPC within the TEVEL? The OPC is the global core of the TEVEL in serving as a role model for other TEVEL intelligence agencies around the world in pioneering the TEVELs transformation into a moderate radical feminist intelligence civil rights movement of universal emancipation.

Every patriotic American has every reason to be proud of the UNITED STATES OFFICE FOR THE PROTECTION OF THE CONSTITUTION in the OPC embodying the noble virtues of America while distinctly lacking America’s vices. GOD BLESS AMERICA

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