History of Nobility

Members of nobility did traditionally not engage in intimate intercourse with persons who were not part of nobility and the sexual practices of commoners were frown at as lowly, tasteless and macabre indeed.


This is certainly not to imply that traditional nobility was lowly and classist in mistreating others for belonging to other social classes but rather that being noble is performative and hence nobility was a matter of self-respect in social practice.

A member of nobility who acted in a non-noble manner was looked upon as a non-noble and a person who was not formally a member of nobility, yet acted in noble manner could be accepted into nobility through the procedure of ennoblement whereby an eligible person of any background could be elevated into the noble class. To express prejudice sex through shibboleths of discrimination/oppression was considered distinctly non-noble and certainly therefore frown at.

E.g. was Anti-Jewish prejudice rare among nobility in Europe despite this being widespread elsewhere in society and expressions of Anti-Jewish prejudice were considered intrinsically “vulgar”, “lowly” and “tasteless”. Jews were in fact welcome at the princely, royal and imperial courts of Europe and many Jews were ennobled in founding Jewish dynasties of nobility such as famously the Rothschild dynasty.

While nobility was indeed a social class was it not permitted to mistreat others or look down upon other social classes as doing so was considered distinctly non-noble indeed. However, both European nobility and Ashkenazi Jewry (both minorities with significantly higher IQs than the general population) looked down upon unethical and/or tasteless practices of the general population, behaviors described in Yiddish as “goyim naches”, literally “international pleasures”, meaning in practice “unethical pleasures” of Para-Christian culture in Europe as macaberly focused on deriving pleasure from transgressing Christian taboos.

This essentially “satanist” conception of pleasure was to Ashkenazi Jewry and European nobility alike macabre and tasteless and surely that was a very perceptive impression indeed. In Ashkenazi Jewry being founded as an elite culture on noble ideals were relations usually excellent between nobility and Ashkenazi Jews in nobility usually protecting Ashkenazi Jews from persecution.

The popular contemporary conception of nobility is that this was based on classism and bloodlines, yet at the princely, royal and imperial courts of Europe did no one care who performed conception as long as it was an introduced member of the court. Thus were the children of high nobility frequently biological children of the prince/king/emperor while his own children typically had other biological fathers than himself. To be concerned about infidelity was considered base and unsophisticated as the princely, royal and imperial courts of Europe were social clubs as based on gynocentric, ethico-aesthetic polyamory for the purpose of sharing semen in the gene pool of nobility. Sexual relations with non-nobles was however very strictly not accepted, both due to eugenic concerns of degrading the noble gene pool and fear of contagion of sexually transmitted diseases (STD).

Classism was similarly absolutely not accepted at the princely, royal and imperial courts and ennobled persons were typically profoundly respected for their achievements in having meritocratically personally actually deserved the formal procedure of ennoblement as had indeed the revered non-noble born founding ancestors of dynasties of hereditary nobility.

The children and youth of nobility were traditionally given what we today would describe as a “feminist upbringing”, meaning that court etiquette was gynocentric as mistreating females in the honor-based culture of nobility was considered the worst thing possible a male could do. Subsequent to marriage were a noble couple typically introduced at the court which were essentially highly refined socio-sexual clubs and so the biological father there could be anyone and as it happens was the biological father often the Majesty of the Court.

Since noble families constituted a fairly closed gene pool by means of endogamous marriage practices were most nobles at the court already related both genealogically and genetically speaking and so the Majesty becoming the father of the oldest son of a nobleman was in no way considered a disgrace but rather a tremendous honor indeed. In fact was the oldest son of a nobleman often the biological son of the Majesty.

Medieval Europe was essentially a caste system similar to the Varna system in South Asia where the social classes were quite endogamous. While members of rabbinically Jewish nobility were welcome at the courts of Europe did they only marry with other Jewish nobility and were careful about preserving Jewish and dynastic bloodlines as endogamy and bloodlines typically are considered highly important in Middle Eastern cultures with the Jewish people being descended from the Near East.

What then is noble sexuality? Noble sexuality is about refined, exquisite and sophisticated self-expression but importantly also about careful choreography in intimate body language.

Interestingly were practices of noble social/sexual behaviors rather parallel at the noble courts in other parts of the world as e.g. in the geisha gender of Japan. Noble social/sexual behaviors were however not only the social norm at the Imperial Court of Japan but indeed around the world, including at the noble courts of Africa.

Noble courts were not only a eugenic, gynocentric and endogamous institution but also an evolutionary and zoological phenomenon which have common historical origins in the dissemination of Median Judaism worldwide by means of Median Maggid kohanim (the Magis) travelling in trade worldwide in syncretically establishing themselves as polygamous priestly castes. In being patrilineally descended from the transmale King David did they bring along traditions of Sumerian ritual sex which become foundational for social/sexual practices at princely, royal and imperial courts around the world.

The harem was one such practice which although common in the broader Middle East was far from limited to the broader Middle East. Even the princely, royal and imperial courts of Europe were essentially bisexual harems of the Majesty since everyone introduced at the court and irrespectively so of gender and age thus committed to becoming sexual accessible at all times to the Majesty.

The noble courts were thus panamorous social institutions in terms age and gender where sexual prejudice such as marital jealousy was literally considered beyond the very pale.

Practices of Sumerian ritual sex spread in two historical phases, the first was that of Sumerian globalization after the EN (Levite) ruling priestly class fled the collapsing Sumerian civilization four thousand years ago and spread to other countries in their advanced scientific and technological skills becoming highly useful in host societies where they established themselves as the priestly class as today surviving as Alevis, Brahmins and Sayyids. This is what is described in the Torah/Pentateuch in terms of Abraham’s Exodus to Canaan. The EN were the first Jews in that indigenous Sumerian religion (today surviving as Mandaeism) is the first form of Judaism. Every knowledgeable historian of Middle Eastern religion is fully aware that most narratives of the Torah/Pentateuch are of Sumerian origin. Judaism itself is a fusion of Crypto-Sumerian Atenism with a collection of Canaanite ethnic taboos. Indeed that is how Sumerianism/Judaism spread worldwide in syncretically merging with other traditional systems of signification.

Nobility is the practice of gynocentric Sumerian social norms as forms of Median Crypto-Judaism and so nobles in being endogamous Crypto-Jews have protected their Para-Jewish heritage through secret religious societies of Median Judaism by means of marital endogamy indeed. Ennoblement was indeed a form of conversion to Judaism with the letter of ennoblement being the written certificate of conversion to Median Judaism.

The challenge before us is to supplant despicable patriarchal sexualities as universally premised on lowly sexual exploitation and instead bring gynocentric Sumerian sex to humanity at large by means of turning feminist choreographically refined courtly interpersonal intimacy in varying cultural blends into the human norm everywhere.

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