Median Judaism in Europe

The unification of the Lion of Judah and the Serpent of Dan in depiction in 2nd century Mithraism as esoterically symbolizing the envisioned unification of the Southern Jurisdiction of Judah with the Northern Jurisdiction of Israel. Both the Lion and the Serpent are furthermore ancient symbols of Sumerian Inanna as Judaism is simply thinly veiled Canaanite Sumerianism indeed.

Median Judaism originated in the Judaism of the Assyrian-deported Jewish tribes of the the northern Kingdom of Israel and spread throughout the Median/Persian state of the broader Middle East. Median Judaism was brought worldwide by Median Maggid (“Magi”) Kohanites travelling in trade and who established Kohanite priestly castes in cultures around the world in syncretically merging Median Judaism with pre-existing traditions.

European imperialists marveled at finding Para-Jewish peoples around the world with well-preserved Israelite oral histories and also more or less well-preserved Para-Jewish traditions as part of their indigenous cultures. The European missionaries however perceived this through the lens of dystopian-imperialist “Christian salvation history” whereby they sought to erase the Para-Jewish heritage of Para-Jewish peoples and tragically turn them into culturally European Christians. Some Europeans even noted traces of Para-Jewish culture in Europe itself. Later historians tried to explain away the existence of so many diverse Para-Jewish peoples around the world by claiming that they had been told about “being lost Israelite tribes” by Western missionaries, yet the missionaries had certainly no interest in promoting Jewish communal identity, on the contrary sought they to destroy everything Para-Jewish in Para-Jewish peoples which they encountered around the world.

The first globalization was Sumerian, whereby civilization spread from Sumer and took root in initially other major river valleys and early so in the Nile River valley, the Indus River valley and the Yellow River valley. E.g. are most narratives of the Pentateuch/Torah of Sumerian origin and that is quite indisputable indeed as civilization generally emerged in Sumer and from there spread around the world, including obviously Sumerian religion which directly and indirectly syncretized with pre-existing human cultures around the world.

The Median Maggid Kohanim engineered the second globalization by establishing themselves in societies around the world in polygynously marrying local females in large numbers and whereby establishing Kohanite priestly castes in a vast number of human cultures around the world as e.g. in Chinese, Japanese and Korean traditional religions.

The Southern Jurisdiction of Judah practiced Jewish patrilineal descent until some two thousand years ago when it was changed to matrilineal descent as subsequent to Roman massacres against the Jews due to widespread Roman military rapes against Jewish females. It is even undisputed among rabbis and historians alike that ancient Israelite society did in fact practice patrilineage, including for Levite patrilineage and Kohanite patrilineage as is still the norm among Rabbinic Jews.

As Median Judaism spread worldwide need we also ask what happened to Median Judaism in Europe itself under the social terror of exoterically “Christian” but actually “satanist” Medieval religious imperialism in Europe. It is documented that pre-Christian Iceland had hereditary priestly lineages. This raises of course the question of the Y-chromosomal DNA of hereditary priestly castes around the world. Do they have the same genetic patrilineal ancestral lines as Kohanite Rabbinic Jews? European imperialism racialized both rabbinic Jews and Para-Jewish peoples and so while there needs be global comparative Y-chromosomal genetic studies of hereditary priestly castes may some of those societies have initiated external men into the priestly class and so may the patrilineal genetic footprint have changed to some degree or another. While an interesting and historically important issue ought this question however not be racialized by claiming that being a kohen is a matter of genetics rather than mainly social structure.

Median Judaism survived in several forms in Europe under the tyranny of outwardly Christian yet actually “satanist” medieval religious imperialism in Europe. The Freemasons practice a secretive highly Judaic form of secret religion, a distinctly European form of Median Crypto-Judaism indeed and that is highly significant in the context of American political and cultural history as the United States was founded by Freemasons who wrote its constitution. The tremendous structural similarites between Bektashi Judaism and Freemason Judaism are furthermore simply undeniable.

