Other Pan-Jewish Organizations

Detail from Alevi/Bektashi religious art.

There are a number of grassroots organizations in the emerging global Pan-Jewish movement. The rich diversity of many different Jewish peoples and Jewish denominations globally needs to be embraced towards the goal of democratic unification. 

Para-Jewish communities whose ancestors were forced or lured by religious imperialism to leave their own forms of Judaism/Crypto-Judaism need to be warmly welcomed back primarily to their own regional forms of Judaism/Crypto-Judaism and otherwise to other forms of Judaism/Crypto-Judaism. The Jewish organizations below that assist Para-Jewish communities worldwide solely help Para-Jewish communities whose members on their own initiative express interest in reconnecting with the rabbinically core Jewish people.


Kulanu means “All of Us” in Hebrew and is a US-based Jewish organization focused on collecting and publishing information about, keeping in touch with and with the small available resources at its disposal practically assisting Para-Jewish communities worldwide. While indeed engaging with Para-Jewish communities globally, Islamdom remains however quite notably mostly a white spot on the worldwide map of Kulanu.  www.kulanu.org


Screenshot 2017-04-07 at 03.11.09The ambitious interactive web project of iTribe.Us endeavors to map not only Para-Jewish peoples but also Para-Jewish communities worldwide. This project is unique in its interactive nature of enabling Para-Jewish communities to indeed map themselves on the Para-Jewish global map. www.iTribe.Us

Be’Chol Lashon

Be’Chol Lashon means “In Every Tongue” in Hebrew and is a US-based Jewish organization that seeks to broaden the definition of the Jewish people to include communities that traditionally were not or are still not part of Rabbinic Judaism. As the Jewish people in the United States are becoming increasingly racially diverse, Be’Chol Lashon seeks to embrace cultural and ethnic diversity in the wider Jewish nation by unifying the various different Jewish peoples worldwide.   www.bechollashon.org

Shavei Israel

Shavei Israel means “Returners of Israel” in Hebrew and is an Israel-based Jewish organization affiliated with Orthodox Judaism generally and Religious Zionism specifically. Shavei Israel enables Crypto-Jews to unite with the Jewish people though conversion/reversion to Orthodox Judaism and immigration to Israel.  www.shavei.org

The Engagement Movement

the-engagement-webviewThe Engagement Movement is a political and intellectual project of retired Israeli high tech entrepreneur Tsvi Misinai and provides documentation of Crypto-Jewish customs among many Palestinian local communities and seeks to aid them to rejoin Judaism, the Jewish people and Israel by making information available about their own Jewish/Samaritan heritage and ancestry. Tsvi Misinai is a familiar figure in many local Palestinian communities of Judea and Samaria whose members in the Internet age of accessible and affordable DNA-testing are now quietly returning to Jewish identity.  www.the-engagement.org


Amishav means “My People Returned” in Hebrew and is an Israel-based Jewish organization which under the leadership of rabbi Eliyahu Avichail has conducted extensive research on and established personal ties with Para-Jewish communities of Asia with the aim of achieving the eventual unification of the peoples of Judah and Israel.   www.amishav-onetree.org

International Society for the Study of African Jewry

The International Society for the Study of African Jewry (ISSAJ) is an international academic association devoted to facilitating ties and exchange worldwide between scholars engaged in the study of African Judaism and Jewish peoples and communities of Africa.  www.issaj.com

Scattered among the Nations

Scattered among the Nations is a US-based Jewish project intended to both document and empower geographically marginal Jewish/Para-Jewish communities worldwide. www.scatteredamongthenations.org


Moshiach.com is an educational website affiliated with the Chabad movement of Orthodox Judaism and seeks to prepare people for the Messianic era including with respect to the unification between Judah and Israel. Moshiach is the Yiddish and Ashkenazi pronounciation of the Hebrew word Mashiach, meaning “messiah” in English.   www.moshiach.com/tribes/ns/overview.html