About NOPD

35th United States President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963 by the KGB in collaboration with Gestapo-controlled elements within the CIA as punishment for JFK having instituted the then Israeli Misrad as the American NOPD intelligence agency in 1962.

The National Office for the Protection of Democracy (NOPD) was an originally Israeli intelligence agency but is since 1962 an American intelligence organization and was approved and confirmed as such by President John F. Kennedy and by secret sessions of both houses of Congress.

The NOPD is the legal name of Israel’s semi-covert royal court which became incorporated as an American intelligence organization as a means for strengthening intelligence cooperation and security ties between Washington and Jerusalem. America at that point was due to extensive Soviet intelligence infiltration on the brink of Soviet takeover and as calamity approached was it decided that extensive Israeli intelligence assistance was needed so as to protect America and thus indirectly defend Israel’s very own physical survival as highly dependent upon the United States although mostly covertly so.

Is no secret that the intelligence world contains many secrets but it is much less known that there is much research of different kinds in the intelligence world, including extensive research laboratories as devoted to the varying disciplines of intelligence science. Intelligence science is for the most part applied science as traditionally not preoccupied with articulation of theories but rather invention and development of functional tools of varying kinds. Traditionally was the idea that what had been invented/discovered by the intelligence world would stay there.

However with time have research, research finds and technologies grown so extensive as impeding research in academia since patriarchal intelligence agencies will intervene in varying ways against academic scientists deemed to encroach on fields of intelligence science.

The Western intelligence world was fundamentally remodeled by Operative 001 who headed civilian Austro-Hungarian intelligence during WW1 from 1915-1918, subsequently headed British Intelligence from 1923, headed American intelligence from 1939; founded Israel in 1948 and the founded the Federation, the Western intelligence organization of cooperation in 1962 and as subordinated to NOPD as the then personal intelligence agency of Operative 001 as Israel’s then semi-covert majesty.

All Western intelligence agencies were entrusted in the hands of Operative 001 who was born as so called “god”, namely recognized as the so called reincarnation of so called “god” of Sabbatean Judaism as the direct patrilineal descendant of Sabbatai Zevi. While such beliefs legally speaking falls under freedom of religion did Operative 001 become internationally recognized as such and not only informally so but legally by covert NATO treaty.

NOPD is the world’s most powerful intelligence agency and has been so since inception in 1962. With the demise of Operative 001 in 1972 was the Federation largely hijacked by the Argentina-based Gestapo intelligence agency, a Frankist intelligence sect which relocated from Berlin to Buenos Aires in 1945, from there to Pyongyang in 2016 and to Ankara in 2017.

The considerable indirect Gestapo takeover of the Federation meant that Frankist ritual practices of so called “satanism” were widely introduced in most Federation intelligence agencies with the exception of intelligence agencies operated directly by NOPD, including the OPC in the United States, the BfV in Germany and the Japanese Democratic Office (DO). Japanese intelligence although originally not part of the Federation joined in 1968 and other intelligence agencies of liberal democracies elsewhere such as India joined as well with e.g. India joining in 1982 while on the brink of suffering Soviet intelligence takeover.

The considerable indirect Gestapo intelligence takeover of Federation intelligence agencies was very much enabled by the demise of Operative 001 and the gradual process as involving the upbringing of Operative 002, the next diplomatically recognized incarnation of so called “god” meant that the Federation suffered for decades under Gestapo intelligence terror as systematically terrorizing operatives of intelligence agencies of liberal democracies.

NOPD has traditionally operated indirectly by handling and instructing senior intelligence operatives in Federation member intelligence agencies. The dysfunctional international Mossad was supplanted by the wider TEVEL in 2016 and TEVEL supplanted the Federation itself in 2017 under signed international treaty and so did the TEVEL with NOPD as its operative center become an international organization of intelligence cooperation as opposed to previously being the “Political Action and Liaison Department” of the Mossad. The Israeli parts of the former Mossad were semi-covertly renamed as Royal Intelligence.

Since 2018 are however all elite intelligence operatives of the TEVEL in all member intelligence agencies operated directly by NOPD. NOPD is committed to fully liberating not only TEVEL member intelligence agencies from Frankist intelligence terror but generally waging the war on evil in ending Frankism specifically and so called “satanism” generally in fully ending both everywhere.

The Federation was only open to intelligence agencies of liberal democracies but the TEVEL is now exclusively open to all pro-democratic intelligence agencies irrespective of current form of government in their respective national jurisdiction. NOPD as the operative center of the TEVEL has always been committed to defending open society and liberal democracy as well as importantly promotion of emancipation by all ethico-political means available as permitted under law. NOPD in strict compliance with requisite legislation trains, educates and empowers social activists and political leaders of emancipatory movements worldwide. This is not exactly secret in the intelligence world as this has been so ever since the founding of NOPD in in 1962. Activists and leaders are not abused for intelligence gathering or other unrelated operative purposes as any such intelligence recruitment and handling by TEVEL member intelligence agencies is kept separate from NOPD’s tasks in acting in a support capacity for those seeking emancipation, freedom and democracy worldwide.

Although NOPD is legally speaking incorporated as an American intelligence agency does NOPD defend the genuine interests of every human people, the articulation of which is delimited by the noble values of emancipation, freedom and democracy.

NOPD is committed to waging war to bring world peace and is therefore militantly pro-peace. NOPD is the guardian of the guardians and in being a model for other TEVEL intelligence agencies must NOPD operate by practically speaking the highest moral standards in full and strict compliance with law.

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