Southern Europe was dominated by what are known by historians as “Greco-Roman mystery religions” such as Mithraism which were European forms of Median Judaism as similar indeed to contemporary Alevi-Bektashi Judaism which practiced public Torah readings until the 19th century. Greco-Roman mystery religion transformed into Crypto-Jewish Gnosticism which sometimes sought to deny its Para-Jewish nature by exoterically denouncing the Jews of the Southern Jurisdiction of Judah. Gnosticism survived in the form Gnostic revival movements such as the Bogomils, the Cathars and the Paulicians and although heavily persecuted do they still survive even today as still popular secret religious societies which protect themselves from “satanist” infiltration by means of secrecy and selective initiation policies. However, it is important to be aware that the “satanist” secret religious societies exist in parallel as it may be difficult to intitially distinguish between the two for those without prior knowledge.

The Catholic Church with its elaborate Roman aesthetics is thinly veiled Roman Median Judaism and its elites have for two millennia been caught between two opposing camps in constant struggle against each other. The “Judaizers” as led by top clergy initiated into non-Christian Roman Median Judaism is the first camp and the second camp are the vehemently anti-Jewish “Hellenizers” as led by covert non-Christian occult religious societies within the Catholic hierarchy as committed to secret practices of religious magics, what is today commonly referred to in Christocentric parlance as so called “satanism”. The historical struggle between the two camps has been fierce for some two millennia and continues even today and this is especially important considering the global activities of Vatican intelligence agencies which even today suffer from significant “satanist” infiltration.

The struggle continues within the other Christian churches as well as fueled by extensive Vatican intelligence infiltration involving both camps from within the Vatican. While most intellectual leaders of the so called “Reformation” were Judaizers such as the Puritans in rebelling against church “satanism” were some vehement anti-Judaizers whether being “satanists” or inspired by “satanists”. Martin Luther was certainly a Judaizer but was tragically drawn into church “satanism” in becoming an advocate of genocide against Rabbinic Jews in the last years of his life.

Many popes were historically executed for being “satanist”, including the Nazi Pope Pius XII who was executed in 1958 by the Mossad with full and complete approval from the CDF, the Vatican intelligence community. The hitman was modern Israel’s first hereditary head of state who was recognized as that generation’s reincarnation of God in 1965 by the Vatican and modern Israel’s second hereditary head of state became secret pope in 2013 as Pope Benedict XVI abdicated for this purpose and Jorge Mario Bergoglio (“Francis”) became the official “stand-in”. This brought about extensive changes including the covert training of many female cardinals in the Vatican intelligence community as preparing for the introduction of official gender equality in the Vatican.

European nobility has maintained many secretive practices of Median Judaism (including Sumerian noble gynocentric sex) in also preserving those traditions by mostly marrying amongst themselves. Para-Jewish customs in indigenous European traditional cultures need furthermore become seriously comparatively studied. Forms of Median Judaism have now also arrived from all over the world through immigration, including now well-established Alevi (haLevi), Bektashi (beKodesh), Yezidi (Yehudi) and Yarsani (Yardeni) communities from the Middle East.

Rabbinic Judaism was harshly persecuted by outwardly “Christian”, yet actually “satanist” medieval religious imperialism in Europe to the point that only small rabbinically Jewish populations survived from what were once millions of Rabbinic Jews in southern Europe. The medieval period was a tragic era of “satanist” domination by the “satanist” dominated church against the oppressed peoples of Europe, indeed similar to much later totalitarian “satanist” rule by means of the cynically exoteric ideologies of Nazism/Fascism and Communism. Median Judaism was harshly persecuted as so called “heresies”, namely outwardly Christian, “heterodox” denominations which were actually underground forms of surviving Gnostic revival of Median Judaism as targeted by the Anti-Judaizer “satanist” camp in the Vatican. The Gnostic revival still exists today in the form of still popular underground secretive religious societies of Median Judaism in Europe.

Academia has almost entirely failed in the study of Para-Jewish culture and that is because academia lacks accessible methodologies as appropriate for studying systematic dissimulation. Secretive religious societies exist in cultures around the world, yet academia has almost entirely failed when it comes to even attempting to study secretive religious societies due to structural naiveté among most academic scholars with respect to philosophical dissimulation, religious dissimulation and political dissimulation alike.

Yet Para-Christian customs and Para-Christian practices in indigenous European cultures ought however not be studied in splendid isolation from the rest of the world as global Para-Jewish studies need indeed be established as a serious field of rigorous scientific inquiry at universities around the world.