Further Reading

Essential reading about Para-Jewish Peoples and Crypto-Judaism as indeed available for anyone to read.


Benny Gantz, Lieutenant-General (res.), explains in his capacity as then Chief of Staff of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) that Israel is indeed ready to receive, welcome and absorb the Alawite refugees from Damascus when the Ba’athist regime collapses. Read more

About the plight of the Alawite people in the Syrian civil war. Read more


The Crypto-Jewish Bektashi community of Albania saved the Jewish community of Albania during the Nazi occupation. Read more…


Rabbi Nissim Karelitz, a famous Ashkenazi Haredi posek (rabbinic religious decider) in Israel has recognized the Chuetas of Majorca as fully Jewish and in no need of reconversion to Rabbinic Judaism. Read more

Most Ashkenazi rabbis lack even the basic knowledge required for recognizing Crypto-Jews as Jewish. Read more

How the Chueatas of Majorca are being welcomed back to the rabbinically core Jewish people, Rabbinic Judaism and Israel. Read more


Israeli Druze Member of Knesset (MK) Ayoob Kara explains that the Druze are a Para-Jewish people. Read more

Hawaiian people

As the Yezidis does the Hawaiian people have a hierarchy of hereditary patrilineal Kohanite priestly castes. Read more….

Japanese people

The Jewish customs of the Para-Jewish Japanese people are concisely explained on this website.  Read more

Khazar peoples

Khazar Jewish identity is part of Karachay anthropology. Read more

The Balkar people speak the same language as the Karachay people, yet in being Median Levites have a very different genetic makeup. Read more

Kumyk political leaders in Daghestan speak openly about Khazar identity. Read more

Krymchaks are Karaite Jewish Khazars. Read more

Crimean Tatars are another modern Khazar people. Read more

Ashkenazi Jews lived in the Rhine region of Western Europe during Khazar era and are not of Khazar origin. The Ashkenazi migration eastwards occurred later. Genetically Ashkenazi Jews are instead descended from the ancient Jewish community of Rome which is nearly genetically identitical to genetic Ashkenazis. Read more


Member of Knesset (MK) Ksenia Svetlova explains the importance of Israel’s close alliance with Rojava (Western Kurdistan within Syria) and Bashur (Southern Kurdistan within Iraq), the two existing self-governing Kurdish states. Read more


Lemba portal that provides links about the Jewish heritage of the Para-Jewish Lemba people of southern Africa. Read more


Short free book in PDF-format by Israeli activist Tsvi Misinai who is an expert on the Jewish origins of most Palestinian local communities. Read more

Palestinians eagerly return to Judaism when embraced and accepted as Jews. Read more


Pashtun website devoted to the Jewish roots and heritage of the Para-Jewish Pashtun people. Read more

Romani people

This website provides a detailed comparison between Romani law and Biblical law in thus explaining the Para-Jewish heritage of the Romani people. Read more


Samaritans are from the Nortern Jurisdiction of the Kingdom of Israel and not from the Southern Jurisdiction of the Kingdom of Judah.  Read more

Endogamous communities that make up nearly the entire population of Samaria including in the city of Nablus are descended from Samaritans who were forcibly converted to Byzantine Christianity. Read more

Sumerian people

The ethnic Shias of Iraq (the surviving Modern Sumerian people) were Crypto-Jewish Yarsanis prior to being coercively Islamized by the Ottomans. The original Levite community of Sumer still practice Mandaeism, the original form of Judaism. Read more

Taíno people

Kohanite patrilineages are anthropologically present as hereditary priestly castes in a vast number of cultures worldwide as a result of cultural and genetic contact with Median Maggid (“Magi)” Kohanim travelling worldwide in global trade. Anacaona (Inanna Kohana 1474-1503) was a Bat Kohen (daughter of a kohen) within the Taíno people of Kiskeya Island (Hispaniola). Read more…


Yarsani website that provides a concise introduction to Yarsanism. Read more

Conversion to Yarsanism is performed through ceremonial initiation. Read more

The Kakayi Yarsanis of Iraqi Kurdistan have formed their own militia in the struggle against Daesh. Read more

Iranian Yarsanis suffer severe oppression and comprehensive discrimination. Read more


Interview with Israeli doctoral student Idan Barir who researches Yezidism. It should be added that the Israeli government is very careful not to overtly do anything that could potentially expose Crypto-Jews and Crypto-Judaism in Islamdom. Read more

Yezidi public appeal to Israel requesting military assistance for the Yezidis.  Read more

Yezidi website that provides a general introduction to Yezidis, Yezidism and the genocide against the Yezidi ethnic group.  Read more

Yezidism remains structurally misunderstood in academia. Read more

Êzîdî Press is a freely available, online Yezidi multilingual newsportal with an English-language edition.  Read more

Yezidism for children, an easy introduction to Yezidism.  Read more


Further inscriptions from the Jewish Himyarite Kingdom have been discovered in Saudi Arabia.  Read more