Communal Reversion

emancipation-156066_1280Religious imperialism is precisely that which has pained and tormented the Jewish people and the world for thousands of years as religious imperialism (including in so called “secular” shape such as Nazism and Communism) and prominently is the main vehicle that carries and disseminates Anti-Jewish prejudice in generation after generation. Ending religious imperialism is therefore not only essential to the wellbeing of humanity and the planet in general but is precisely an essential Zionist and Jewish task indeed.

Median Judaism did emerge from the Jewish populations of the northern Kingdom of Israel as exiled by Assyria and who later went on to found the Median Empire. Median Judaism survived within and spread through Zoroastrianism and the Median Kohanite Maggids (a.k.a. “the Magi”) spread Median Judaism worldwide while traversing the world in trade. This is why there are so many Para-Jewish peoples in different parts of the world with Israelite identities and Para-Jewish customs. Judaism generally (including Median Judaism) originated in Sumerian religion (still existing in the form of Mandean Judaism) and Rabbinic Judaism essentially still remains a thinly veiled form of Sumerian religion.

Para-Jewish peoples/communities as partially lost to religious imperialism and who have retained Jewish communal identification to at least some degree tend wish to revert to their own indigenous Para-Jewish heritage. Para-Jewish peoples who redevelop Jewish communal identification similarly do tend to wish to communally revert to their own indigenous Para-Jewish heritage. The challenge therefore is to assist Para-Jewish communities in their respective processes of communal reversion in restoring their own colonized indigenous heritage. There is no question that Israel needs to take on a much culturally sensitive leadership role in this respect in helping Para-Jewish communities/peoples help themselves.

While individuals need to lead should this be a communal process in terms of communities, clans, tribes, villages, congregations, peoples and so on restoring their own heritage to themselves. The process should be led by both individuals taking on informal intellectual leadership roles inside their communities/peoples and formal communal leaders such as clan/tribal leaders assuming leadership roles in the reversion of their own communities to their own indigenous heritage.

There as two essential aspects to this process, one is restoring partially or entirely lost social treasures (particularly customs and ceremonies) and the other is feminist reversion to the sexual gynocentrism of the Sumerian origins of Judaism in restoring and developing feminist ritual sex for all genders in Inanna Temples of Love. This means that the original gynocentric meaning of Judaic ceremonies need to be restored through a feminist revolution of morals. In a sense this means the end of religion as it is currently known for feminist ritual  sex is surely far more interesting in sharing communal emotional intimacy than communal worship and belief in things that simply do not allow themselves to be proven.